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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spot~
Chapter 205.png
Character/s in the cover Kuon Hizuri (Ren Tsuruga)
Volume 34
Original Release October 20, 2013
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spot~ is the 205th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series


The prince of the fairy world descends at Guam... Ren, who is in natural appearance as Kuon, was enjoying himself and relaxing at the Tumon Beach at Guam. Ren sees Kyoko, will Kyoko recognize him...?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

A couple of women are staring at blonde Ren. They want to strike a conversation with him but they aren’t quite prepared to do it since top quality goods are too beautiful. They decided to go ahead or else, some other women would beat them to it.

They call out to Ren and ask if he is alone. While gawking at dazzling Ren, they tell him that they are waiting for friends and are getting ready to go drink some tea while hanging out so if it is okay, he can come along with them.

People staring at Ren..

Ren answers them in Russian that he’s sorry, he doesn’t understand English. Then, he apologizes while leaving. The women didn’t know the language and it shouldn’t be French. While people are looking at him, Ren thinks what’s up with those women inviting him for tea when he is just waiting for the traffic signal, and they are obviously not waiting for someone.

Even if it is near Japan, this is still overseas. He was thinking that if he uses his overseas appearance, he shouldn’t have an encounter so he went for a stroll. Then, he is thinking that in the end, he should just buy some gadgets and drinks after changing to Cain. There is a note saying that there’s no more wine and cigarettes for Cain to use.

Ren thinks that like this, he won’t be hit on by men and women, young and old, but then, he is worried that if it is Cain, the police might be called out. Then, he notices a sign for Tumon Beach.

He thinks that he cannot go there as Cain. Arriving at the beach, Ren reminiscence the sea color for it is the same color as the sea where he always plays when he was young. He thinks that it is a bit the same with the sea in Okinawa.

Blonde Ren carries a rock..

Walking towards the sea, he thinks that there’s no one nearby and this is quite suitable for him since he wants to quietly enjoy the ocean. He looks down and thinks that it is dangerous to swim because of the reef. Then, he sees a fish.

He hides his cellphone at one of the cracks in a nearby rock. He weighs two rocks then drops the one he doesn’t need.

Kuon hides his stuff...

He walks into the water with the rock he has chosen. Then, using the rock as a weight, he sinks in the water and watches the fishes. A fish stares at him and bites his nose. This made Ren smile. Then, he closes his eyes and sits as the fishes swim by.

Back in Japan, Lory stares at the globe, particularly Guam, and sighs. He thinks that he had totally forgotten that Kyoko did something way beyond his expectation, she had unexpectedly proposed to go one day ahead, and went there with Jelly.

Lory is thinking..

He is worried that Kyoko totally doesn’t know how to speak English. He assumes that she cannot depend on herself regarding the reservation at tonight’s hotel and that the airplane reservation cannot be changed.

He thinks no, in the end, if it is Kyoko, since she has already decided, even if her English is bad, she would think of a way to reach her goal. For this overseas film shooting, Kyoko has informed her mother, whom she isn’t good with dealing with, her whereabouts.

Lory and Kyoko talking..

Flashback: Kyoko told Lory that she mailed to the place where her mother works. She told her mother that she is going to apply for a passport and needs her signature. Although for the Heel Sibling’s work, she already sent the envelope but actually she has fundamentally given up for there is a high chance that she’ll be ignored. End flashback.

Lory couldn’t believe that Kyoko would take the initiative to make contact with her mother just to get her signature when she obviously had those pained expressions regarding that issue before. Since she is a minor, she has to have a guardian’s signature for the passport application.

Lory didn’t think that Kyoko would not ask him nor the working staff. Lory thinks that it is good that she’s quite honest to the point of being foolish. And, what she said at that time, bothers him and then, right now, this side [in Guam] is what bothers him. He already precaution Jelly not to make Ren’s name appear in the hotel so nothing ought to happenLory wasn’t able to predict that Kyoko would do this kind of thing that he felt that he cannot be at ease at all. Since there is no way that can be in constant communication, he hopes that Jelly to deal with whatever happens unexpectedly.

Whether lucky or not, Kyoko doesn’t know Ren’s real name nor real appearance so even if they bump into each other at the hotel, there will be no big problem if Ren acts as if he totally doesn’t know her.

Kuon surfacing..

Back at Guam, after re-surfacing for some unknown number of times, Ren finally gets out of the water. He pushes his hair back and is surprised to see Kyoko staring at him from the beach. He mentally wonders why she is here for shouldn’t she be arriving tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Kyoko wonders if she is having a dream or is this an illusion? Probably, it it isn’t, for if there is truly breathing mermaid in the miraculous sea, then no matter what, it is possible, that’s right, in this beautiful sparkling sea, as if born from the light, a fairy emerges, and this isn’t impossible. Even if he is far away, that dazzling golden hair as if embedded with diamonds.

Like a cicada’s wing, that glossiness, that suppleness.

Blonde Ren ignores Kyoko..

Recalling Corn, Kyoko thinks that if he grew up, undoubtedly, it is this kind of feeling. Kyoko is teary-eyed for he had grown up without a problem. She exclaims, “Co-” This startled Ren a bit but he maintains his poker face. Then, he quietly walks away. Kyoko goes to him and calls him Corn, it is her--..

But, Ren just gives her a look as if she is just a lowly human, don’t easily talk with him. This made Kyoko depressed that she sulks by the beach. Ren glances back and also becomes depressed upon seeing her like that.

Kyoko thinks actually, that is right, for it is normal for him not to recognize her because unlike Corn, who maintained that kind of feeling when he’s grown up, that he can easily

Kuon appears in front of Kyoko.

be recognized, that special characteristic – those beautiful green eyes wherein if the light shone on them for a second, they would become reddish brown. Those mysterious filled eyes are still quite the same. Whereas, she is poles apart whether outside or inside. She had cut her hair and dyed it brown.

Regarding changing, she always thought that at worst, it is enough to just attain up to 70 percent and what’s more important is she is vented her anger on someone.

Could you be Kyoko-chan?

There is a scene of Mio-Kyoko throwing her hate balls at Sho. She thinks that the current her is the her who has took the initiative to abandon the her when she was young..all of it.

Then, she looks up to see Corn sitting in front of her and staring at her. She wonders when he.. She looks uneasy while he kept on looking at her. Then, Corn takes a stick and writes on the sand, “Could it be that you’re Kyoko-chan?” Kyoko looks up at him. She smiles and says, “Corn..”

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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