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Tragic Marker
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 33
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Tragic Marker is the 198th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Cain bumps into Manaka, and it doesn't seem like it will turn out well. In the meantime, the love bite on Cain's neck is on a lot of people's minds.

Chapter Summary

Manaka is seen getting some drinks from the drink machine. But, she clumsily drops her change. She was about to get it until she sees Cain walking pass. Manaka froze. Elsewhere, Kyoko (who was still dressed as Setsuka), bows over and over to Director Konoe. Kyoko says “I really don’t know how to apologize to you! Our tardiness for two days straight!” This made Director Konoe feel very overwhelmed and asked what the hell is Setsuka doing. Konoe then realizes that it is not the normal Setsuka, instead it is the modest Kyoko who is portraying the bad-ass character. He invites Setsuka to get up but Setsuka was still quite teary.

Director Konoe started explaining that it’s probably because he created Cain as such a hard-to-manage character. He continues that it’s probably a good thing for Cain. Kyoko then remembers last night and starts thinking that if it’s Ren, despite all the things going on, he could still stay calm to the director. Kyoko smiles a bit upon her thoughts. Then, Director Konoe says it’s a good thing that Murasame was not in a bad mood that day. Kyoko then remembers that Ren promised her that he will finish the role of BJ and Cain Heel until the end. She then thinks about the Ren she saw last night, who is neither of Ren’s roles. Then, a demon comes out of Kyoko’s soul while thinking that just hearing Sho’s name makes her angry..

Director Konoe started speaking again with “So…” and kept staring at Kyoko. Then, Kyoko becomes conscious and asked if it’s something unnatural about her looks. Then, Director Konoe continued, “There’s just something I wanted to ask..” Kyoko kept staring at him again but in the end, Konoe sighed and said he’ll just let it drop. Kyoko bows at Konoe and wonders what he was going to ask. Konoe leaves and sighs at a wall. He thinks that he can’t ask Kyoko after all even if it’s weighing his mind. He was talking about the ‘side’ on Ren’s neck. He remembered that the special make-up team told him that the mark was there since yesterday. He remembered them telling him while blushing that the mark was somewhat a combination of bite and kiss marks and it seems to be marked by a woman.

He wonders if Ren had a female partner but then something came up in his mind, maybe it is Setsuka/Kyoko after all since they are very “lovey dovey”. He imagined Ren and Kyoko hugging each other very tightly while Kyoko saying “What’s wrong with that? He is my nii-san after all.”

Director Konoe wonders if Ren was really into his role that he would go that far. He was thinking of telling Ren’s manager but then imagines him with an unexpected entanglement.

The other cast members of Tragic Marker are talking. Someone was telling Murasame and two other cast members that the Heel Siblings are really intimate. This made Murasame recall Setsu’s expression when he told her that she and Cain looked like a couple. He calls Cain a “Pervert of a wretch”. Then, the guy who was telling gossip starts that there was a shocking news from the makeup team. But, it was interrupted because Manaka goes over and told them that she just met “Kyoushirou-sama”.

Murasame recalls that the only “Kyoushirou-sama” is Kuu Hizuri. He remembered that it was from a manga called “Wild Slum” and it was the bible manga in the world of delinquents. He thinks that what Manaka is saying is nonsense since “Kyoushirou-sama” is already created through Kuu. Murasame had a memory when he and a couple of other guys where watching Kuu’s role as “Kyoushirou-sama” in his room when he was younger.

Murasame then goes all scary and started questioning Manaka who said that Cain is “Kyoushirou-sama.”

Walking together, Cain asks Setsu what was wrong. The inner Kyoko was panicking. She then remembered yesterday and all the gossips. Kyoko looks down with a worried expression and stops. Cain looks t her, slowly walked to her and put her into a tight hug. He rubbed her head and kissed her hair. Kyoko is clearly shocked. Cain starts to say “Don’t worry..” and says Setsu’s name. This made Kyoko go back to her character and in response, she hugged Cain back. She asked if she had a hopeless emotion. Cain said she did. Setsu then replied, with a smirk, “How lovely..”. But in Kyoko’s head, she was in the end of a cliff and Ren was in front of her, with open arms, asking her to step forward to join him. But Kyoko declares, “If I can vanish and disappear into thin air. Though, I can jump of my free will and escape even from this reality.”

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Manaka
  2. Ren Tsuruga as Cain Heel
  3. Kyoko Mogami as Setsuka Heel
  4. Konoe
  5. Special Make-up Team Member 1
  6. Special Make-up Team Member 2
  7. Yukihito Yashiro *Konoe's Musings
  8. Rio Neesan
  9. Taira Murasame
  10. Tragic Marker Costars
  11. Kuu Hizuri as Sagara Kyoushirou *Murasame's Memories


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