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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Limit~
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Character/s in the cover Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga) and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 35
Original Release December 20, 2013
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Limit~ is the 207th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The Corn in her memories whom she met again in Guam, for some reason, he looks just like Ren?...

Kyoko started noticing the similarities of Ren and Corn, their body proportions and everything. She starts making suspicions... Will Corn tell her the truth? Will he continue to deceive her? 

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Corn asks what body data is. Kyoko exclaims that it is body proportion. She stretches out her hand and uses the length from her thumb to her middle finger to measure Corn’s body parts and face. She exclaims that it is totally the same with Ren’s. While Kyoko

Kyoko looks at Corn's face.

is holding Corn’s face, he says that’s great after all, the owner of this ‘voice’ is from ‘Tsuruga Ren’. Kyoko mutters huh, ya.. Corn explains that her most recent [/fresh] memory of a guy is Ren and didn’t he lend this guy’s voice. He says that from the start, it is very strange that she didn’t see him as ‘Tsuruga Ren’ when he came out of the sea. Holding her wrists, Corn says that it is because except for children, other people cannot see their true forms.

Fundamentally, they would become someone else based on who had seen them. Also, they would regard [/copy] the person who is in the most recent memory of that person [who saw them] so a majority of humans are definitely surprised upon seeing them like saying, ‘huh? Why are you here!?” And, because the distance is quite far, the frequency of being thought to be a recently seen friend[/acquaintance] is quite high. Kyoko says is that so, in the program SF [science fiction?] Japan, it is mentioned about teleportation wherein it is possible to see the same person in two totally different places.

Corn says that’s it, and that is the proof that they are hovering around the place, and the people in this world cannot completely teleport because of physics.

With sparkling eyes, Kyoko says is that so. She becomes excited for it is like a transformation magic. Corn says that she called out to him so he was startled. He apologizes for wanting to run away. Kyoko says that it is alright, and it is inevitable based on her previous appearance.

She is already aware of this. She asks how he recognized her because he didn’t base it on her appearance. Corn says that she’s the only person in this world who knew his name so after calming down, he thought that possibly, it is Kyoko-chan. Corn recalls something and says that even if her appearance changed, she is still the same as before because when she saw him from the sea, she didn’t think of him as ‘Tsuruga Ren’.

Kyoko looks stunned for when he came out of the sea, she only looked at the gem-like sparkling golden hair and she immediately thought of fairy because of the sparkles – ‘it’s Corn’, and it is confirmed upon seeing his eyes at close up. Corn said that it is a rarity but they exist, wherein even if a person grew up, the person always have a pure heart they have as a child, so they are able to see their [fairies] true self. Kyoko continues to think that if she thinks of it in detail, at that situation when he is staring at her face, she already felt that he is a bit like Ren.

Kyoko asks if the Corn at that time when they met as children, is the real Corn. Corn says yes, at that time, he is still the 100% pure natural real him [/Corn].

Kyoko can now hate...

Kyoko is aghast for she thinks that she is half-baked[/dabbler] since she sees Ren’s body and face but then, it is Corn’s hair and eyes. And, it is because she became a half-baked dirty human. Looking away, Kyoko says that she understands. Just when Corn is saying that she’s the same as before, Kyoko exclaims that he is totally wrong since she isn’t pure hearted like how she was when she was a child. She also became jealous and envious of other people, and also, became very suspicious [of people/doubtful]. Corn asks is that so.

Kyoko exclaims yes. While two of her antenna comes out, Kyoko exclaims that even in the end, hatred and loathe happened so she can only half-bakedly see Corn’s real form.

Corn says that’s true, after experiencing that, even if Kyoko-chan’s spirit is round and beautiful, it would become twisted, how cruel for such a thing to happen. Kyoko is puzzled over what he is saying.

Corn is horrified...

Corn asks to her, who is that guy. Pointing at Kyoko’s back, Corn asks isn’t that the person whom she always call as ‘Sho-chan’. Kyoko and antennas look behind her and asks what he is looking at. Looking bewildered, Corn says that it is simply hard to believe, such a violent, huge ego [person] and he grew up to become scum. He unexpectedly deceived cheerful Kyoko and even abandoned her.

Kyoko looks up in her head and wonders if he is looking into her life. Corn continues to say that doing such a cruel thing yet even not receiving punishment for it as if he’s living freely like a bird, human world is quite scary. Ah!! Corn looks totally aghast-horrified. Kyoko exclaims what, what did he see, did she have such a miserable past. Trembling Corn says that he saw her with short black hair and a scar being forcefully kissed by Sho-chan.

Kyoko shouts wait, he went by too quickly that he saw that, no, no!! She hits him and shouts for him not to look and didn’t he say that he can only use magic once per day. Corn says that this isn’t magic, he is only relying on thoughts to be able to see it. Corn says ah.

Kyoko blushes...

Holding up her hands, Kyoko exclaims what it is this time. Looking surprised, Corn says that she got kissed on the face by ‘Tsuruga-senpai’. Kyoko is freaking out for that is Ren’s voice, Ren’s face and that [kiss], what kind of play is this. Kyoko angrily shouts for him not to look further or she’ll sever her relations with him. At some other place, Jelly reports to Lory that she still couldn’t get hold of Ren and she’s becoming more and more worried since he might have gotten into a situation wherein he couldn’t contact them.

Lory asks if she’s thinking that he got involved with something, that is impossible, for even if a gun is pointed at him, he won’t give up and if it isn’t a big group of people surrounding him, the one who would cry would be the other party.

This made Jelly become aghast for Ren’s past is already suspicious and adding that mercenary-type.. Lory says that if it about that, he totally doesn’t worry but in short, it is bad if the current him is discovered as ‘Tsuruga Ren’ so it is alright as long as he didn’t meet up with Kyoko.

Jelly talks to Lory.

Jelly asks if this is that ‘absolute vision[?]’ that he mentioned before. Lory says yes, even if by some mistake, they meet, it would okay for Ren to just pretend to be naive.

After all, the dimension of this, and the situation before, are different, and that guy should bet on his own life to keep on pretending towards others. Jelly asks if it’s truly okay since it was Ren himself who told startled Kyoko who he really is when he’s playing Cain. It is useless for Ren to lie to Kyoko. Lory says no..he..believes it that [Ren won’t]. Jelly thinks that Lory is uneasy.

Jelly says that she told Kyoko not to leave the hotel room so it ought to be alright but then, until she got hold of Ren, she is still uneasy. Jelly offers to call Kyoko again and tell her not to go outside. Lory says okay, do that. Then, a man tells Jelly that everything has been moved to the designated place. Overhearing this, Lory asks if the beauty salon is ready. Jelly says no, only the luggages are moved in, and she has to prepare to meet up with Ren.

Lory asks what time are they going to meet. Looking at her watch, Jelly says at 6pm so approximately one hour and a half. Then, Lory says that after she meets up with Ren, he has a favor to ask of her. This surprises Jelly. While sitting, Kyoko is frowning as if she is going to cry. Worried Corn asks what it is. Kyoko turns out to be quite disappointed with her drink for it is totally not delicious as she imagined it to be and it is 1000 yen.

Slurping the coconut juice again, Kyoko complains that it is young and not sweet, totally not delicious like in her dream. It seems the note says that it should be an alcoholic drink but the one she’s having is natural coconut juice. Holding his straw, Corn asks if Kyoko is planning to drink it by herself. And, before, no matter what, she’ll share half with him, and he even got a straw.

Kyoko looks at him then snubs him. This made Corn look sad. Corn apologizes for not getting her consent and just casually looked into her past. He looks depressed and looks at her with puppy eyes and says, “..forgive me, okay?..” This freaks Kyoko out for it is an assassin move..saying those words using Ren’s face and voice. Does he want her heart to beat so fast that she’ll die. It has the 100x killing power of puppy Cain, and it is hard for her to distinguish between the two.

Corn with his puppy dog eyes.

Corn is puzzled by her actions that he calls out, Kyoko~~chan. Holding his hand up to him, Kyoko shouts stop, she knows that he deeply reflected over this and it is her fault, sorry because she got angry over such a small thing until now. She keeps bowing and saying sorry with a request not to say anything about it again. “Do not use Tsuruga-senpai’s face and voice again and destroy Tsuruga-senpai’s image!!!” Corn looks surprised. Kyoko tells him that during acting, she uses her acting skill to deceive but right now, she couldn’t so she’s quite troubled. While offering the drink, Kyoko tells him that she’s acting now and he just saw it, right – the short black hair with a scar, that is a role.

Corn says ya. Kyoko is thinking that like this, it is like Ren is acting spoiled towards her, and it is impossible for him. She totally won’t even think nor imagine it because if Ren was to privately act like that with someone, the other party won’t be her because Ren already likes some other girl -> what he told Bou the chicken.

Corn isn’t taking the drink that Kyoko asks if he isn’t going to drink it. Corn snaps out of it and says he will. She tells him that the taste will make him grin. Serious Corn says ya, thanks. While Corn drinks the coconut, Kyoko recalls their childhood together. Then, she tells Corn that today, she didn’t see him smile even once. Corn is puzzled. Kyoko tells her that before, he obviously always has such a dazzling smile but today, he never smiled like that.

Corn says is that so. Kyoko says yes, also at that time, when he wrote on the sand if she is Kyoko, he totally didn’t smile. Corn looks away and sees his reflection on the glass.

Kyoko asks after that, he always didn’t have any smile. There are flashbacks of them together earlier talking about coconuts and birds, on all those happy times, he didn’t smile. Kyoko asks him if she’s the only one who is truly happy that they meet again. Corn quickly says no, absolutely not.

Kyoko wants to becomes Corn's 'refuge'.

Ren thinks that he had unconsciously repressed himself since spending ordinary times together with Kyoko is ‘happiness’ and he won’t let Kuon feel that kind of feeling. It is inevitable that there are times when he ought to be visited by ‘happiness’ but, *recalls Rick’s death* snatching away other people’s.. Kyoko looks at Corn’s expression then touches his hand.

She asks him what had happened. “If you want to, Corn, can you tell me about it. Can you say something about it.? This time..(Just like what you’ve done for me before) I want to become your ‘place of [to attain] redemption’.

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