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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Limit~
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 34
Original Release November 20, 2013
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Limit~ is the 206th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko meets her fairy prince, Corn at the beach. Corn used his magic and borrow a certain some's voice to talk to Kyoko. Kyoko and Corn wander around the beach until Kyoko realized something... Why does Tsuruga-san and Corn have the same body measurements?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Still at the beach, Kyoko tearfully tells Corn that she vaguely felt that gods would only listen attentively to the wishes of rich people and her wish cannot be transmitted to the side of the gods if she didn’t give a lot of

Kyoko new year shrine w darumaya.png

money so in the end, it’s great that she gave a ten thousand yen.

A memory of Kyoko reluctantly giving her ten thousand yen bill into the donation box of the shrine during hatsumode (first shrine visit) with the Darumaya couple flashes through her mind briefly.

Kyoko cries over how great it is that Corn has already become an outstanding adult. Ren sweat drops thinking that it turns out that Kyoko has always been worried about Corn since THAT TIME. (When Reino mentioned about Corn and Ren comforted her)

Kyoko opening up to corn.png

He thinks that even if at that time it seems that Kyoko is already ‘alright’ but in the end, it’s great that he didn’t ignore her and left because of his fear that he’ll expose his identity.

Kyoko tearfully says that she has been worried about him since he always listens to her heartaches but he never told her of his heartaches so she always

Abort a dangerous contact.png

thought that it would be good if she had listened to his heartaches.

After wiping her tears, Kyoko looks at Corn and asks if he already can fly far away. She looks surprised at Corn who is midway trying to pat her head. While Kyoko is puzzled over what he is trying to do, Ren is stunned for it is dangerous to touch her.

This will make Kyoko think that ‘ah, this is how Tsuruga-senpai touch her and it is a bit the same’ and it would give her a feeling of déjà vu.

Kyoko looks like a puppy.png

He wonders if he is thinking too much but no, wait... She can absolutely see it because before, she seems to have seen through his bone structure kind of thing. She has that kind of skill so he thought of running away from her.

Right now, it is like, she is under shock of this ‘reunion with Corn’ and happily into fairy tales that she possibly has not noticed it yet. But, it is only a matter of time before she

Corn writes on the sand once again.png

can press on this recognizing 3D face system and he’ll be seen through.

Ren holds a stick and writes on the sand. He apologizes for actually he wanted to use magic to borrow a voice. He explains that resistance to coming to this world is weak if he’s young so he can use his own power to talk but he can no longer do it when he became older.

Kyoko and kuon from behind.png

So, he has to lend the voice of someone from this world to speak. Kyoko says is that so, coming to this world definitely has a lot of suppression for it is like humans cannot just go into the water and breathe without equipment so with the help of gills then, one can breathe in the water.

Kyoko is very excited into the magic.png

Thinking that she catches on quick, Ren gives her thumbs up. Kyoko exclaims she knows and she felt that it is boring that he would always write so she’ll help him by offering her voice.

Kyoko thinks that she would have complex feelings if she can hear her voice on Corn but to see this magic, she is so excited.

Corn touches kyokos forehead.png

Ren thinks that Kyoko has a huge expectation on him even if he has no way of doing any special amazing thing.

Corn holds out his hand and touches his lower eye. He closes his hand to a fist. Kyoko closes her eyes. Corn touches her head, then her forehead. Then, Kyoko opens her eyes when Corn snaps his fingers. Kyoko wonders if it is over. Corn snaps his fingers again.

Kyoko asks if it is over. Corn nods. Kyoko is furious for she didn’t feel a thing for she thought she should feel

Kyoko looks at corn sheepisly.png

her body becoming light, or the magic surging through her body for a moment.

Corn calls out, “Thank you, Kyoko-chan.” Kyoko is stunned that she turns to look at Corn. She asks how come he isn’t using her voice. Corn says that it is easier if it is a same gender voice. Puzzled Kyoko exclaims that obviously the owner of that voice isn’t around then why that voice.

Kuon just after being in the water.png

Corn says that it is because it is in her mind, the strongest distinct existence and generally, it is the last guy she met, the one whom she repeatedly recalls. While Kyoko looks at him with huge open eyes, Ren wonders why there is no reaction for he was expecting her to say ‘I have not been repeatedly recalling’ and (he?) prepared a different reason.

He realizes something and wonders could it be that she is indeed repeatedly recalling Ren.

Kyoko asks corn something.png

Kyoko hits her palm with a fist and exclaims okay, she’s ready. Right now, she is thinking of some other guy (Yashiro asking about her work schedule for the month.) Kyoko tells Corn to use that guy’s voice. After a pause, Corn says that this voice is okay. Going crazy, Kyoko shouts that it is okay for him but not for her, change the voice, use some other guy’s voice, anyone would do. Slightly irked, Corn asks if she hates this voice.

Kyoko exclaims no, it isn’t hate but perplexed for 'THAT guy' is her most respected senpai. She tells him that for her who is aspiring to be an actress, he is simply the industry’s heavenly person.

Ren comes into kyokos mind.png

She thinks that if she closed her eyes and she can imagine it. She freaks out over imagining Ren calling her, ‘Kyoko-chan’. Ugh, such destructive power that it causes her face to distort. She mentally tries to endure and straighten up her face. While Ren is sweat dropping, Kyoko tells him that she’s very perplexed for it is like Tsuruga-senpai is talking to her.

She says that it is because she isn’t used to it and she’s too concerned that her nerves (and muscles) are weak so doesn’t he think she’s quite pitiful like this. Kyoko pleads Corn.

Coconut juice in guam.png

Corn says that seeing her like that, he also wants to change his voice but in the human world, he can only use magic once a day.

At a bar, Kyoko buys a coconut drink called ‘engrossed in Guam’ and paid ten US dollars for it. While carrying out the drink, she recalls Corn telling her that an adult fairy is suppressed so he can only use magic once and he also cannot use his wings to fly.

Being an adult is quite inconvenient. Kyoko thinks that she really wanted to see him fly in the sky which he wasn’t able to do before but then it is impossible for people would see him and it will cause a ruckus. She decides to get use to the ‘voice’ for even if it is Tsuruga-senpai’s voice, Corn is also not Tsuruga-senpai because Corn isn’t human. She feels like a pervert that her heart beats very fast just because he called out ‘Kyoko-chan’.

Kyoko after buying the juice.png

While going to the porch where Corn is waiting, Kyoko starts thinking that even if it is a bit perplexing, when his voice became like Tsuruga-senpai’s, isn’t it quite ‘very similar’ and even the face is quite similar. When they were talking, she couldn’t look straight or else, she’ll become restless.

Kyoko holding the coconut juice.png

Unexpectedly, Tsuruga-senpai suits having golden hair and bluish-green eyes type... Sees Corn waiting, Kyoko thinks that speaking of that, he is almost the same as Ren’s height. That matching slender height, slender hand, slender legs which made her feel that he is a ‘faraway from earth human’.

To correctly say, ‘a fairy standard’ and secretly thinking about it.. She looks at Corn’s ‘body parts’ intently and realizes something. Meanwhile, Ren looks blank.

He felt awful for making a minor-aged girl use her money on him. Kyoko had offered to

Corn smiling sadly.png

pay for the drink since he doesn’t have any money so he should just wait there. He thinks if he knew early on that he is going to use that ‘use magic only once a day’, he could have made a leaf into money so that he could at least buy her a drink.

A note mentions that what he kept at the 'rock = wallet and wristwatch', are now in his back pocket. He thinks that it isn’t good to do that either since Kyoko would scold him that it is like using fake money and what if the money becomes a leaf again which will trouble the store. Ren chuckles that it feels fresh, and not because he is being scolded but it is absolutely impossible for Kyoko to use that tone to say those words at him when he is acting as ‘Ren’.

Kuon is envious of corn.png

It feels that because she doesn’t ‘revere and respect’ him, there is no protective screen between them so the degree of closeness has increased. He finds that amazing even if he knows that she only thinks of ‘Ren’ as ‘senpai’.

But then, he didn’t think that it is more serious than he anticipated since she

Kyoko looks at corn.png

mentioned that he is the industry’s heavenly person. What is he, a god or a Buddha.

And because of that attitude, on contrary, he has no way of openly feeling happy about it. He even said ‘repeated recall’ and he fears that it is only about work (that Kyoko is recalling). He reckons that she is thinking of him whether he forgot to eat or not. For Kyoko, ‘Ren’ is a hard to understand existence who totally isn’t connected (to her) outside of acting.

Flashback: While walking, Kyoko mentioned that she’s thirsty. Corn mentioned about buying a drink. Kyoko said that she doesn’t want an ordinary juice, she wants a coconut. She described to him what a coconut is.

Kyoko smiling happily.png

She also mentioned about drinking it before when she was a child so she always wanted to drink it again.

She asked him to accompany her. She happily says that this way, she’ll forgive him

Kyoko just realized something.png

for not showing her his flying. End flashback.

Ren sadly smiles and thinks that it is quite ironic that he never thought that after things have reached this stage, a time like ‘admiring Kuon’ would arrive.

He looks at the side to see Kyoko looking at him. She looks surprised. She stutters as she asks why he has the same body measurements with Tsuruga-senpai.

Looking serious, Ren thinks that maybe, at this time, it really has come closer, the day when he thinks that he can forgive the existence of Kuon in his heart.

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