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Dark Breath
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Character/s in the cover Cain Heel (Ren Tsuruga) and Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 32
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 194th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


After seeing Sho and Kyoko in that car together and then being confronted by Sho, how could Ren still remain composed when Sho suddenly calls Kyoko again while they're together acting as the Heel Siblings!?

Chapter Summary

A thrown phone bounces off a coffee table and a wall before landing on the floor. Setsuka looks beyond shocked while Cain appears to have a deep frown. Sho, looking shocked while sitting on his couch in his apartment, is holding his phone while receiving a recorded message that the person he is trying to contact is not available. His emotions make him rush out carelessly, and he falls onto the floor after whacking his shin on the corner of the coffee table. He pictures Kyoko turning her phone off before going to bed, purposely to avoid his calls. Sho pictures her calling him stupid and without manners for always calling her late at night. Sho decides this is far more reasonable an explanation for why Kyoko's stopped answering his anonymous calls than that something's wrong and he should be worried.

Shoko comes out into the living room, dressed for bed, and sees Sho lying on the floor in between the couch and the coffee table. She tells him to go sleep on bed. Sho did as he was told and is tucked in his bed. Though he is still worrying about Kyoko, and no matter how many times he convinces himself not to, he can't stop. He grabs his coat and plans to go out but Shoko tells him off. Caught, but unwilling to admit what he's really up to, Sho says he's just going to go the next day and returns to his bed. Shoko notes that Sho only behaves strangely when it has something to do with Kyoko and wonders if something happened with her.

Sho becomes gloomy trying to think of ways to talk to Kyoko again without coming across as obsessed while Shoko quietly watches her charge until he falls asleep. Shoko feels confident that Kyoko is the source of Sho's unrest tonight. She mentally to remain tough with a body and heart of steel. After all, that's the type that gets sent to the Love Me Department. Shoko wants Kyoko to live a strong Love Me Department lifestyle, with no falling in love or fooling around, so that Sho won't keep getting distracted. She misunderstands that the Love Me Section was created to keep actresses chaste, and wishes that they would add a bylaw that includes avoiding Ren Tsuruga. Then of course she realizes how foolish the thought is, since it's the same agency. So something could happen between Kyoko and Ren... and if it does...a rift could be caused that can't be mended. She and Sho would be fighting against Ren Tsuruga, who does everything perfectly and looks as though he's never lost in his life... No, Shoko decides, something between Ren Tsuruga and Kyoko would never happen.

Setsu and Cain face off, tension clear between them. Cain looks murderous and asks Setsu what’s the matter that she's not answering him. Setsu still looks shocked. Cain then continues that if she can’t deny it because it’s true that the call just before was from Sho Fuwa.

The inner Kyoko wonders why Ren is talking about this while they are acting as the Heel Siblings and is still beyond shocked.

As Cain/Ren continues to talk, explaining how the call could only be from Fuwa, Kyoko starts taking a step back while Ren continues to step forward. Kyoko tries to understand how Ren could be not be completely in his role and falls backward onto the bed. She catches herself with her hands and starts to rise, but Ren gets on top of her and holds her down by the shoulders. "Are you still in contact with Fuwa?" he asks. "That's why you were able to come yesterday. You were supposed to be in school, but you showed up at the TV station with him. You two seemed awfully friendly sitting side by side." [1] He gets very close to her face, squeezing her shoulder more tightly. "You say you hate him. You claim to hate him. But what do you actually want to do with Fuwa?" [2]

The inner Kyoko thinks that the person in front of her right now is neither Cain nor the Ren she knows. It's like someone she doesn't know is in control of him. She wonders who it is, and realizes she's seen this situation before when he fought Murasame on set[3], but didn't remember smiling [4]

Cain/Ren gets angry at Kyoko’s silence and grits his teeth. "If you're not going to deny it, that means you're saying yes." He put his fingers and let them stay on Kyoko/Setsuka’s cleavage. "Though I refuse to listen to such nonsense at this point." [5]

But, suddenly, the unexpected happens. Kyoko grabs hold of Ren's arm and collar and flips them both around, ending on top of Ren. This makes Ren freeze. The leather of her outfit creaks as she slides her legs along to straddle him. She lets her hands rest on his stomach and looks down at him with her Setsuka composure, even sticking her tongue out playfully.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance



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