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Dark Breath
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Character/s in the cover Taira Murasame
Volume 30
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Dark Breath is the 177th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Murasame reflects on his gang days for its because of these that he is unable to walk away from a fight which is why he confronted Cain. He recalls the aura of blood lust that surrounded Cain and gets the chills. Wondering if a person who was merely acting could display such an aura without having stained his hands with someone's blood.

Kyoko feels like she isn't totally in her role as Setsuka compared to Ren in his role of Cain. She is still having trouble with Setsu's clingy behavior. Ren engineers it so that he is alone in the bathroom to change his contacts by embarrassing Kyoko for otherwise she would notice that he is already wearing contacts to hide his green eyes.

Chapter Summary

Murasame reflects on how well he conquered as a fighter in his biker gang days by trying hard and planning ahead. His past experiences gave him strength when entering the world of show biz. With the strength and conviction imbued from his days in a gang he has determinedly walk the path of show business applying the same principles and became a "somebody" but the confidence of his gang days have lead him to become caught up in confronting Cain Heel.

Returning to Studio D, everyone is concerned with how pale he looks, especially the production assistant who'd asked him to go get Cain Heel because she was too scared to.

Because Murasame's gang motto is when a fight brought to you there is nothing you can do but take them on which is why he went to get Cain. He recalls Cain threatening to rip him apart which he dismissed, for he's used to threats like this by now so he accepted Cain's challenge to fight and throws one right back. Uneasily he remembers Cain's smile in response to his acceptance and to his own challenge. The feeling that it gave him makes him recall his chaotic days from three years ago because that was the last time he experienced it. The aura he felt from Cain was one that threatened his life, causing goosebumps all over his body.

Murasame wonders whether someone can have such a bloodthirsty look in their eye without ever having had another's blood stain his hands. He begins to think that Cain isn't method acting, but is truly that messed up.

Setsu asks Cain whether he enjoyed taunting Murasame like that. She accuses him of lying when he claims he was just angry.

Cain admits that Murasame came at him with a combination of reason and force, as if he'd forgotten that Cain had threatened to kill him and that kind of man is rare. "As to my plans of how I'm going to play around with him like a predator toys with his prey, in the limbo between life and death" then yes, he was enjoying himself.

Kyoko is appalled that Ren would think such a thing, then realizes he's speaking as Cain would. She feels like she needs to level up as Setsu.

Ren is oddly holding his right wrist, which catches Kyoko's eye. Setsu asks Cain if something is wrong with his hand. Cain denies, then gestures for Setsu to come closer. Holding out his right hand, he tells her to take his glove off. Setsu does, while inwardly Kyoko notices that Ren isn't wearing the watch like he had been before—probably because today he's filming for real.

Once his hand is free of the glove, Cain strokes Setsu's hair slowly before moving on to her cheek. Then her chin, top of her head, rapidly all around, before declaring himself good and ordering Setsu to put his glove back on. Kyoko is confused and somewhat shocked by the willful princess attitude. She puts the glove back on and asks, "So, what was that, right now?"

"What was what? I was being affectionate, of course."

Kyoko doesn't get at all why that happened just then of all times. But she realizes if she asks, then Cain will just tell her she was cute. Despite not voicing anything aloud, Cain answers. "I sometimes just want to touch you for no reason, because you keep being cute whenever, wherever."

Blushing Setsu barks back at him that she knows without being told, and they both repeat themselves.

Kyoko decides she needs to act more clingy as Setsu, because so far she's not keeping up with Ren as Cain at all. Cain announces he's going into the bathroom to put BJ's contacts on. Setsu asks him why he didn't just do it in the dressing room, and Cain answers its because he doesn't want to bring work home. He starts to wax poetic about the dressing room being a sanctuary for just the two of them on set but Kyoko cuts him off and blushing shoves him into the men's bathroom.

Once he's out of sight, Kyoko wonders if she should've followed him in and is angry with herself for not following through just when she'd made up her mind to be more clingy. Then she worries that Ren is upset with her and hopes he's not in the bathroom sighing to signal he wants to do a retake.

Inside the bathroom, Ren checks that he's alone and lets out a little sight of relief. Then he takes out a second contact lens case and removes the ones already in his eyes, then stares in the mirror at his natural eye color. Its clear that he used his acting skills and knowledge of Kyoko's conservative personality to engineer this result so that he could be alone in the bathroom.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Taira Murasame
  2. Productive Assistant
  3. Tragic Marker male co-star
  4. Manaka
  5. Cain Heel
  6. Setsuka Heel
  7. Kyoko Mogami
  8. Ren Tsuruga


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