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A Step Towards Atonement
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 34
Original Release August 5, 2013
Arc Dark Breath arc
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A Step Towards Atonement is the 203rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The one struggling along while turning and rolling around and around...

Kyoko continues to express her feelings for Ren to Lory. Will she pull up the curtains of her and Ren's love story?

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

And, it turns out to be a mirror. Kyoko sees herself in it and wonders if she is going to pull up the curtains or not. It not only meant making these feelings for Ren that she meticulously suppressed to sprout and grow but also... She obviously knew

Kyoko looks at the mirror.

that he is totally in pain but for a split second, she wanted this kind of situation to continue, thus, she is also going to make that ugly thoughts recklessly grow. She doesn’t want that nor imagine a crueler thing since it won’t be just a ‘split second’ but possibly wanting it to continue forever and this scares her.

Lory tells her not to look away. Making other people’s unhappiness as one’s ‘peace’ and even if she knows but still desired it, that feeling, which is ‘ugly’. It makes her have that despaired expression. He says that right now, she should firmly gaze into that feeling for some day, she is definitely going to use that for her acting.

Lory starts to tell her that it is possible to use imagination to act but there is some that cannot be acted out without experiencing it and those expressions are not limited to love. He tells her that her goal is to become a first-rate actress but if there is nothing else in her life, it is pointless. Even if it is some experience that are not worth envying by others, there is also definitely meaning[/point] to it.

Young Kyoko crying.

Kyoko starts to recall how she used her bad experiences in life to be part of her acting – her mother leaving/hating her and her work at Sho’s inn.

He asks her that the first time she came to LME’s audition, she didn’t prepare to do anything big in showbiz which he heard from her manager. He won’t ask in detail the reason but why did she come to Tokyo, got in LME and met Ren. That is she wants to experience becoming some kind of female high schooler who doesn’t have[/cannot possess] love. Kyoko recalls Sho asking her to come together with him and later on, daring her to go into showbiz as her ‘revenge’.

Then, she told Ren that it is revenge on Sho that made Ren angrily tell her that things won’t go smoothly with only strong willpower. Kyoko thinks that the first time she met him was awful and because he hated her, she also hated him but unknowingly--.. Lory says that things reached up to this point and does she want to treat it as if nothing had happened for this can be said, as a once in a blue moon[/rare] encounter, thoughts towards Ren. Kyoko tearfully thinks that it is like paving the way, since she was a child, starting to directly walk towards Ren, even if it is like this, a person like her fundamentally has no possibility of resisting.

Lory talks to Kyoko.

While stuttering, she tells Lory that going to hell is okay, even if she forever doesn’t hope[/wish] Ren to have a conjugal union with someone..that kind of happiness is also alright. Lory chuckles and says that if she has that kind of consciousness to go challenge it, even if it is Yama [king of hell] will somewhat respect [her].

Kyoko thinks that she will be definitely be punished for duplicating this world’s hypocrisy sin, and she’ll use her soul to atone for it so please forgive her. She takes the mirror to look at her expression. She mutters that it is really ugly. She hopes to be forgiven for having impressive thoughts[/longing] towards that guy, only within her heart. Later on, Lory looks out the window and says that in the end, he was rejected. Lory’s assistant says yes, hardly any hesitation and what of puffy eyes, that is proof of an actress growing, bravely taking a step outside by herself and going to work.

Lory with Sebastian.

Lory somewhat smiles and says that it is truly embarrassing. This made the assistant apologize for in the end, he should have use all kinds of methods to drive Kyoko to her workplace for how can he let a girl looking like that out in the streets. Lory says that he isn’t talking about him, he is talking to himself.

While twirling around the globe, Lory thinks that it is quite a shock for the current him finally understand her feelings and all this time, he unexpectedly hasn’t seen through it. He had asked sniffing Kyoko when she started to like Ren. Kyoko told him that she doesn’t really know but there was a premonition, a feeling of getting Ren’s magic.

Lory is in shock.

Lory is in shock for it started after Dark Moon’s acting audition when he thought that while acting as the ‘Heel Siblings’, Kyoko’s treatment[/healing] would be a thorough success. It turns out that Lory has been in disguise two days before but since they didn’t notice him, so he decided to dress in a flashy way.

Always until that moment of seeing Kyoko’s expression when Ren hugged her, he thought that his pride was hurt BUT it is hurts a lot more now. His confidence has taken a beating for he felt that it was strange when Kyoko was talking on the phone about Ren and he had some doubts but in the end, it was true.

Lory is totally deceived.

He was totally deceived by that girl’s acting. He starts laughing and thinks that Ren had absolutely not noticed Kyoko’s feelings. That girl is quite reliable and it would be better not to let the current Ren notice it for it would be pitiful for dogs to be signaled for food but there’s nothing to eat.

He recalls telling Kyoko not to look away, her goal is to be a top-rate actress and she looks at herself on the mirror. Lory holds the globe and thinks that he really wants to see, polished a bit, an worldwide actress in Kyoko. He twirls the globe again and stops at the Japan area. “But, before that..” Outside the streets, a plane flies above. Kyoko looks at it with a smile, and walks forward.

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