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Hero's High
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami) and Taira Murasame)
Volume 29
Arc Dark Breath arc
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Hero's High is the 176th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Tension mounts between Cain Heel and Taira Murasame. Director Konoe was surprised by Kyoko's addition to the Heel farce, but what he's seen so far gives him confidence and anticipation.

Chapter Summary

Murasame and Setsu stare at each other for some time before Setsu decides to turn toward him. "Did you just say something to me?"

Murasame wants to know about Cain Heel's performance history because he's never heard of him or seen him before. His attitude is insulting, particularly when he wonders if Cain's experience only comes from something plain like theater work. When he calls Cain a second-rate actor, Setsu whacks him in the face with one of the water bottles, holding it into his cheek as she declares her older brother not to be second-rate.

Murasame is surprised to learn that she and Cain are siblings, and tells her they look more like lovers. Setsu turns her head and blushes before walking away. Murasame is caught off guard by this reaction, before he remembers his goal is to learn more about Cain and chases after Setsu, asking what roles he's played before. He stops when he sees Cain waiting for Setsu.

"You're late, Setsu," Cain says in English.

"I'm sorry," Setsu answers back in the same language. "This nosy man was picking a fight with me."

Cain regards Murasame for a moment before telling him in Japanese, "You piece of crap. I'll kill ya if you get too close to her. I'll only warn you once, so don't forget."

The Heel siblings walk away while Murasame stares after Cain, furious.

Konoe is outside the break room when the siblings arrive, though they barely acknowledge him as they enter it. Konoe thinks back to earlier in the day when he was inside their hotel room with them before bringing Cain to meet the cast.

Ren had warned Konoe that he would be completely in character as Cain Heel once they left. Konoe acknowledges that Ren was true to his word. He'd been non-communicative, only acknowledging Setsu. Konoe doesn't know what's going through Ren's mind. He's created an entirely new life form in Cain Heel, who was originally Konoe's idea. Ren deciding that Cain cannot speak Japanese, putting off an aura that makes it difficult to get close to him, and speaking only through Setsu does make it harder for his costars to realize he's actually Ren Tsuruga.

Considering, Konoe admits to himself he was bewildered by the unexpected appearance of "Setsuka," but he sees now how this could be a good idea. He heard Setsuka was Lory's idea, and rumor has it that Lory is pretty strange. But he came up with something original and Konoe really likes these sorts of surprises. He hopes he'll get to meet Lory one day. And since Lory chose Kyoko, Konoe expects great things from her acting.

Konoe remembers when Kyoko sweetly introduced herself to him back at the hotel, and how as Setsu she is nothing like that. Yes, he expects a lot of out her and is very happy about this certainty. Add in how well Ren has already begun to exceed his expectations as Cain heel, and his movie is going to be amazing.

Alone in the break room Ren and Kyoko continue to talk to each other in English. Kyoko brings up her worry that he spoke Japanese to Murasame. Ren brushes it off; it's not as though Cain can't speak any Japanese. In their minds, however, Kyoko and Ren still think about it. Kyoko had panicked when he threatened Murasame so fluently. Ren hadn't been able to help himself, because his threat would have been useless if Murasame couldn't understand it. Ren wanted the threat to hit home, because he'd noticed Murasame's interest in Kyoko/Setsuka from the very beginning.

Kyoko asks Ren how her English is, an Ren tells her that it's fine except for being needlessly polite and formal at times. It's as though she works at a five-star hotel. Kyoko panicks again at this comment and Ren presses her to tell him where she did learn her English. Kyoko regrets that she'd asked at all, since they were communicating just fine. Before Kyoko can answer, however, Murasame bursts into the breakroom.

Murasame tells them that lunch break is over and Cain is to come to Studio D where he'll help him warm up. In English Cain mutters about being unimpressed that in Japan the star is being used like an assistant director. Murasame shouts at him to say it in Japanese. If Cain is an actor and wants to be involved in creating something good, then he should follow the Japanese rules while in Japan.

Cain barely looks at Murasame through the hair of his bangs. "And if I refuse?" he challenges in Japanese.

"I'll force you to obey," Murasame answers as they stand off.

"How amusing." Cain stands up. "Try it, if you dare."

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