Dark Breath
Chapter 185
Character/s in the cover Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 31
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 185th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Despite Shoko's desperate actions to prevent Sho from watching the Dark Moon special interview of Ren and Kyoko, Sho still ended up finding his own way and watching it.. What is his reaction!? Meanwhile, how is things between Setsu and Cain after the incident that happened the day before...?

Chapter Summary

During the time which Cain Heel was strangling Murasame, the following event takes place.

A clip from Kyoko and Ren's interview for the Dark Moon Special shows Kyoko saying that a lot of things happened but to sum it up, she just
Happy kyoko dark moon interview
looked wonderful like she does now mainly due to Kijima’s amusement.

Kyoko says that Kijima has helped her a lot and she is thankful. Sho is watching the Dark Moon Special on his phone. He looks shocked and is angered by the minor incident.

Sho thinks “What the hell is
Sho looking at his tablet
this?” He thinks if it’s really Kyoko, or its just some masquerade or cosplay.
Sho loookig at his tablet
He says that he wouldn’t be able to recognize her if he were to meet her.

Sho thinks it’s just like that time when Kyoko was dressed as Mio and as the angel in his PV.

Sho continues watching the interview and calls Kyoko a demoness. He says that it was so close, his soul was almost sucked away by her.

Sho doesn’t want to admit he was fascinated by Kyoko. He then thinks
Sho looking amazed and pissed
that Kyoko is such a scary girl.

He wonders if the “shape-shifter” he’s watching now is the same childhood friend he grew up with.

Sho thinks Kyoko is an idiot for allowing a guy change her from top to bottom, she completely gave in just because the guy was pampering
Devil sho screaming

Sho thinks that Kyoko is just a vampire who sucks the blood of beautiful maidens to maintain her beauty.

Sho then removed his headphones as the camera zoomed out, where Ren can be seen and is promoting the broadcast. Sho sees Kyoko
Shoko looking at demon sho
blushing while with Ren.

He then thinks that even if Kyoko doesn’t have sex appeal, she couldn’t have absurd that..

Sho thinks that Ren’s soul has been sucked by Kyoko.. Sho then sees Ren staring at Kyoko lovingly while the latter is talking. This
Ren finger food
fuels his anger even more.

He calls Kyoko and shouts at her, “Soul-sucking Demoness!! Henceforth, you shall be known as the shape-shifting demon soul-sucker!”

Shoko then comes into the room and sees Sho’s Nou Face. Shoko asks Sho if he possibly saw the interview of Ren and Kyoko. Sho asks what was it, and now he understands why Shoko didn’t let him watch TV.
Shoko and sho talks
Shoko lays on the ground, thinking that she was relieved that his room does not have TV.

In truth, Sho got bored of waiting so he watched some cool videos of himself and he found that video.

Sho then asks Shoko why did she desperately tried to hide that interview from him, Sho asks Shoko if it’s because she thought Sho would’ve been angry.

Shoko says that Sho is angry, to which Sho denies still having the Nou Face.

Sho the devil king

Sho says he is not angry, he is just very shocked. He says that Kyoko is being changed totally with a guy that she is not even dating. Sho then thinks that ‘crappy actor’ Kijima doing unnecessary things for fun, makes him mad while Kyoko’s stupidity makes his blood boil.

He then thinks aloud that if Kyoko is Kyoko, she should stay as Kyoko and don’t look happy being dressed up like that.

Sho’s anger has been fuelled up more by thinking that now, Ren’s interest in Kyoko has sparked even more.

Sho thinks what would Kyoko do if he goes all out, she will be eaten up by him in one bite. An image of Ren having Kyoko as a gourmet snack and enrages him.
Setsuka sitting on the bed

He says that his yelling on her voice mail is not good enough and he needs to make her feel his rage in prison. He continues to rage to himself that Kyoko is just Kyoko, that she shouldn’t let a man dress her up and show her off in a place he doesn’t know while entertaining unfamiliar men.

Setsuka is a little bit worried

Meanwhile, at the Heel Siblings Hotel, it is 12 am and Kyoko is listening to her voice mail. She didn’t know who it was, but then found out it was Sho. Kyoko is relieved that it was just Sho and nothing important. She suddenly remembered Ren changed his settings to let her see the number when he was calling.

Kyoko also have the office’s numbers so she concludes that it was careless of her to pick up a call from an unfamiliar number.

Kyoko then wonders what would happen if Ren knew this. He would
Setsuka looking down
punish her for sure, as Cain Heel. Kyoko imagined a scenario where Cain is punishing her by making her wear cat ears. Kyoko thinks that’s embarrassing, and that at least as Setsu, use the the american shorthair or russian blue. Kyoko then went out of the scenario. Kyoko thinks the scenario would not happen even if sho’s pointless message was found out. Kyoko then thinks that after all, even in this room, Ren would never leave his
Setsuka thinking about cain
role and start a private conversation. And that moreover, during this time, Ren might still be feeling listless since he straggled Murasame.

Kyoko thinks that Ren must be shocked the most on this. Kyoko remembers how Cain/Ren said “Because of that, you spared me.” she remembers Ren saying it to her before. That because of her voice, Ren was able to return to his normal self and that must be a good thing. Kyoko then wonders what past does Ren have..

But before she could even think further, there is a sound on the door. Kyoko wonders who is it, because it’s already late.
Setsu and konoe
It turned out to be Director Konoe. Konoe asks where’s Ren. Kyoko says that he’s taking a shower.

Director Konoe says he doesn’t mind waiting for a bit, but the reason he visited them is because of what happened that day. Kyoko then talks to Director Konoe of what actually happened.

Meanwhile, Ren is taking a bath, he reminiscence what happened that
Ren tsuruga bath
day, where Murasame insults him and says “One who doesn’t have a heart, a true cold-blooded killer”. He remembers that a blonde kid has also said that to him before back in America as Kuon. Ren thinks that is no good. Ren thinks that even though he knew that Murasame is not the same as that guy, but
Murasame insulting cain heel
despite that because of trivial matter, his Dark Kuon side just shattered.

Ren reminisce about yesterday, how Kyoko did not ask him what exactly happened. Ren thinks that it must be because Kyoko sensed he does not want to be asked for the reason behind his actions.

Ren thinks Kyoko
Ren tsuruga in the bath
is completely immersed into the role of Setsu and mutters “Wow..” He remembers how Kyoko gradually improves since the first time she saw BJ’s make up on him, where she was trying to praise him but she looked like she was about to cry.

Ren asked his other self, Dark Kuon if he feels ashamed, because he let Kyoko see that side of him.

He told himself to remember that only one thing towards acting is that is when you are proud of yourself, others will be proud of you.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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