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Hot Spell
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Character/s in the cover Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga) and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 35
Original Release January 20, 2014
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Hot Spell is the 208th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


What is behind the reason of Corn's not smiling? Will Ren finally reveal everything to Kyoko, if he does, how will Kyoko react to it...?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

The chapter begins with Kyoko holding Corn's hand, Corn looks at her with a sad expression on his face.Kyoko looks at him with a worried look on her face and leans her head down in sadness as Corn continues to look at her.

Corn/Ren then starts to speak up and slowly says that he is cursed this sparks up Kyoko's attention. Corn/Ren says that his existance itself brings unhappiness and chaos to all of the people that have ever been involved with him. He states that actually there are people's lives that have been thrown into chaos because of him. He says that there is a difference in magnitude but that the most terrible thing is that it is a tragedy that is even beyond gods help and that it cannot be undone no matter what unless it was a movie or a novel.

Corn with a pained expression.

Kyoko looks at him with a pained expression on her face and tightens her hand around his, she then asks if that is why a curse was placed on him so that he cannot smile. Corn/Ren looks at her and shakes his head "no" and tells her that his curse is inborn. He says that his being unable to smile is because he is unable to forgive himself. Corn says that if only he didn't exist he wouldn't have brought unhappiness and that no one would be sad. Corn/Ren says that it might have been more appropriate to say that he is probably cursing himself.

Kyoko tells him that since she got involved with him she has not once suffered unhappiness and tells him that she has not had a sad time. She says that on the contrary she has always been supported by him. She then asks him if he still remember the stone that he gave her, the purplish blue stone that he gave to her when they were children.

She states that even afterwards when he was no longer around there were incidents where she was overwhelmed by feelings that she couldn't contain and couldn't deal with on her own because of various things. But that the stone he had given her helped her absorb everything. She states that if she hadn't met him she would have most definately not have grown into such a shock resistant person who doesn't know when to quit. Kyoko explains in her thought's that the her back then wasn't able to talk about her own feelings with anyone, not with Sho or sho's parent's and says that she didn't want to be considered tiresome by them.

She tells Corn/Ren that only to him could she confide all of her worries and complaint's that were stuffed in her heart and says that she can't tell him how much she has been helped by him and that's why he shouldn't conclude that he brings unhappiness to those that got involved with him. He say's that it is true that it is only Kyoko-chan who has been involved with him that hasn't become hurt.

Kyoko tries to tell them that it must not be true and that there must have been tons of other people that must have been happy to have met him and that he probably hasn't noticed. Corn/ren then looks up at her with a very sorrowful and pained expression on his face.

Kyoko looks worried, she then remembers what Reino had told her, that if the original owner of the Corn stone had not been able to shake off his feelings of despair and sorrow that he would have either gone insane or perhaps committed suicide, Kyoko then has a pained look in her eye and slowly takes her hand away from Corn/Ren's. She holds her own hands in front of her face and apologizes to him for not knowing what experiences he has had and what he has felt up to this point and yet she is offering "Lip Service because she is a third party". In her thoughts she thinks that after all Corn has had unimaginable expierences compared to the likes of her and says that for her it is impossoble for her to want to become his "Refuge" and that to him she can't even use magic.

Corn/Ren looks at her with a concerned look on his face, he see's that Kyoko is begining to cry and looks surprised. Corn/Ren looks shocked and begins to panic, he looks around to see if anyone is looking and tries to think of a way to help her feel better. As he is thinking of a way he can see the words for "Self-hatred", "Guilt", "Useless" weighing on her head and shoulders. Corn/Ren suddenly sighs "Ah" while the wind picks up and makes the wind chimes clang togethor. Kyoko looks up and sees that Corn is looking sideways at something. Kyoko asks "Corn?" and grabs his attention, he says that it was nothing and that she shouldn't mind him. Kyoko rubs her teary eyes and stops crying, while Corn/Ren has a gloomy look on his face and sighs. Kyoko says that it is bugging her that he won't put into words what is actually bothering him and asks "What is eating you?".

Corn/Ren has a surprised look on his face, he then tells her that his recollection may not be accurate but he remembers reading about a book of spells when he was a child, Kyoko suggests that it maybe had a way to neutralize the curse that he is under. Kyoko asks what sort of method could they use and if there is something she could do.

Corn/Ren simply gives her a blank stare and doesn't answer right away. He then states that there isn't a way to neutralize the curse while Kyoko states that there must be a way for her to neutralize it. She tells him to say it and that she will do anything to break it, she would get a lizards tail and a fang from a venomous snake for him if that is what it takes to break it.

Suddenly Kyoko gets a frightening look on her face and says that "Lifeblood is also necessary and that it is more affective if it's a virgins blood" and tells him to take it no matter how many liters. Corn/Ren tells her "Sorry" and that it is not necessary for her to do that. He then states that since his curse is inborn it is not unnatural and that that specific ancient method might not work.

Kyoko asks him "What are you saying? and says that "old or new generally whats called a curse is something that won't work until you pray and risk your life in order to engender misfortune for a specific person and that it's something that will never come into existence if theres an "A " but no "B"." with a scary look on her face. Corn/Ren thinks of her and Sho, Kyoko being "A" and Sho being "B".

He says that she is certaintly persuasive, Kyoko explains that if he has been cursed since birth means that there was someone who cursed him before he was even born. And that there must have been a person that held a grudge against the royal family thousands of years ago and that the person chose to deliberately chose to curse someone who would become the future king several generations later. That was intended to throw the royal family that was unaware into a whirl of tragedy when their living happily. And says that unfortunately the subject of the curse was Corn.

Kyoko stares at Corn.

She asks him if he has ever heard of such a tale, he tells her that he hasn't. He tells her that he has heard of the story where his ancestors were dragged into the war with "Angels" and "Devils" and says that he heard that they fully supported the "Angels". Kyoko looks up in ernest interest. Corn/Ren says that the "Devils"might have hated the king at that time who issued thos instructions. Kyoko looks surprised and shakes her head, she tells herself that she shouldn't be an idiot and asks herself why is her heart pounding and that there is no time to latch onto that.She says that supposing the suspect "A" really is that devil that it is quite worrisome and that she never would have imagined  that the foe would be of champion caliber. Corn/Ren tells her that in any case that it is most likely impossible to break the curse since the magic of a magical being is powerful.

Corn/Ren thinks to himself that Kyoko's spirits revived, just as he intended. He says that he is negative towards the feelings of happiness that he* feels when he is around Kyoko but that it doesn't mean that he wants to make her sad. Kyoko suddenly slams her hands on top of Corn/Ren's shoulders and looks him straight in the eye's. Corn/Ren asks Kyoko-Chan, Kyoko then asks him if he will give up on breaking the curse. She asks him if he is seriously thinking that he is happy as he is now. He looks at her with a sad look on his face and holds his head down and tells her whether the choices are good or bad for him it doesn't matter.

Kyoko crouches down and holds his hand again and wonders if he is scared and says that since she doesn't know for certain but that the curse may be the work of an apprentice devil and that if she gets discouraged herself it might not get her anywhere. She suddenly remembers "Ren" eating the Oahu omelet. She suggest to Corn "Oahu omelet," he looks at her puzzled. Kyoko suddenly yanks him out of the chair and tells him to eat a meal that will make him feel that he will win and that she will make it for him.

She explains that in the "Human World" that there are such rituals called "Superstitions for defeating a foe" and says that there are several different ways to do it depending on the person.She mentions that since it is something that "Tsuruga-San" has done as well , "Corn/ren" twitches at the mention of his alter ego's name. She says that it is her own opinion and states that she wonders if "Tsuruga-san" has eaten a dish in order to encourage himself and that there is a dish that gives her that impression.

Kuon puts his finger into his lips.

She tells Corn that "Tsuruga-san" ate the dish skillfully and conquered a difficult foe and thats why Corn should try it too and that it will be alright and that there is such a thing as a "Victorious precedent" and that she is positive he will do well. Corn/Ren suddenly snatches his hand away from hers making her turn around with a concerned look on her face.

Corn/Ren has a brooding look on his face and thinks a minute before he asks her if she said that she will do anything for him in order to break the curse. Kyoko excitedly says "Yes" and corn asks if he can make a request of her. Kyoko asks what can she do for him, he tells her that she ought to know of the most traditional way to save a cursed prince or princess and that it's nothing that has changed since ancient times. Kyoko stares at him blankly as he raises a hand towards his face and presses his fingers to his lips. 

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