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Dark Breath
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 32
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 191st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren sees Kyoko with Sho! Meanwhile, Sho makes Kyoko vow that she'll never fall in love with Ren or else...

Chapter Summary

Kyoko and Ren see each other. Both of their eyes are wide. As the car moves forward, Sho continues to watch Ren out the back window to make sure Ren knows whom Kyoko is with. Kyoko quickly shoves him down, but it's too late to do any good. Yashiro is panicking and thinking of all sorts of scenarios that would legitimately lead to Kyoko in the car with Sho at TBM, but none seem believable to him. He glances at Ren who glares at him. Acting calm, Ren says that they should go in order not to make the director wait. From one of the pillars, Kyoko is watching them, scared of Ren’s reaction. She pictures his sparkling, gentlemanly smile as he asks what caused this to happen. She's furious at both Sho and herself for willingly getting back in his car in order not to be late.

Sho appears from behind and accuses Kyoko of being narcissistic to think that Ren will be in a bad mood just because she is with him. He tells her that she must be deluding herself if she thinks she gets special treatment from someone in the same agency just because he's been nice to her a few times. [1] This makes Kyoko sad and she tells Sho that she doesn’t think that way and there’s no need for him to say that for she knows. Ren is taking care of her because Lory asked him to.

Ren doesn’t treat her in a special way. Looking sharp, Sho says that he doesn’t believe that since she is saying that in such a listless manner. Just when she is about to protest, Sho closes in on her, backing her against the pillar, and says that he isn’t convinced by that because she is a girl who likes to daydream. If she meant it, then she should look him in the eyes and tell him that; after all she's an actress—barely. Kyoko tries to leave but Sho grabs her wrist and pushes her to the pillar again. Sho very dangerously insists that she tell him that she doesn’t care for Ren Tsuruga at all.

Meanwhile, Shoko is panicking over Sho being with Kyoko. Sho arrives and asks if she is having a headache since she was holding her head. Shoko assumes that everything is alright and what she feared didn’t happen because Sho’s face wasn’t like that.

Later on, Kyoko as Bo the Chicken apologizes to her boss. Her boss complains about her letting success get into her head. He would never use her again if there were someone more professional and amusing. Trembling, Kyoko thinks that not only is she late, she got scolded at and it is all that jerk’s fault for forcing her to admit some nonsense things. One of the staff touches her head and tries to cheer her up. She remembers when Ren as Cain touches her head.

Kyoko isn’t moving and the production assistant wonders if she is crying. Kyoko's thoughts are on what just happened with show. She'd angrily looked straight in Sho’s eyes and shouted that she doesn’t have feelings for Ren. Kyoko threatened to pull his hair off and use it to curse him if he is making her admit that she has feelings such as love for Ren. Kyoko shouted that she won’t become an idiot again and she won’t go back to that kind of thinking again. If she were ever to make that idiotic mistake again, it wouldn't be for Ren. [2] Sho leaned to her and asked how she could be so certain.

Kyoko knows the true answer to that question is tied to something she realized when Ren as Cain rubbed her head and complimented her. She's proud of the person she's become now, largely due to Ren. If she were to lose against her feelings she fears she would become more idiotic for Ren than she was with Sho. She doesn’t want to lose being a person she's proud of, even if it really hurts her heart.[3] Kyoko raises her head and looks at the production assistant with a sad smile.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Ren Tsuruga
  3. Sho Fuwa
  4. Yukihito Yashiro
  5. Endo (mentioned only)
  6. Sho Fuwa's driver
  7. Shoko Aki
  8. Bo the Chicken (in costume backstage only)
  9. Yappa Kimagure Rock producer
  10. unnamed production assistant
  11. Cain Heel (flashback only)
  12. Setsuka Heel (flashback only)


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