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Turning Point
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko Mogami
Volume 33
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Turning Point is the 197th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko envisions her current psychological state as a gang of thugs threatening to make her jump off a cliff unless she reveals her true feelings. She wants to erase the intrusive memories of the previous night so she can be around Ren again. Cain and Setsu are 2 hours late to set and Murasame is angry. Internal Kyoko wants to urge Cain to go to work but Setsu is enjoying the shopping date with her Brother. Director Konoe rings Setsu to find out where they are. He lies about why Cain is late merely saying he met delays thinking he can't say the real reason; that they went shopping. However Murasame wonders angrily if this is really true. Setsu is disappointed that her date is cut short so Cain promises to take her out again when they can take their time which delights Setsu.

Chapter Summary

In her mind, Kyoko pictures a mafia scene with her in it. The mafia thugs are threatening her, telling her to show everyone what's in her breast and if she won't then they'll have her jump off the cliff. This is a representation of how Kyoko views her psychological state right now. In real time Kyoko is dressed as Setsu and is currently cooking breakfast for her and Cain. Internally she concludes that she is in a life or death situation as she continues to ponder her current state of mind. Her feelings have driven her this far but here she is, leisurely frying bacon of all things. Still pondering it, she thinks how horrible this situation is for she doesn't want to die but neither does she want to give in. She wonders if she can play it dumb and escape. Wandering off topic to escape the reality of the situation, she wonders if she is marked by a secret society who protect Earth's peace and may be abducted by them. Would they perform memory manipulation on her to make her forget her past she wonders whilst envisioning a magical girl casting a spell on. If she's wishing she may as well ask for her body to be changed too. She wonders if they really will manipulate her memory because she actually wants them to otherwise she won't be able to meet Ren's eyes. Flashing back to the previous night, she remembers a shirtless Ren and all the other activities they partook together. Mortified at her recollections Kyoko huddles into the nearby wall trembling, thinking this is why she needs to escape no matter what, for if she loses focus for a second it comes rushing back. If Setsuka wasn't in her at the moment she would've run away to live overseas for 500 years until she can face him again. If only Setsu and reality (she doesn't have a passport) would let her. A passport she muses next time the Heel siblings have a day off she's going to apply for one. The toaster then beeps to signal it's finished causing Kyoko to jump in alarm. Aghast she grimaces as breakfast is all ready however she would perfectly fine if it took another 100 years.

Standing ouside the bathroom door, Kyoko breathes deeply and recites her role 'Setsuka, outlaw, low-tension, Brother is everything'. Exhaling, she grabs a hold of Setsuka's essence and enters her role. As Setsuka she enters the bathroom where Cain is showering without hesitation. She asks him if he will be out soon as breakfast is ready which he answers that he will be. She tells him to hurry for it will get cold. About to leave she remembers and goes to say something but he already knows what she's going to say and tells her not to worry he'll dry his hair properly. Outside the bathroom, Setsu pauses for a moment and loses focus for a second. Inner Kyoko gasps and blushes at her slip, tossing out all the images she recalls telling herself not to ruminate! Don't think about Ren's bare skin, what it felt like, his warmth, don't remember it!

In the bathroom, Ren has finished his shower and is toweling his hair dry. He catches sight of himself in the mirror and lets the towel fall from his head. Staring pensively into the mirror at the love bite that Kyoko gave him, he closes his eyes and clasps his hand over it.

Meanwhile on the set of Tragic Marker, the staff are still waiting on Cain. Director Konoe looks worried and Murasame is furious. Dark with anger, he asks the Director if that 'damn foreigner' had said he was coming today. Looking wary, Director Konoe answers that is what he heard if he's not mistaken. Murasame bursts out in anger that aren't they 2 hours late?! The Director merely mumbles 'oh is that so' but the rest of the staff start agreeing amongst themselves for didn't they come late the first day, are foreigners usually this lax with time. Murasame rages that Cain is playing hooky even though he skipped yesterday and the day before! Director Konoe looks a little sheepish for he knows the real reason for Cain's absences which was due to Ren's other work but he offers to call Cain to see where he is.

Cain and Setsu are currently in a shopping strip browsing at a store. Setsu checks her phone for the time and Inner Kyoko is appalled for they are 2 hours late plus it takes 3 hours at least for BJ's make-up to be done. She wants to urge him to go to work faster but that's not part of Setsu's character. Cain calls out to her and places a hat that's shaped like a wolf onto Setsu's head.

Director Konoe, who was about to call Cain, thinks better of it for its Cain's character to talk to him as little as possible to him (only ever answers yes or no). Realizing this the Director decides to contact Setsuka, knowing that Kyoko will be with him for she told him she would be available from now on.

Back at the store, Setsu asks Cain what is the hat supposed to be, a dog? Cain says its Fenrir, wolf-like monster. Leaning into the mirror Setsu murmurs that its cool and that she was never really interested in this stuff but perhaps it suits her (at least its not cat ears). Cain agrees that it suits her and that it goes beyond cute. Setsu smiles, happy at the compliment from her brother. She chooses something for him to try on, a muffler glove hybrid with three dog heads like Cerberus. She can't make heads or tails of it but its cool. Cain wonders how he's supposed to wear it, so Setsu proceeds to wrap it around him. A thunderbolt suddenly sounds causing them both to blink. Its Setsu's ringtone. She goes to answer the phone call, Inner Kyoko is aghast when she sees the caller ID is Director Konoe's.

On the set of Tragic Marker, Murasame perks up when Director Konoe comes back from his call and asks angrily after Cain. Director Konoe simply says that Cain was held back by delays because he can't say the real reason which is they had a leisurely breakfast and were browsing here and there at shops that caught their eye and time slipped away. He recalls Setsu saying 'we didn't notice. sorry okay?' not sounding sorry at all. He continues saying that Cain said he'll hurry but will be at least 30 minutes. Murasame lets out an angry hmph, wondering if Cain really was delayed. He mutters angrily that Cain is a temperamental fellow so in reality he probably just got caught up having fun sight-seeing or something. Director Konoe flinches at the accuracy of this statement, internally he agrees that Cain Heel's character profile is that of a hard-to-handle sort of person who has issues however Ren said the other day that he would use discretion in his performance of Cain. 'I'm counting on you, Ren!' Director Konoe thinks a bit worriedly.

Setsu hangs up the phone and lets out a disappointed 'aw' as she wanted to more time on her date with Brother. Inner Kyoko rolls around in agony for this is why she didn't hurry Cain because its natural for Setsu to put a date with her brother ahead of work and she wouldn't voluntary give up an enjoyable time unless her Brother suggests it and Cain was the one who started browsing in the stores. Cain says he heard the Japanese are uptight when it comes to time and it seems its true. Inner Kyoko lets out a heartfelt sigh of relief for they are finally going to work. It's not grounds for death because they were at least half a day behind schedule Setsu complains so they should make this concession since she is lending them Brother for the shooting, the Japanese really are killjoys though. Cain invites Setsu out for another date somewhere, where they can take their time. Inner Kyoko freezes at the offer, but Setsu is overjoyed and smiles happily. Murmuring her assent, they set off for the studio holding hands with fingers entwined.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Setsuka Heel
  3. Cain Heel
  4. Ren Tsuruga
  5. Konoe
  6. Manaka
  7. Tragic Marker actress
  8. Kaneko
  9. Tragic Marker actor
  10. Taira Murasame
  11. Tragic Marker actor #2
  12. Tragic Marker actress #2
  13. Tragic Marker actor #3
  14. Tragic Marker staff
  15. Tragic Marker staff #2
  16. Tragic Marker staff #3
  17. Tragic Marker staff #4


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