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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 34
Original Release July 5, 2013
Arc Dark Breath arc
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L'entracte is the 202nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Yashiro and Ren wonder why Lory didn't talk about White Day. Ren says he didn't get Kyoko a gift anyway. Lory asks how Kyoko feels about not getting a gift from the guy she likes, she totally fails to cover her reaction. He promises not to say anything, their love has to grow by itself. Lory asks what she'd do if he got married, she says she'd offer her blessing then bursts into tears. She hates herself for being glad, Ren is determined not to let himself find happiness. Lory says their love could be wonderful, but she has to decide if she wants to pull back the curtain, and puts a mirror in front of her.

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

Yashiro tells Ren that he thought that Lory would give them some difficult problem. Ren is puzzled. Yashiro says that isn’t today the most favorite occasion of the president. Ren says yes, White Day. (Day when the guys who got chocolates from the girls during Valentine's Day would return the favor)

Yashiro and Ren find it odd Lory didn't mention it's White Day

Yashiro admits that he doesn’t think that private matters will be talked about at the office. He says that if Lory is loyal to his desire and mention regarding THAT topic, it can obviously become a good opportunity for the thank you gift.

Ren also finds it weird that Lory didn’t mention about today when he is obviously like that and even if he doesn’t know that they got Kyoko’s chocolates, he is the kind of person who would also be very happy to discussing about that topic. Ren thinks that he got a fruit jelly, though. Yashiro starts to wonder if Lory is not feeling well and it is kind of scary as if they are nearing the world’s doomsday. Ren agrees and he is more scared of some hidden plot of Lory.

Yashiro says that it is a good opportunity to be able to meet on White Day itself and it is regretful that he cannot give it today. Pitying Ren, Yashiro tells him not to feel lost depressed for as long as she lives, he can give it to her. Ren looks surprised then says that it is alright for actually, he still hasn’t prepared the return gift. Yashiro is surprised. Still smiling, Ren says that now that he thinks of it, it is his advantage that Lory didn’t mention it or else, he would have unintentionally teased him to the point of making him feel uncomfortable.

Then, Yashiro recalls that Ren doesn’t have time because they are pretending as the Heel siblings and after February, he is still quite busy with Dark Moon. Yashiro was taken aback that Ren was smiling brightly like that as if he doesn’t plan on giving something back. While riding the car, Yashiro thinks that in this profession, it is unlikely to meet on the day to give chocolates to that person and there are many times when the person cannot return the gift especially television drama stars.

Because once the series ends, the people would scatter even if they do meet again in different series. He assumes that Ren seems to have already decided on when to give it or else, he would be very busy this year up to his head, and every beginning of the year, there are many newcomers so there bound to be a breather from work than before. Glancing at Ren, Yashiro thinks that every time he cannot help to think that it is really great that he isn’t Ren. Back to Kyoko who is looking quite dark and Lory looking at her. He comments that she looks as if she is on the guillotine. Kyoko wonders if he has super powers.

Lory can see Kyoko's readable face...

Lory asks if she did something that he has to scold her about. This puzzles Kyoko. He shouts ah, which startles her. He asks if she has prepared to start a ban Valentine’s day type of activity day. Kyoko is puzzled for why he is mentioning VDay even if she really thinks that day isn’t necessary and what about that issue regarding her feelings for Ren. Reading her reaction, Lory says no, for today is White day.

Kyoko is totally clueless about White Day that Lory asks if she forgot about it. Kyoko doesn’t care about it since she doesn’t expect getting something in return. Lory tells her that Vday always ends on White day and doesn’t she have any anxiety and expectation in her heart granted that she met Ren.

This startles Kyoko. Lory says that it would be a bit strange if she isn’t nervous[/anxious]. Kyoko asks why she has to be nervous upon seeing him. Lighting up his cigar, Lory says that in the heart, one would want to get some return gift from the guy that one likes. Kyoko is stunned for Lory has naturally gone back to main topic. She ponders on what would be the natural way to answer that and plans to say that even if it isn’t Ren she would be anxious and excited but she doesn’t have time to naturally answer that.

She goes back to the plan to threaten him but she couldn’t think of anything that it feels like she is going to do a hara-kiri [/suicide]. Lory tells her that he won’t tell Ren. Kyoko is surprised and looks at him. Lory repeats that he doesn’t plan on telling Ren of her feelings.

Kyoko quite surprised with Lory throwing in the topic naturally.

Somewhat relieved, Kyoko couldn’t believe it for he is quite curious of other people’s emotional situations whether in television dramas or real life. Lory admits that he truly likes it for he already made it his source of nutrition, his life’s food cereal. Kyoko says that like that, how come he would not take this opportunity to mix his foot in and itching to do strip dance in front of them. Lory sweatdrops over that.

Kyoko continues to say that with open eyes, he must be quite happy that Love Me number 1 member has fallen into this embarrassment. Lory says that if wanted, it isn’t like he cannot be their cupid but she must ask him to because if he wasn’t asked of it, he won’t casually involve himself between two people out of his own enjoyment. He starts mentioning about love has to be made used with one’s strength to make this splendid flower open into a sweet beautiful thing.

Lory says that his enjoyment is lessened if lovers come together by his own hands. It's not as thrilling. Lory informs her that her love drama has been very thrilling. Kyoko is flummoxed by this and says that nothing has been happened between her and Ren.

Lory, the messenger of love.

Lory agrees, they haven’t started on stage one yet, even though she's already come to the third act, which is realizing she's in love.

Lory asks if she doesn’t have plans to making it progress. Kyoko says no, totally none. Lory asks if she is prepared to do her best not to let Ren know of her feelings from him. Kyoko says yes, she will do it with her utmost strength. Lory asks even if Ren has a lover and in the end got married. Kyoko hesitates.

Lory asks if she will smile and wish him happiness. After a long pause, Kyoko says yes, she is betting on her actor’s pride and will use her best smile to wish him happiness. Then, Lory notices that Kyoko suddenly looks dark and tears start to well in her eyes. She bends down and clenches her fists. She says that she’s disappointing so she hates love so much, not only does it make one become a fool, it makes one fail utterly.

Lory pours some tea. He understands with "becoming like a fool" but fail utterly, where did she came up with that conclusion. Kyoko mutters.

Kyoko with a broken expression.

Ren said that HERE, he cannot afford to have anything precious, no matter where. He looked so tormented, as though he firmly believed that he doesn’t have the right to attain happiness. She wonders what kind of feeling he had for him to say that and just thinking of that expression, she obviously can only imagine a bit of that scenario. But she's told herself that she'll be alright because Ren doesn't belong to anybody yet. For a moment just then, she thought that the time may never come that she'd have to offer Ren congratulations. Kyoko sobs that she unexpectedly thought of such cruel things. Lory gestures to his servant to bring out something.

Kyoko continues to cry that is why she hates love because she clearly knows what become of humans when in love, becoming very weak and disappointing. And in the end, she is a fool and more disappointing than before.

Kyoko looks at herself at the mirror.

If she only knew that this would be the outcome, it would be good if she just endured a bit and stubbornly not admit it. No matter how many times the locks are opened, she won’t admit it. She worked hard to become someone whose brain isn't hijacked by love and it wasn’t easy to become someone who has learned to love herself too.

And she simply had fallen back to a much disappointing state. Lory tells her that in the end, he thinks that she is already in her hands the curtain of an excellent love play. Kyoko stops crying. As the servant puts a frame on the table, Lory tells her that no matter how excellent the play is, if she doesn’t raise up the curtain, then it has no meaning at all. Kyoko uncovers her hands from her face and looks at the small framed mirror on the table. Lory tells her whether to raise up the curtain or how one opens up the curtain, it all depends on her so what is she going to do.

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