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Wonder Emotion
Chapter 173.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 29
Arc Psychedelic Caution arc
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Wonder Emotion is the 173rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Shoko is watching TV and sees someone she did not expect, which made her scared of the possibility of Sho seeing the interview. Meanwhile, what exactly happened last night at the interview waiting room with Ren and Kyoko?

Chapter Summary

Shoko looked at gorgeous Kyoko.png

Shoko's coffee goes unsipped while she stares at the TV, watching Kyoko in the Dark Moon Special Interview. Kyoko says in the interview that she ended up looking like that mainly due to Kijima’s amusement. Shoko is stunned, asking herself if it’s really Kyoko. Shoko thinks that once again, Kyoko's appearance is totally changed. Now even her age looks different. Shoko says that she was also surprised when she saw Kyoko as Mio and to see Kyoko change appearance so easily is surprising and

Kyoko Mogami on the Dark Moon interview.png

scary at the same time. Shoko thinks it's like Kyoko is not human...

On the TV Ren is beside Kyoko, promoting the special promotional telecast with her. Shoko then worries about Sho seeing the interview and promises herself that she'll prevent it from ever happening. As though on cue, Sho comes out of the shower.

Shoko turns off the TV quickly. She asks Sho if he wants breakfast, but when he grabs the remote control to turn the TV back on she rushes over and grabs it from him. Shoko tells Sho that he still has on him the smell of the white tiger called Miyuki-chan from his PV yesterday. Shoko drags Sho into the shower in order to prevent him from seeing the interview.

Sho insists that he doesn’t smell like Miyuki-chan anymore but Shoko insists that Sho still smells bad. Sho states that Shoko is acting strange, which Shoko denies. Meanwhile, at the TBM Studios, Momose is with her manager and greets Kyoko. Momose tells Kyoko that the ratings for the final episode of Dark Moon were a record-breaking 47%. Kyoko offers congratulations, which Momose returns, saying that Kyoko is part of the Dark Moon family too. Momose says it was everyone’s effort. Kyoko agrees. Momose then says that more than half of the ratings were from Ren’s fans. Kyoko tells Momose that she also has a lot of fans, both male and female and that she can’t assume all the ratings are for Ren. Kyoko then says that Ren doesn't appeal to male audience so Momose wins in that area. Momose notices that Kyoko seems to be a bit touchy talking about Ren and asks Kyoko if she had a fight with him. Kyoko looks away and says that no, she and Ren did not have a fight. Momose stares at Kyoko, not buying it. Kyoko notices the look and asks if there’s something on her face. Momose giggles and apologizes. Momose says that Kyoko seems to be the hot topic of the Fuji News Channel. Kyoko bows to Momose apologizing, saying that she is the most junior member of the cast yet she stood out for being strange again.

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Momose tells Kyoko that it’s not that much of a big deal; that in showbiz, no one could really survive if they don’t stand out. Kyoko cries and thinks that Momose has such a deep compassion. Momose says "You really did look beautiful. And. . ."

Kyoko waits for Momose to finish her sentence and calls her name. Momose says that it’s nothing. Momose apologizes for holding Kyoko up when she arrived and now she has to be the one going. They part ways, bowing politely.

Momose thinks to herself that she could not tell Kyoko that in fact, her and Ren look good together.

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At the dressing room of Yappa Kimagure Rock, Kyoko bows to her Bo costume and hopes the day's work will go well.

Kyoko then suddenly remembers Ren’s “American gesture”—a carefree shrug—and looks bothered. Kyoko thinks that was the gesture she'd been trying to get out of him, so she could call him out for mocking her and they could continue arguing playfully. Instead he'd given her a completely unexpected reaction.

At first, Ren looked quite surprised at Kyoko’s question. But when he answers, is more mocking than she'd been aiming for. Ren says he sees how she could have drawn that conclusion based on how the conversation was going. Ren tells her he is impressed she thought of it, and then he starts sarcastically clapping. “You are Japanese.” Kyoko is irritated that he's going so far and using a foreign accent to do it. She reminds him that he is Japanese, too.

Ren offers to take responsibility for his words. He copies the gesture Kyoko had used and challenges her with the same words, smirking, “Shall I have my way with your right now?” Kyoko is alarmed and shouts “No!” repeatedly along with "I sincerely decline!" She thinks that it’s Ren being the “emperor of the night” again, and still freaked, rushes away. Unfortunately she stumbles into an Egyptian statue just behind their couches, and they both rush to keep it from toppling over.

Ren says that Kyoko is being foolish, because what he said was just a joke. She didn't need to

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take it so seriously and be flustered. Ren always knew that Kyoko was the pure-hearted kind. Ren says that he will not do anything to Kyoko since he doesn’t want to make her cry. No longer in the memory, Kyoko then thinks that basically, what he said meant that if she hadn't been the type to act childish and reject his innuendos, but instead a mature woman who is flexible with that kind of thing, then Ren wouldn't mind "having his way with" her. Ren is definitely a playboy. Kyoko looks angry. She then thinks aloud that she'll never take back rejecting him in that moment that way. A real gentleman would not have a secret "king of the night" side. Kyoko then remembers after Ren kissed her on the cheek and she told him to react properly based on whom is he with, Ren answered that of course he doesn't kiss all Japanese people. "So," Kyoko muses aloud, "the 'I don't kiss all Japanese people' means that he'd kiss someone like me on the cheek, but he'd do something more to someone else." Kyoko then asks her self why is she disappointed. Kyoko tries to calm herself by denying that she is disappointed, she's actually relieved that she's too childish to be a love interest for Ren. It's refreshing that disasters like ulterior motives (love) and sincerity (affection) can't come near her. Bo's head looks at her with sad eyes and Kyoko shouts a protest that she means what she just said.

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Kyoko’s phone rings in her bag, and though the number calling is unfamiliar

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she still picked up the phone. It turned out to be the president. Kyoko didn’t expect that it would be him. Lory then says that basing from her reaction, it seems like Kyoko did not save his number when he called her once before about the entry to high school. He tells her to save it this time.

Lory says that the reason he called her is because the Heel Siblings act is starting the next day. Kyoko informs Lory that she already made preparations and is ready to act anytime. He says that if there is any problems, Kyoko shouldn’t hesitate to contact him. Lory then says that sincerely, he will be leaving this in Kyoko’s hands. Kyoko agrees to this. Now at long last, it is the true start of the Heel Siblings.

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