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Hot Spell - 2
Chapter 209.jpg
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 35
Original Release February 20, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Hot Spell - 2 is the 209th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Darkness will be fulfilled with dark power... Will Kyoko help her fairy prince, Corn to break his curse? Will Corn continue to deceive Kyoko?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

A certain Queen A was asked as to what is the turning point that enabled her to undo the curse and smoothly revive. She replied that at that time, when her current husband, the king, is still a ‘prince’, he gave her a kiss. Her companion asks that didn’t she ate a poisonous fruit and merely because of that, she is revived, how is that possible. Queen A says that she has 7 witnesses so this is undoubtedly a fact. Her companion says that she understands for actually, because she touched a poisonous needle, she is in a state of fake death. Queen B says furthermore, from the start it includes some malicious things that can endanger one’s life but she is also kissed and awakened by her husband the king. At that time, she is lying in some kind of ruined castle with some indistinct plants around.

It seems that she already met him so many times when she was young and thinking about it, she is sure that it is because of his pure and deep love that has miraculously woke her up. King A says that is right, actually, he was cursed by a witch and became an ugly beast but there was a maiden who deeply loved that kind of him. She gave him a kiss and it undone the curse. King B says that like King A, he got turned into a frog. The four laughs and says that in the end, to defeat an evil curse and magic, one should definitely have pure love and just represent it with a kiss. “Thinking about it, there is no other way, right!!” End imagination.

Corn(Kuon/Ren) says that she loves Kyoko.

Kyoko stares at Corn and mutters kiss. She points to her forehead and cheek but Corn says, “It’s lips.”

Kyoko says that she’ll definitely disappoint him. He asks why. She tells him because the kiss to undo the curse, it won’t do if there is no ‘pure deep love’ and regretfully, she is no longer pure. Corn says then, ‘deep love’, could it be that she doesn’t have love towards him. Kyoko says about that, she indeed likes Corn but to undo the curse ‘like’ is no good, and ‘L..’ Love, if there is no THAT.. Corn says then if it is that, then there is no problem. “Because I love Kyoko-chan.” And, Kyoko falls on the floor..yes it was a knockout...with the referee starting to do a countdown. Corn bends down and wonders what’s the matter with her. She is thinking what is this naturally stupid prince blurting out without thinking with Ren’s face and voice.

Could it be that he thinks that she will be very happy if he said that, no!! She isn’t happy and the current her won’t becomes happy merely with those words, she won’t fall down in the same place twice-!!! Whether it is acting or perhaps the words of a fake Ren. Kyoko asks Corn if he knows the meaning of what he just said. Corn says of course. Kyoko orders him to sit down..he sits with crossed legs that she told him to sit formally.

Kyoko says that even if she is very happy but she is a human and he is a fairy so it is impossible for them to live together forever. And, didn’t he say before that for fairies to live in the human world, no matter how hard they try, they would only live at most for 10 years. And it is the same vice-versa.

Kyoko explains the difference between fairies and humans...

Corn thinks that she still remembered, darn, if he knew early he won’t do some strange cover-up and just normally say, ‘even if you reincarnated 100 times, I can still live to go see you’. Kyoko says that she thought that he, who has knew well of her growing up history, can understand that she already do not want to see someone very close to her to pass away again..and also... Kyoko bows her head and says that actually, she cannot do any kiss-related thing.

Corn recalls Kyoko swearing to Ren that she’ll use her life to protect her purity until death. Corn asks if it is because someone is already in her heart, someone she likes. Kyoko denies it and she doesn’t mean that. She tells him that it is a promise with Tsuruga-senpai that she will protect to the death, this body’s purity.

Corn asks why, why would she make that promise when obviously, they aren’t lovers and that Ren is really super thick-faced. This made Kyoko start wondering, it’s true, why is it, and if she were to think of that situation, it seems that at that time, it was because she had a huge shock over that unpleasant thing with Sho.

Corn(Kuon/Ren) looks at Kyoko.

And for her to treat it as nothing, he taught her ‘actor’s heart rule’ = if you think it is your first kiss, then it is your first kiss, during acting, it is effective no matter how many times, but in reality, it cannot be used twice on the same person so later on, she must be careful and not let it happen twice. Then, she recalls Ren kissing her on the cheek.

Kyoko wonders out loud if what Ren meant at that time was only referring to that Sho incident – ‘do not let it happen twice’. Kyoko exclaims if she was mistaken about it all by herself, no way, what is that protect her chastity something throughout her life when they aren’t lovers, how humiliating. Standing up, Corn says forget that, if she doesn’t ask Ren himself, she won’t know of the real situation.

No matter how unreasonable, one cannot ignore the boss after all, in the fairy world, it is all ranked according to age so it isn’t like he cannot understand her position. Kyoko says that she didn’t find it unreasonable and she only doesn’t clearly know Ren’s true meaning.

Corn says ya, so he thinks no matter what Ren’s true meaning is, he saying that it only has to be not exposed then it is alright, yes? Kyoko’s eyes widen. She wonders how come he is sparkling god-like but his expression seems to be some ‘villain face’..was she mistaken.

Corn sparkle

Corn tells her that it is alright, she’ll just have an expression that nothing has happened and it absolutely won’t be found out. Backing away from advancing Corn, Kyoko says that it is absolutely impossible, for she doesn’t have faith in herself that she can act as if nothing happened in front of Ren, especially since that guy has clairvoyance. Corn says doesn’t she act to make a living, if she cannot do this deceiving acting then she couldn’t exist in this industry.

He urges her to use this as practice from today on. Looking away, Kyoko thinks that just now, she indeed wanted to use it for practice in controlling her facial look but in this situation, controlling that strangling happy mood and hiding one’s own artificial act, is a bit different. She couldn’t do this difficult thing. To her surprise, Corn says that she lied since she told him that she’ll do anything within her power for him so it turns out to be merely talk.

Kyoko protests that it isn’t like that. Corn says that for him, the only one who can save him in this world is only her alone, whereas, in her heart, Ren is more important than him, right? This made Kyoko look flustered. She exclaims how can she have such a thought on whether who is more important, Ren or him, and how could he believe that on his own. Corn says, but she couldn’t do it, right, she couldn’t betray Ren. Kyoko felt like crying as she clenches her fist.

Kyoko with a pained expression.png

Corn thinks that he made her depressed again and it wasn’t easy to cheer her up. He wonders what he is so angry about for this girl just wants to firmly protect her and Ren’s promise. He wonders why he would do such a thing as if he is bullying her. What is so objectionable about it. He looks at his hands and wonders to himself as Kuon as to what he wants to do. Kyoko thinks that it’s awful that she would unexpectedly be distressed when obviously Corn is quite perplexed. She only doesn’t want Ren to see it but she also wants to help Corn out. She doesn’t have the courage and until now, she totally doesn’t understand Ren’s feelings.

What is she to do. Then, she recalls Ren telling her that he hopes that there would be an opportunity to practice their depending on acting skill in controlling the heart rule. Kyoko looks at Corn who is looking at the side. She looks up and takes a deep breathe with her eyes closed. She holds out her hand as if gathering something and puts it in her heart.

Kyoko says she will help him break the curse...

Corn is looking at the mirror then he notices Kyoko leaning on the balcony. He approaches her and becomes worried for could it be that he made her cry again. He starts to apologize to her for saying such mean things. He is startled when Kyoko starts screaming out loud. He tries to call her name then she looks at him with teary-eyes.

While Corn is taken aback by that, Kyoko says, “Unexpectedly, there’s such a thing..Prince Corn..!! My beloved Corn was unexpectedly forced to experience such a sorrowful life. *Corn is dumbfounded* Please forgive me, this person who still doesn’t know anything until this moment!! ..

You obviously had given me such deep kindness that I cannot express my gratitude..!! *shakes head* but, I’m quite ungrateful.. I felt such a heartbreaking guilt over my uselessness.. if it is okay.. *trembling and clasps hands* ..if it is okay.. I want to free you from that curse..” Corn looks at serious crying Kyoko and recalls the ‘in acting it is effective no matter how many times it is used, but in reality, it cannot be used twice on the same person’. Corn looks surprised. Kyoko says, “..after all, I’m also obtained the ability to directly converse with the gods, this blessed high priest must. Let me help you..”

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