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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spell~
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga) and Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 35
Original Release March 20, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spell~ is the 210th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko finally fulfills her fairy prince's request! The long awaited is here!

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Ren (as Corn the prince) realizes that Kyoko has come up with a role to play that will allow her to kiss him in character. The reason she did this was because she promised Ren to never kiss anyone unless it was for a part. He realizes that he was getting irritated every time she mention Ren because it felt like she valued Ren more than Corn. He recognizes this is ridiculous for two reasons: one, they actually are the same person and, two, she views both Ren Tsuruga and Corn the fairy prince equally as special, unique individuals.

Kuon (left) and Ren (right).

Corn looks at Kyoko, looks sideways then closes his eyes. He thanks her and asks if this is truly okay even if he was the one who had proposed this and from her position, doing this kind of thing would make Ren angry if it is exposed although he did tell her that it is okay if it is not exposed. Still clasping her hands, Kyoko tells him that she treated this as paying a corresponding price. She says that for her who had already lost her purity and holiness, and she dread not listening to the voice of god again.

She tells him that it is just that if she were to say, for her, this little thing, compared to not being able to be god’s emissary, it is more important for her to do this bit (of thing) for him. “Looking back, I wasn’t love by my mother and got betrayed by the person whom I’ve offered all of my heart’s blood.

My life absolutely can no longer be called full of happiness and light. But I become aware that these experiences, all of it have essentially made me into what I am right now. Actually, if by rights, I’ve been taken good care of by my mother, then it is impossible for me to be like that and given my heart to that person (Sho). And then, I also wouldn’t have given that person consideration and acted without hesitation in changing one’s address.

And then, after being betrayed by that person, in order for my heart to ascended magnificently and knock on the gates of the church, I’ve started to study everything regarding this current profession. Deeply in my heart, it echoed the way of thinking about wanting to do it to the extreme. And in the end ..”

Kyoko blushes and continues, “I also wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet that –sama (/that man/gentleman). ..Merely thinking that this created a turning point for my encounter with that –sama, I cannot be grateful enough to that person..” This surprises Ren that he said for her to be grateful, did she already forgive that thing. “No..Forgave THAT PERSON?” Kyoko looks at him. Pause. She says that it can be done because the ‘priest’ is a person who can keep one’s body and heart (/spirit) holy and pure so from the start, she doesn’t have a tiny bit like ‘cannot forgive’ negative type of feeling.

Corn is speechless. Kyoko says, “..the most important thing is, Prince Corn, that in the middle of the path I’m walking, no matter how many times I felt sad, and no matter how much I’m depressed, the fact is the only thing that listened attentively to me and always encouraged me are the memories that you gave me and also the magical stone. No matter how many times I fall down, you’re the one who gave me strength to stand up. Regarding these, I want to pay you back and surely, this is human reason, right..?” Corn protests again if this is okay for there is no need to do the priest job up to that extent.

She assures him that it is no problem and everything will be alright. She tells him that one should just never give up and it is bound to open up a successful path. Then, Kyoko timidly says that –sama knows about how very important is his (Corn) existence to her as well as about how they got to know each other during childhood. “At the early stage, it is only with that –sama whom I've told everything.

So even if he knows, regarding this thing, I think he also won’t be angry.” Corn is shock upon realizing that ‘-sama’ is Ren. Kyoko continues, “I might as well say that he ought to approve the choice I’ve made, that it is right. As long as..everything is for you..” Corn recalls Kyoko saying about thanking Sho for causing them to meet. Kyoko calls out to him when he is spacing out.

Corn recalls the time when young Kyoko asks, “—are you a fairy--..?” He mutters, “..I really..” He thinks that he can understand if it is the current him— Puzzled Kyoko asks what is the ‘I really’.. He says god, *pause* the ‘-sama’ she is talking about is.. Kyoko says that of course, it is her lord.

Corn asks for the kiss of "re-birth".

Corn thinks that Ren is a heavenly person – god∙buddha = lord. He says god’s mercy, for he thinks that right now, it seems that it can be accepted..should be.. This surprises Kyoko that she asks if he meant that curse can probably be lifted. Corn says yes. Putting his fist on his chest, Ren says, “--..I can feel it--..” He kneels on one knee and looks up to her. He says, “—if possible, can you give me the kiss of rebirth..?”

This surprises Kyoko. She blushes and her heart is beating fast. She exclaims of course, she has already prepared her heart and there’s no risk at all. Corn closes his eyes and says that he’ll leave it up to her. Kyoko blushes really red. She closes her eyes and opens them. She starts trembling that she reminds herself that she is a priest. She clasps her hands together and goes into priest mode. Walking towards Corn, Kyoko starts saying for the heart to be calm, and pray together with her. “-Lord, please give this person in front of me, to have a future from here on.

Kyoko and Corn about to share a light kiss.

Look after him as well as the seed(/sprouting) of hope.” She bends close to him and lightly touches his lips with hers. Blushing really red, she quickly backs away. Corn isn’t moving. She is puzzled for there is no reaction. She calls out to him and says that it is over. He didn’t react. He looks sideways and asks, ‘..uh..?’ Blushing Kyoko shouts that it is already over.

Corn falls down on the floor. She starts shouting for Corn and asks what happened, could it be that not only was the curse not lifted, on contrary, it (violently) left. She kept on asking him how he is. With a ‘totally not satisfied’ expression, Corn says that it is still not enough. Kyoko slaps the side of his body that he says that hurts. She scolds him for making her worried and he’s so mean. She asks what’s up with that for him to think that it isn’t enough, it’s quite unfair and as a beginner, what he asks for is quite high. She also tells him how she put in all her spirit and will power in giving it her all..

She stops and asks if he is referring to the curse, it wasn’t lifted. Corn looks at her and recalls her telling him about realizing that all those experiences is for creating the current her. Corn recalls how he held the gem in his hand at the set when he was young, and all of the other memories that were necessary for him to be where he is now.

He closes his eyes and thinks that regarding that, he can indeed understand that part *with his father* but there are some things that no matter what, he doesn’t want

Corn finally smiles again.

to acknowledge. *Rick’s death* "Before, a world renowned heart psychological adviser had said that (watching a Buddha priest-type of guy on the television) At that time, *a scene of Ren who seems unmoved* -however, I know as far as the current me is concerned, everything that I’ve encountered in my life *Young Kyoko asking if he is a fairy* isn’t by chance, but rather a necessity. Kyoko shouting that it is for revenge against Sho Fuwa” Corn notices her holding his hand that is on his belly.

She calls out his name but stops. Corn thinks, “I’ve already denied it. I can no longer *scene of bloodied Kuon; Corn holds Kyoko’s hand with his other hand* deem that it is necessary, as far as the current me is concerned--” Kyoko is delighted to see Corn smiling again.

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