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Diamond Emotion
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 29
Arc Psychedelic Caution arc
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Diamond Emotion is the 174th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Separately, Ren and Kyoko stoke themselves up to play the Heel Siblings.

Chapter Summary

Lory is talking on the phone with Kyoko about the Heel Siblings’ official start tomorrow. Lory tells her to call him if she has any problems during the act and Kyoko agrees. When the call is over, Ren comes in to Lory’s office. He gives a slight bow to Lory and greets him.

Lory greets him back and informs Ren that he was just on the phone with Kyoko. It's his habit to overly worry. Ren gets suspicious and asks him what he's plotting. Lory denies Ren’s suspicion but it made Ren even more suspicious. Since Ren seems so eager Lory offers to come up with a scheme. Ren is quick to retort that Lory doesn't have to go plot something if he really isn’t already.

Satisfied, Lory calls an end to that topic. Ren sighs and thinks that somehow, Lory got his way out easily. Lory informs Ren that though he asked Kyoko to look after him he never once asked Ren to care of her. Ren is gobsmacked at Lory’s statement. Lory continued and explains that Ren even went so far to say she would bring shame to LME. Ren seems sincere but he used Lory's name behind his back rather readily.

Slowly, Ren asks, “How do you know about it?” Lory replies that he witnessed it himself—due to a third eye granted him by almighty Amun. Ren thinks that Lory is really into ancient Egypt right now before the hint clicks and he realizes that Lory was hiding inside the Egyptian Statue where Kyoko ran off to.

Lory mocks Ren for being slow on the uptake. Ren admits that he had found it very odd for a high-class hotel to have an Egyptian Stature in the lobby room. Pouting, Lory confesses he did it because Sawara said that if he went to the party, he would ruin it.

Ren agrees, no doubt that Sawara was right. Lory continues explaining that he decided to still participate, just in secret. Although, he said that he will never do that again. Even though he kept moving around to different places while still in the statue, no one noticed and he felt ignored.

Jelly arrives and compliments Ren for always being on time. Before they get started with creating Cain, though, Jelly wants him to try on a customized wig that mimics his "Ren Tsuruga" hair. When Ren calls Jelly “Miss Woods” she chastises him for once again not calling her “Ten” instead. Lory watches and thinks that though Jelly treats him like a kid and calls him a slow learner, his parents never said those things to him. The thought births Lory's epiphany that Ren's flirtation with Kyoko at the Dark Moon Party must have been the first time someone said something like that to her. Especially from her reaction.

He wonders if things are going the way he wants, but he guesses not. Remembering Ren telling Kyoko that he won't do anything to her because he understand her sensibilities... Lory figures a man has to really be something to win Kyoko over. It won't be easy. After all, she’s a girl who rejects love with all her might, the ultimate enemy, the first member to join the “Love Me Section.”

At TBM Studios, Hikaru looks really gloomy. He wanted to be the first one to say that Kyoko looked really good on the Dark Moon Special Interview. This shocks Yuusei and Shinichi because it’s already noon and he still hasn’t said it to her. Yuusei and Shinichi both think that Hikaru is really, really, shy. Hikaru adds that when she was working on her “Natsu” character, she looked really pretty every time they met on the set. Yuusei and Shinichi are again surprised that Hikaru didn't say anything, because they both told Kyoko straight away when they saw her.

Kyoko overheard all of this and rationalizes it in her head that they're susceptible to magic. “You guys all possess pure heart and bodies as well! Just like Kijima.” Then Kyoko thinks that somehow, it makes her belief stronger that maybe she could cast some bit of magic too... that it’s all from Princess Rosa rubbing off on her. There can’t be anymore reason for it… especially since everybody called her pretty even though it’s just from the “magic” of cosmetics.

Then, with, that, their break is over and they got ready for the live show of Yappa Kimagure Rock.

Kyoko feels like she can take on any role now, because she can use magic. "Even if the buds of that loathsome emotion are about to sprout in my heart. I can transform into anyone."

Yashiro closes the book he was reading while waiting for Ren to complete a magazine interview. The two discuss how much easier it is now to keep to schedule since he debuted, because now everyone cooperates to accommodate his tightly packed schedule. Ren recognizes that Yashiro's chatter is meant to cover up his grumbling stomach, and he suggests grabbing some food at a convenience store on their way.

Yashiro is eating and says that he finally feels alive again. Ren agrees that at 3pm every person with a healthy stomach would naturally feel hungry.

Yashiro looks at Ren and comments, “It is really well made.” Confused, Ren asks if he’s talking about his stomach. Yashiro clarifies that he’s talking about the new wig. Ren agress, and explains that if he colors his hair every time he has to switch between Ren Tsuruga and Cain Heel, it would really damage his hair and scalp. Jelly requested for the world’s prominent brand to have his wig made. Cain’s hair color is underneath his wig.

Yashiro comments cryptically that it's finallyabout to begin. Losing his cheerful expression, Ren answers simply with, "Yes." Yashiro reminds him that no matter what, he should not lose his sense of reason. Ren promises he won't and gets a bit irritated that both Yashiro and Lory are telling him the same thing.

Yashiro is surprised to learn that Ren got a warning from Lory too. That must mean that the President doesn’t really trust him.

Ren remembers what happened earlier in Lory’s office. Lory quotes his own words to Kyoko back at him, "So I won't do anything to you." Because he'd said that so pompously, Lory thinks he won't make a mistakes because he won't be able to go back on his word. However, considering the Heel Siblings' characters, if Ren gives in to his desire and touches Kyoko lightly, he wouldn’t find it to be a problem… but Ren must not cross the line.

Ren thinks it’s unbelievable.. just what in the world is the President thinking and thought what is he insinuating when he said “Touch her lightly only!”

Even so, the Heel Siblings would be touchy with each other. Ren looks over at his watch and thinks that no matter what, he will protect Cain’s heart.

He did not choose Rick. He chose that girl. Now, he knows what he wants... to conquer the darkness inside him and to accomplish the role of Cain Heel and Black Jack perfectly until the very end.

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Ren Tsuruga

Lory Takarada

Jelly Woods

Kyoko Mogami

Hikaru Ishibashi

Shinichi Ishibashi

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Yukihito Yashiro


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