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Desperate Teeter
Chapter 201.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 34
Original Release May 2, 2013
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Desperate Teeter is the 201st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko wakes at home, miserable about her "impurity." The president requests Kyoko to talk to her after her work. Kyoko is terrified that this will be about him having seen the truth of her feelings for Ren. When she arrives, Ren and Yashiro are also at the meeting... 

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

It is a bright clear morning and that sun’s brightness really hurts Kyoko’s eyes. While walking downstairs, she grumbles about the useless sun that causes UV and why she has to wake up early. She perks up upon seeing a nice breakfast prepared especially for her. Kyoko whole-heartedly thanks Okami-san. Kyoko apologizes to Taisho for not greeting him when she arrived late at night which is around 4am. Okami-san is worried about her going home alone by herself at that time. Kyoko says that she is driven back by the company’s car so no need to worry, and she didn’t encounter any scary thing.

Murasame separates the Heel Siblings.

She wasn't scared then but she's extremely nervous about today because of what happened when she last saw Lory. Just as Kyoko went out of the van, Lory asked about her schedule for tomorrow. She told him that she has Box "R" shooting at 1pm. Lory told her to meet him at the president’s room before she goes to the shooting, he has something to tell her. Washing the dishes, Kyoko is very scared for he would definitely ask about what he'd seen between her and Ren. While Cain was hugging her, she saw Lory. She quickly tried to revert back to Setsuka so that she wouldn't be exposed. Abruptly, Murasame had stepped in and broke the two apart.

While walking out, Kyoko is thankful for Murasame causing a bit of an uproar with Cain so she is at peace. Kyoko imagines the scenario about how Lory would react if she admits it – he’ll celebrate and even go help her out by telling Ren, and then, Ren is disappointed with her. Kyoko decides not to give up just yet for she ABSOLUTELY do not want Ren to find out. Outside the president room, Kyoko continues to think of how to threaten Lory with his weakness, she is interrupted by Lory’s servant who knocks on the door for her to enter.

Kyoko is freaking out since she isn’t ready yet. Inside, Kyoko is shock that Ren, along with Yashiro, is also inside with Lory. Yashiro is puzzled over Kyoko’s ‘the world is going to end’ expression. Ren goes, ‘ah’. Ren thinks that it is because it is the first time they see each other like this [/without makeup] after THAT NIGHT. Yashiro is curious what that ‘ah’ means. Ren is a bit disappointed for he thought that when they meet afterwards like this, it would be very splendid but in the end, Kyoko looks pale and ashen. Thinking that Ren has given up to desire, Yashiro freaks out and asks if Ren did something to Kyoko.

Ren thinks about Kyoko's reaction.

Ren casually says that he didn’t mention about not doing [anything] since those are lovey-dovey siblings. Turning around, Ren tells him not to worry for he didn’t commit a crime. This made Yashiro more curious about up to what extent, did he do to Kyoko. Ren think that like this, it would be better to leave Kyoko alone for her reaction ought to be more intense than during Valentine’s. Lory quietly glances at Ren. Yashiro goes to Kyoko and tries to snap her out of it. Lory calls out for them to join them at the sofa for some tea.

Staring at Yashiro, Kyoko thinks that if Yashiro is there and if he heard it from Lory, Yashiro would probably squeal in delight like some girl about her and Ren. And, since Yashiro is still acting normal, that means it isn’t exposed yet. This made Kyoko happy for she hasn’t lost yet. She happily tells Yashiro that they go and have some tea over there. Sitting down, Lory says that he brought them there today to mention about something – he has something to tell Ren about Kyoko. Kyoko is shock for she is back into a crisis. While Kyoko is mentally saying ‘no’, Lory says that actually, he wants to withdraw Kyoko temporarily from being his ‘protection [charm]’. Kyoko freezes. Ren asks if she won’t act as Setsuka anymore.

Lory says yes, he wants her to temporarily go back to Italy for a bit of reason. He secretly watched his situation at work yesterday. Ren thinks that isn’t secretly. Lory tells him that even if it is a totally pressuring work, but he looks fine dealing with it and he should be alright without Kyoko around for the meantime.

Lory starts the meeting...

Ren says, that is..he should.. Lory and Yashiro can read Ren’s mental thoughts of ‘there’s no problem but why all of a sudden, and why don’t you also think of me who has to adjust not having a ‘protection’. Lory says that something is up and this is inevitable because of Kyoko’s ‘mental state problem’. Lory asks Kyoko if she hasn’t told Ren that actually..

Kyoko is shock over how Lory turned the question over to her and in the end, he wanted say it. Lory says that Kyoko’s school will be having final exams [to graduate/entrance exam for next grade?] soon. Kyoko timidly says yes. Ren says is that so, and it must be hard on her since she also has a drama shooting. Ren thinks that she looks more relaxed so in the end, she needs to cool down a bit. Lory says that ‘Setsuka’ would rest until Kyoko’s exams have ended.

Lory asks Kyoko to stay back...

While saying that is for the best, Ren thinks that this will make Kyoko’s feelings be at ease early on. Lory tells Ren to properly take care of himself. Ren says okay. Kyoko feels like her head is about to be chop off by a guillotine which was suddenly stopped from falling by teasing Lory. She is more nervous if it is chop off or not.

And if it is, quickly get it over with or is he playing with her because she thought of threatening him. Lory stands up and tells Ren that is it, he’ll leave it to him. Since it is the end of the meeting, Ren takes his leave and Lory apologizes for calling them out while they are busy.

Kyoko is glad that the meeting is over so she quickly gets her things to leave. She freezes when Lory tells her to stay for there is something that they have to slowly chat about. Kyoko looks tense as the blade of the guillotine is positioned up high.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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