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Dark Breath
Chapter 179.png
Character/s in the cover Taira Murasame and Cain Heel (Ren Tsuruga)
Volume 30
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 179th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Murasame and Cain improvise their fight scene, Cain clearly getting the upper hand. It leaves Murasame shaken. Kyoko noticed something unusual about Ren during the fight that's left her a little disturbed as well.

Chapter Summary

Watching on, Kyoko is wildly anticipating how Ren will carry out this scene. Everyone is surprised when Murasame throws away the wooden stick and prepares to punch Cain. Cain manages to dodge it. Murasame tries to kick him but BJ does a backflip. Everyone is shocked because they aren’t doing what was rehearsed and BJ is being suppressed.

They think that those two are fighting for real. BJ flips backwards again when Murasame tries to hit him again. While doing so, BJ does a showy spin of the knife in his right hand while Murasame watches. After BJ has landed, Murasame and Kyoko are shocked to see BJ displaying a crazed smile.

Murasame becomes tense because Cain is coming. Murasame grabs BJ’s right arm to stop him but he is alarmed to see BJ’s right hand is empty. The director shouts for it to stop.They both freeze. The knife is now in BJ's left hand and at Murasame's throat. Cain holds it there for a beat after the cut is called then withdraws it. Murasame is frozen stiff.

While the director is praising Murasame’s skill saying the rumors weren't exaggerating about his fighting skills, he then notices that Murasame wasn’t listening. The director starts waving his hand in front of Murasame which made him snap out of it. He apologizes for doing it differently but the director says that it is okay. Then, Setsuka approaches Cain, who is standing nearby.

Later on, Murasame buys a drink from the vending machine. He remembers the director saying that he doesn’t look good, can he continue with the filming. Murasame wonders how he can be okay because he still can’t calm himself down after what happened.

He then wonders how BJ had suddenly shifted the knife to his other hand, sleight of hand? He recalls a movement of BJ's after he landed, like a puppet cut from its strings, it had seemed like he was unstable but thinking about it now Murasame suspects it was probably deliberate so he could change the knife over. To also hide the change BJ charged at him with his body lowered and let him see his right hand clearly. Recalling the theatrical spin of the knife in BJ's right hand Murasame realizes that it was to make him believe the knife was in his right hand.

Murasame feels really uneasy when he realizes that BJ must be an expert fighter, who is able to plan a fight like a chess game, able to spot his opponents weakness and use it against them effectively. This creeps Murasame out especially because if BJ’s knife had been real, he would be... Getting goosebumps just thinking about it, he starts exercising to calm himself down because he has a bad feeling that Cain Heel has actually killed someone.

Back at the set, the director plans to do scenes that don’t directly show BJ because he doesn’t have the special make-up on. They will start to film the scene where a certain actress is going to be attacked by BJ. The actress is freaking out over this while the others feel sorry for her. While Cain is drinking water, Setsuka calls out to him but ends up not saying anything.

She finds it difficult to ask him about the ‘smile’ and if he was not acting. Silent Kyoko ponders that despite being Cain, Ren's work ethic shouldn't have changed for he is amazingly devoted to acting and everything else seems so transparent for that's who he is. However just from doing a warm-up, he wouldn't forget he is merely acting would he? He is still Ren after all. But BJ is supposed to be an empty shell, devoid of human emotions and not allowed to feel anything so what was that 'smile'? Why did he smile? Whoever it was, it wasn’t Cain nor was it Ren. At that time, she wonders who was moving Ren’s body.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. BJ
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Konoe
  4. Taira Murasame
  5. Dark Kuon
  6. Tragic Marker staff member
  7. Tragic Marker staff member #2
  8. Tragic Marker staff member #3
  9. Tragic Marker staff member #4
  10. Tragic Marker staff member #5
  11. Cain Heel
  12. Setsuka Heel
  13. Mitsui
  14. Manaka
  15. Tragic Marker female co-star
  16. Tragic Marker female co-star #2
  17. Tragic Marker male co-star
  18. Tragic Marker male co-star #2
  19. Ren Tsuruga


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