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Dark Breath
Chapter 178.png
Character/s in the cover Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 30
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 178th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


And so, the Heel Siblings are still in the Tragic Marker shoot. Ren's past continues to haunts him. Meanwhile, Murasame doesn't like being underestimated and tries show his real abilities to Cain.

Chapter Summary

Ren removes his contact lens in front of the mirror. He remembers back to being bullied by

Taking off his gloves.png

a guy with blonde, curly hair and his gang, all looking down on Kuon. He called Kuon trash, dependent on family connections. Back stage at the Tragic Marker set, the female staff is still worried about Murasame because it is a fight scene but he assures them that it is fine. After all, he reminds them, he used to be part of a biker gang as a teenager. To himself, Murasame thinks that being around Cain reminds him of the feeling of sadism and cruelty in those days.

The guy with his gang.png

Ren also seems to be remembering the same sensation, as the bullied Kuon from the memory has a crazed smile. Soon, Cain has arrived backstage, together with Setsuka. Murasame looks scared and surprised, and female staff are freaking out in fear.

Setsu and cain walking together.png

The contact lens used for Cain are a blood-shot eyes type and that seem to be glowing. The director arrives tells them how to do the scene. A producer comes in and gets briefed about what’s happening. Murasame understands it and Setsuna tells him that her brother understands it, too.

Murasame is furious about the need for a translation when Cain can understand Japanese. Cain calls him pitiful before leaving. Setsuka translates it to Murasame that his brain has more holes than emmental cheese, which infuriates Murasame. "I'll kill him!"

Murasame far view.png

Setsuka asks Cain if she is right and he said yes. Cain compliments her for being able to understand it. She says of course. But actually, Kyoko thinks that it is because of her

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experience with Ren that she knows how Ren/Cain really thinks and she seems to still think that Ren hates her. She is surprised when Cain pats her head and smiles. Setsuka thinks that it is like a shinigami [death god, a grim reaper] smile.

Cain pats setsuka bb.png

He continues to stroke her hair and this makes Setsuka smile and blush. So, the action starts. Murasame is ready to fight but Cain isn’t moving. They wonder if he didn’t

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understand what he has to do. Kyoko seems to realize something when they mention about Murasame saying that Cain can understand Japanese.

Murasame thinks that he is being belittled as a Japanese ex-yanki. So, he stands up from his fighting stance and throws his wooden stick at Cain. Cain evades it and Murasame goes in to punch Cain at the stomach.

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Characters in Order of Appearance


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