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Dark Breath
Chapter 182.png
Character/s in the cover Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 30
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 182nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren is still struggling with his internal battle against his own personal demons. Due to his strange behavior the night before, Kyoko is concerned for him. Worried, she turns to Yashiro for advice, hoping he may know something about Ren's situation.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is very sleepy while the bread is being toasted in the oven. She snaps out of it and starts being bewildered about sleeping while standing. It seems she thinks of it as a stunt which she can train on.

Then, Ren goes to the kitchen and holds up a pair of pants. It turns out that he wants her to wear that instead of a mini-skirt. While serving him some toast and tea, Ren says about not wanting her to be exposed in front of Murasame. While wondering why Murasame is the limit, Kyoko tells him that he is nervous over strange things for Murasame ought to have gotten used to her since yesterday, and he won’t stare at her anymore.

Ren says that it isn’t about what she is wearing. When Kyoko asked what it is, Ren says that she doesn’t need to know for adults have a lot of reasons that they can’t say. Kyoko is a bit irritated for being treated like a child. It made her remember that he acted like a lonely child last night. She then thinks that it probably wasn’t her ‘brother’ for Ren spoke in Japanese.

It seems that it isn’t important for him if someone else sees them talking in Japanese but still, Ren’s role shouldn’t have ‘fallen apart’ like that. Ren notices that she is staring at him. He asks about this but she just asks if the food is delicious, and he said that it is. Kyoko still thinks that with Ren’s level of acting, he wouldn’t have answered back in Japanese when she unconsciously blurted it out. Soon, they arrive at the shooting place. The director welcomes them. They arrive early compared to the others for the special make-up that they will put on Cain. Cain tells Setsuka to go to lounge where they went yesterday. He says that there is no need to accompany him since the make-up process will probably take around 1-2 hours.

Thinking that she had let him all alone in the room during the wee hours, Setsuka insists that she will stay with him. She is surprised when Cain touches her face and says that her eyes are red. He tells her that she didn’t get to sleep the whole night so go rest for a while and come back since he is worried. Setsuka looks surprised when he tells her that he is already okay.

While the director and the staff are blushing over this scene, Setsuka bows her head in agreement. He pats her head and seems to slightly smile at her. She thinks that Ren is already aware of her being worried about him last night. It is like he acknowledges that he acted strange last night. She also felt that Ren doesn’t want her to probe deeper into it since he acted normally this morning when he woke up.

Even if she doesn’t want to chase it anymore like what Ren said [that he’s okay], but.. She remembers his sad-lonely expression last night. And, she calls up Yashiro who just got out of the bath to answer the phone. After some greetings, Kyoko wants to hang up the phone since she might be disturbing him. Thinking that for Kyoko to have called at that time (8:35am), Yashiro insists and says that it must be something urgent that is why she called. Kyoko asks him if he knows something regarding Ren.

Worried, Yashiro asks what happened. Then, when Kyoko is about to tell him, there is only silence. Yashiro looks at the cellphone and wonders why he is cut off. It turns out that he is holding the phone with his bare hand (Yashiro’s direct contract on electronic devices will cause it to self-destruct within 10 seconds) He starts berating himself for being a fool for making this mistake.

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