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My Only Wish
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Ren Tsuruga
Volume 33
Arc Dark Breath arc
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My Only Wish is the 200th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Lory is in disguise on the Tragic Marker set as a stage hand in pink overalls. Kyoko wonders if it's Lory, Ren pointedly stays in character. Kyoko worries Lory will see her feelings and imagines Ren getting angry that she would be so weak and frivolous. Manaka is irritatingly soppy, Kyoko walks away and tries to relock her feelings. "Cain" comes after her and hugs her, apologizing. Kyoko turns to mush and her soppy expression is seen by Lory.

Chapter Summary

This chapter summary was originally from Kat's blog.

The workers are busy unloading the stuff from a truck. A man is having a hard time with a cargo but a sunglasses guy helped him out. He offers to help carry the cargo. Thinking that he is a worker, the man tells him where it has to be delivered. The man and companion wonder where that guy came from but then he has a staff ID. They are a bit bothered about the color of that man’s uniform..that bright pink. Ren and Kyoko stares as sunglasses guy passes by.

The man (Lory) in the 'Love Me' pink overalls.

Kyoko immediately recognizes it as the LOVE ME pink color. She wonders if that kind of outfit can be bought in some store. Then, she nervously thinks that body build seems very familiar. While Kyoko is wondering if it is really Lory or not, she notices that Ren is looking somewhere else about the shooting ending at 12am. He mentions something about his patience running out and he would lose concentration midway.

Kyoko starts to dread that it is indeed the president. Ren tells her not to mind it for Lory and The Heel Siblings have no relation. So he cannot talk to them without potentially blowing their cover. it is impossible to have contact with him. Ren is thinking that Lory is worried about him because the last few days, Kyoko has seen him as Kuon and Jelly might have heard of it that he is acting strange.

He thinks that his situation is dangerous if right now, he got manipulated by Kuon again and this girl isn’t around. Ren looks at Kyoko and touches her face. He tells her that there’s no need to worry, he is already alright. Kyoko smiles and says, ya. As Ren tells her that they should go, Kyoko thinks that is right, Ren is alright, but the problem now is her. Kyoko sticks out her tongue at Ren and walks away. This made Ren ask if she is still angry.

'Cain' tells 'Setsu' that he is okay.

During the shooting, Kyoko is thinking that she can still deceive because it was at the phone before but now, if it is directly seen, everything will be over. Lory will not miss anything any second of one’s action and he can see through it all. Firmly and tightly sealed until now, which is for her a nightmare, THAT box is already totally open. And.. Imagination: Lory has told Ren about it and he saw it with his own eyes. After a tragic failure and encountering unhappiness, she never learned her lesson and unexpectedly had that kind of thinking again. Ren mutters that the other party is him. Ren confronts Kyoko if she is an idiot, sadist or pervert. Kyoko denies it.

Ren says that for her that kind of thinking when she swore to him before about protecting this purity so could it be that she’s lying. And even if he doesn’t know what she is thinking but maybe protecting her purity is only limited to a guy kissing her. Ren continues to talk about these poisonous feelings and Kyoko frantically tries to deny it and she won’t think of it again from now on. Ren is saying that this is a betrayal and she is unexpectedly weak and frivolous. He is disappointed in her. This shocks Kyoko into depression. End imagination.

Chibi Kyoko continues to freak out about absolutely not letting Ren know about this, and of course, that includes Lory since he will absolutely tell Ren about it. She looks around and didn’t see Lory around. She says a little prayer of hope that Lory won’t find out, and also Ren, and if possible, don’t let this poisonous illness progress. Her thought are interrupted when Manaka is asking to go with Cain to the other studio. Kyoko wonders if Manaka is slow-witted when Cain is obviously snubbing her. Cain goes to Kyoko and says that they are going to studio F. He holds out her hand to Setsuka who smiles and says, okay.

She thinks that those who have that poisonous feeling would become like Manaka. Cain freaks out when it was Manaka who hold his hand and won’t let go. Manaka starts screaming that she is his hamster so dote on her, dote on her, pat her head, and look, she made hamster ears. Kyoko is super aghast over this and totally terrified over how Manaka turned for the worst from yesterday.

Even if the past her is over the top but Manaka is even more over the top than her. Holding up his hand, Cain says that this hand didn’t exist for her so stop sticking around. Manaka calls him a meanie for talking in English and not in Japanese. Cain decides not to use Japanese anymore and Manaka is asking why he is angry. Ren is surprised that Kyoko is not around anymore. Manaka is shouting over how cold Cain is when he said that she is cute like a hamster so she wanted to be a bit cuter. Murasame tries to tell her that Cain didn’t say cute. While Murasame tries to make Manaka snap out of it,

Unexpectedly, 'Cain' hugs 'Setsu'.

Ren sees Kyoko walking away. Kyoko is thinking of how to lock up that box again for becoming crazy like that [Manaka] is what she dreads. As the locks are being locked up again, Kyoko doesn’t want this to progress or else, she’ll end up like before – having no other wish but to be at Sho-chan’s side. She is startled when Ren suddenly grabs her shoulder. Everyone is shock and Murasame shouts that those pervert siblings are at it again. Hugging Setsuka tight, Cain apologizes that it is his fault for whether it is doting on pets or being carried away, he shouldn’t be in a place where she’s not around.

The man in the 'Love Me' pink overalls reveals himself.

And, there won’t be a second time of letting some other girl touch him. “So, please, quickly be happy again..Setsuka..” Kyoko looked totally scared for he is doing this while she totally isn’t in Setsuka mode. Then, Cain whispers something to her. This somewhat calms Kyoko down and she closes her eyes. Then, she opens them to see the aghast look of the others. As the others pass by, she is surprised to see Lory watching them. Then, Lory takes off his sunglasses, revealing his self.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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