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Dark Breath
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Character/s in the cover Mimori Nanokura
Volume 32
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 189th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is still distracted at school. Shoko wonders if she should be more of a guardian to Sho. Did he get Mimori to let him know when she'd be there? Kyoko sees Sho at the front gate and tries unsuccessfully to escape via the back.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko’s at the end of her school day, frustrated with how poorly she paid attention because she was thinking about Ren so much. She gets a phone call from Sawara.

Shoko is in her bedroom trying to figure out what Sho is up to. She knows he’s not attending classes and only going to meet someone. She wonders if she should have made him attend, since he was going to be at the school anyway, but she doesn’t want to become a nagging mother of a manager. This causes her to self-reflect a bit, because it makes her feel like a cougar keeping a gigolo. She should act more like his guardian if she wants to keep her job… is a manager even supposed to be in a position to think thoughts like this? If Sho and Kyoko would only hook up quickly, she’d be able to slip into professional mode without a problem.

Shoko remembers how angry Sho was after he saw the Dark Moon wrap party interview. He was appalled that Kyoko let a man she wasn’t even dating dress her up and giggled about it on television. Shoko also noticed that he started talking out loud without realizing it when he tried to come up with a way to let Kyoko know how angry he was. Shoko thinks he should just go to Kyoko’s home and wait, but he’s too proud to do that. He’s also not likely to take the gamble of waiting for her at the school, since she’s in a new drama and they don’t know when she’ll be in class. Then again, there’s Mimori, who’s in Kyoko’s classes. Shoko gets disgusted, because she can clearly see Sho cruelly manipulating Mimori into revealing Kyoko’s schedule.

Shoko looks at the time. School would be over by now. Maybe Sho managed to see Kyoko and then got into trouble.

Kyoko comes out the front door of the school to find Sho Fuwa waiting by the entrance. The other students are all gossiping about why he’s there and not even trying to hide his identity. Kyoko hears them wondering if there’s someone in the performing arts class who mingles with Sho, and decides she doesn’t want anyone there knowing she has a personal connection to him. She turns to leave out the back gate.

The back gate is locked, so Kyoko climbs over it. The moment she lands, a handcuff is latched around her ankle. Mimori is holding the other end on a long chain and she attaches that to the gate. Kyoko is completely flummoxed. Mimori calls Sho on her phone and tells him that she’s captured Kyoko. Sho’s voice is clear, as he’s already coming around the corner. “Oh ho. Just as I expected. Good job.” [1]

Mimori demands her promised reward: a dirty kiss that will make her brain melt. Kyoko is appalled that Mimori was so stupid, and her thoughts toward her are harsh, mostly because she used to be just like Mimori. Sho refuses to kiss his accomplice until they’re in private, but Mimori insists. She caves when he explains that being caught kissing in public would be detrimental to her career. He pats her like a little doggie while she whimpers before leaving.

Kyoko’s pity for Mimori wins over her anger.

Sho waits until Mimori’s gone and a car pulls up before unlocking the handcuff that’s attached to the gate. He tells Kyoko he needs to talk to her and that she should come with him. Kyoko refuses while Sho’s driver opens the rear passenger door. The voices of the students curious to see Fuwa can be heard lamenting that the car is blocking their view. Kyoko ducks behind the car, too. Sho gives the chain, which is still attached to her ankle, a tug and tells Kyoko to get in the car quickly.

Kyoko does her best to hide her face before getting in. She insists that Sho say what he wants to quickly and then drop her off. Sho sighs and turns away. Kyoko gets upset, because she knows his mannerisms too well. “Don’t sigh like you’re telling me I’m no good and beyond help!”

“‘Like’?” Sho mocks. “I believe from the bottom of my heart you’re a woman who’s ‘no good and beyond help.’”[2]

Kyoko and her demons go ballistic, knocking off her disguise. Sho still doesn’t even look her way as he continues. “Weren’t you gonna make me admit defeat? Weren’t you gonna become more famous than me, then make me apologize and grovel at your feet? Why on earth did you enter the world of showbiz?” He continues to mock her for forgetting her original goal and flirting on TV.

“Who was flirting with a guy?! You still treat me like I’m a love-aholic.”

“You were flirting.”

Their argument over Kijima escalates until Sho shouts “Stupid! When men give clothes to women, it means they want to strip you naked and have sex with you!” [3]

Kyoko is taken aback that this is such common knowledge. The parallel with the conversation with Ren as she tries to explain the dress was just a rental but getting cut off hits home so much Kyoko almost apologizes until she catches herself. She’ll never apologize to Shotaro.

Sho pushes her buttons again, telling her she’s too infatuated with men to become more famous than he is. He also promises to shatter her pathetic confidence to bits one day.

Kyoko wants to know what he means by that, but Sho won’t explain. Done with the conversation, Kyoko insists that Sho drop her off. She looks at the time and sees that she’s nearly run out if she wants dinner before work. She yells at Sho that she doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands like he does. Sho refutes that he’s actually on his way to live music show now.

Kyoko screeches to the driver to drop her off, and gives him directions to a restaurant that is just nearby. They drive past the TV station and Kyoko suddenly gets quiet.

“What?” Sho asks.

“A live music show… is it?” Kyoko asks.

Music Heaven, of course.”

Kyoko’s phone call from Sawara at the end of the day was to tell her to go in for a last minute shoot that the station was able to schedule.

It turns out that she and Sho are heading to the same place.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Students/Teachers at Performing Arts High School
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Shoko Aki
  4. Sho Fuwa
  5. Highschool Fangirls
  6. Mimori Nanokura
  7. Sho Fuwa's driver
  8. Ren Tsuruga (Kyoko's Deja Vu)


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