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Dark Breath
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Character/s in the cover Cain Heel (Ren Tsuruga) and Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 33
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 195th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


The tension between Kyoko and Ren reaches a tipping point after a call from Sho. Kyoko believes Ren must be being driven by his darker self. Desperate to bring Ren back to himself Kyoko uses Setsuka and Cain's relationship in order to pierce through Ren's darkness, but steps outside the characterization of the Heel Siblings mutual obsession to introduce a more intimate tone.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko wonders if Ren has another self too, one that is born from intense negative energy with enough power to usurp his own consciousness. She recalls the rehearsal fight with Murasame where she deduced that neither Ren nor Cain were controlling his body for he smiled during the act which was in contradiction with BJ's character however when she brought it up with Cain as Setsu, he didn't remember smiling. She also remembers the call to the President who told her that Ren is fighting a battle with himself. Shocked she stares up at him from the bed. She recalls her own troubles when shooting the PV with Sho, when she was driven by hatred, and loosing herself within it, unable to control her own actions or emotions, and stricken with despair by it. Realizing this, Kyoko is scared for Ren as she doesn't want him to fall to the same depths as her, to succumb to his own darkness. Kyoko is still shocked by this realization and is lying silent on the bed while her thoughts race.

Ren/Cain can't remember smiling whilst acting as BJ

Ren, possessed by a jealous Dark Kuon, is leaning over her whilst gripping her shoulders, trying to confirm if she has had contact with Sho. Kyoko doesn't answer his question which makes him grit his teeth in anger. Ren/Kuon says not denying something is the same as a confirmation. Inhaling harshly he grimaces in anger, his hand now on Kyoko's waist. "Now it's a topic you could ask? That sort of thing..." Whilst talking his hand moves up and he hooks two fingers into Kyoko's bodice, right between her breasts.

Kyoko/Setsuka turns the situation to her favor by reversing their positions on the bed

Kyoko is silent however her thoughts are still racing. She refuses to believe that Ren would submit to his darker side, and she won't allow it. Using her legs she flips Ren over and reverses their positions so that now she is straddling Ren. She then enters her role as Setsuka again using acting to call Ren back to himself.

As Setsuka she purrs out slightly happy "Whaaat...? Perhaps you're burning with jealousy...? Brother?" Smiling a bit she tells Ren "...It's silly you so much as worry about that phone call."

Inner Kyoko is thinking that 'Ren is a man who should be above the heavens but in spite of herself she will extend her hand and touch him.'

As Setsuka she does so and reaches out to press Ren's lips and caresses his cheek. Ren is looking up at her shocked.

"Don't lose Ren" Kyoko thinks as she kisses him on the forehead

Leaning over him Inner Kyoko thinks again 'don't fall from grace to the same such depths as me.'

Kuon's prison is shattered as good memories rain down on him.

As Setsuka, she tells Ren whilst caressing his face with both hands and playing with his hair "...Isn't it impossible that I'd be interested in any other man than Brother? You've already realized that much haven't you?" Practically face to face Setsuka/Kyoko stare deeply into his eyes.

Internal Kyoko tells him 'don't lose Ren' and to Ren's continued shocked she leans over and kisses him on the forehead.

Inside Ren, Kuon reels back in surprise as the self-imposed prison is shattered like glass. The glass rains down on him reflecting the happy memories of him and Kyoko in Kyoto. Still shocked Kuon puts a hand to his face but then closes his eyes and seems to accept the change.

Kuon/Ren are one again

Ren lays still on the bed with his eyes shut, worried Setsuka/Kyoko leans closer to him and calls to him softly "Brother?". She watches as he slowly opens his eyes however it is no longer just Ren who stares back. It is Ren and Kuon as one. Now complete Ren enters his role as Cain. Kyoko/Setsuka looks relieved and happily smiles back at Cain who is smiling up at her. Kyoko realizes immediately that it's Cain staring up at her so she quickly falls completely into her role as Setsuka.

Setsuka takes Cain's top off in order to add a more permanent mark of ownership

Setsuka giggles and leans back over Cain "An imprint remains" she says. "...What of...?" asks Cain. Stroking his forehead where the lipstick stain is Setsuka answers "...a kiss mark...". Watching her hand Cain says "'ll wear off before long...if it's rouge..." Bemused Setsuka asks if he prefers it to be long-lasting. Cain agrees since if it's long-lasting his body and heart will be somewhat appeased for its a mark that will show that he belongs to her. Setsuka murmurs how wonderful that would be. Lightly touching him she skims her finger from his forehead down the side of his neck "then I'll leave one for you where it can be seen and..." and as she starts to unzips his top she adds softly "...where it can't."

Cain and Setsuka stare at each as she slowly unzips and opens his tops. Setsuka slides her hands up Cain's chest pushing the top open even more as she does and resumes her position on top of him. Cain watches her with a small smile and tells her "make sure it's the type that won't wear off...for a lifetime." Smiling at the request, Setsuka agrees.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Black Jack
  2. Kyoko's Recollections
  3. Taira Murasame *Kyoko's Recollections
  4. Sho Fuwa *Kyoko's Recollections
  5. Haruki Asami *Kyoko's Recollections
  6. Kyoko Mogami as Setsuka Heel
  7. Ren Tsuruga as Cain Heel
  8. Kuon
  9. Young Kuon
  10. Young Kyoko


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