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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spot~
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 34
Original Release September 20, 2013
Arc Technicolor Paradise arc
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Crayola Paradise ~Hot Spot~ is the 204th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko arrives at Guam with Jelly Woods.. Kyoko will see Ren again, how will she react towards him now that she finally acknowledges her romantic feelings for him?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Kyoko believes that when an unforeseen event happens in one’s life, it isn’t by chance, but an inevitability. It seems some very wise adviser said that. She approves of this saying, but there is also something about it that she disapproves of. But the moment when she suddenly felt that she doesn’t hate that guy as much as before, then could it be that the future had come closer, that day when she can tolerate that person’s existence.

The airplane.

An airplane flies above. Kyoko has arrived at the last outdoor shooting of Tragic Marker. She feels that the place is different from Japan and this could be the rumored southern country. Kyoko starts screaming Aloha (Hawaiian greeting) and how beautiful is the scenery and people. She’ll be staying here for four days.

Pushing their luggage on a cart, Jelly corrects her that Aloha is for Hawaii, they are in Guam. Kyoko apologizes for this. Jelly says that even if it is a similar place but there are many Japanese going on a travel trip here. Looking at the tourist buses, Kyoko says that’s right. Then, a man tells them that the rented car has arrived. Kyoko is amazed that he can speak Japanese.

Jelly explained that there are many Japanese tourists here so there are people in the airport and the city who can speak Japanese. Thinking that even if she can talk in English, Kyoko asks if there is no problem for her to stroll around Guam by herself tomorrow because it is her first time overseas.

A tour guide guiding them..

She apologizes for making her worried that she specially accompanied here. Jelly tells her that it is okay for she was quite happy in the airplane. Jelly thinks that she was quite startled when Kyoko called out to her as "Ms. Muse."

She was in a hurry for her role for Box "R" shooting had finished ahead of time and she asked the director of Tragic Marker if she can change her departure date and he said okay. Since she heard from Lory that Jelly is also going to Guam so she asked to change her departure date for today.

Jelly and Kyoko at the car.

Jelly looked nervous so Kyoko apologized if it is causing her trouble. Jelly said not really for she had a lot of things to do after arriving. Kyoko thinks that it is for Heel Siblings. Jelly apologizes for she cannot always accompany her. Kyoko said that she can understand and after arriving at the hotel she’ll first greet Ren and would always stay in her room until Jelly called for her. Jelly nervously said okay.

While driving the car, Jelly thought that she couldn’t be at ease for Ren-chan didn’t use ‘Tsuruga Ren’ to register his name for the hotel because he isn’t Japanese. She’s worried that if Kyoko asked the hotel about it, they would tell her that there is no such guest with that name.

Jelly tries to call Ren..

Because of this situation, she had always been trying to contact Ren when they were at Narita airport but he totally won’t answer that phone. It is definitely because that kid is quite happy that he wasn’t in Japan that he went out strolling without his cellphone. Kyoko casually talk with Jelly about being able to drive right-hand (in Japan it is on the left) and is this because she always work overseas. Jelly says ya.

Jelly asks her why she always call her ‘goddess-sama’. Kyoko says that it is because from head to the tips of her nails, she is like a beautiful goddess. Jelly says that even if she’s happy over that but she feels quite embarrassed. Kyoko asks what she would want to be called.

They talk about her nicknames which are derived from her name. She becomes gloomy about being called a ‘witch’ so she decides for Kyoko to continue on calling her goddess and just drop the ‘-sama’.

At a restaurant, Kyoko waits while Jelly tries to call Ren again. Kyoko thinks that she’s calling someone in Japan. Kyoko glances around and thinks that there are a lot of Japanese there but then, Golden Week is coming soon. [That’s at the end of April to early May] She is glad that she was still able to drastically change her departure date and right now is April 1st.

Kyoko and her phone.

She begins to wonder if she should have told Ren this change earlier and she should have asked for his room number. Since there are many Japanese there, she doesn’t think it is good to just ask for Ren’s name. She takes out her cellphone and wonders if she can use it overseas. She opens it and she got a message from the cellphone company regarding the overseas rate.

This made Kyoko surprise for she can use her phone overseas. She wonders if she should call Ren like how she usually does. Then, she overhears a mother and kids wanting to surprise the father that they’ve unexpected arrived – surprised then dumbfounded for 3 seconds before smiling to say ‘you’ve unexpectedly arrived’ then hug them tightly. Kyoko imagines Ren doing that, but she pushes the scene away when it comes to the hug thing for that is a father thing. Then, Kyoko starts blushing.

When Jelly calls out to her, Kyoko immediately goes to her ‘normal mode’ and asks if things are okay with her subordinate. Jelly says yes and she also called that kid. Kyoko thinks that she’s referring to Ren and why Jelly would call him that. Jelly says that Ren is temporarily staying with a model friend and he would eat with her together for dinner then go to the salon so before that appointment, he went out to stay with a friend. Kyoko is disappointed that Ren isn’t at the hotel.

Jelly says that if she should tell Ren that Kyoko arrived today, he’ll probably quickly come to the hotel. Kyoko exclaims for her not to tell him and change his schedule just for her. Jelly says that she thought she’ll say that so thankfully, she didn’t tell Ren. Kyoko thanks her. Jelly asks if she wants to eat dinner together and accompany her though it might be boring since she couldn’t take care of her.

A mermaid princess.?

Kyoko declines for she doesn’t want to hinder her work and she’ll just stay at the hotel. Jelly is amused for it is exactly what Lory anticipated Kyoko’s reply would be. Lory had also told Jelly that after they meet, quickly change Ren to Cain and call Kyoko to come out and eat.

Kyoko is shocked..

Jelly tells Kyoko that it is rare for the three of them to eat together so even if it might be a bit late, how about around 8pm, she’ll call her when she’s going to fetch her. Kyoko happily says okay. Jelly feels guilty that she has to lie to Kyoko and she’s furious at Ren that she has to do this. At the hotel, Kyoko is amazed at the room. After checking the room out, she sees the beach from the window. She is so happy and thinks that in such a beautiful place, the mermaid princess would definitely come out.

Kyoko wanted to go but she said that she’ll be good and stay in the room and she’s worried about meeting someone from Tragic Marker..but then she is currently ‘Kyoko’. So she happy goes out where people won’t know that she’s actually an (performing) artist.

And so is Ren..

She strolls at the beach and hopes to see the mermaid princess but got disturbed by a Japanese family wherein the daughter screams for her father to find her beach shoe that slipped off and a boy wanting to eat sushi but his mother wants him to try the specialty food of Guam.

So, Kyoko goes to a more secluded place where her mermaid princess would appear. As if on a cue, a certain ‘mermaid princess’ appears out from the water. Kyoko’s eyes widen in surprise and Ren (who is dressed as Kuon) notices her. He is equally surprised.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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