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Psychedelic Caution
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Ren Tsuruga
Volume 29
Arc Psychedelic Caution arc
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Psychedelic Caution is the 172nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


At the Dark Moon wrap-up party, tensions mount when Kyoko turns up totally transformed by Kijima whom later asks her out. Hearing all this, a jealous Ren hides his feelings behind his gentlemanly smile which causes both Yashiro and Kyoko alarm. Ren later scolds Kyoko on her shameless behavior and even uses telling the President as an excuse to put Kyoko in line (talk about shameless). Even though they are arguing Kyoko is glad they are talking normally for she was afraid it would be awkward (due to the Heel Siblings roles). Wanting to keep the current atmosphere going, she launches a counter attack.

Chapter Summary

Kijima explains to Ren how he and Kyoko came to the Dark Moon party together. After Kijima's done explaining, Ren gave his shiniest "gentlemanly smile"/fake smile to Kyoko while saying,

Ren giving Kyoko a super shiny gentlemanly smile.

"Good for you, Ms. Mogami." Kyoko becomes terrified as she senses that Ren is angry about something, but she doesn't know what it is. Everyone's attention turns to Director Ogata who is up on the stage crying from joy while delivering his gratitude speech for everyone in the wrap party. The audience applauds Ogata with many repetitions of "Good job." Director Ogata invites everyone to watch the last episode of Dark Moon that will air later that night.

Director Ogata weeping with joy and gratitude

A Fuji TV executive asks everyone to toast for the perfect completion of Dark Moon. Everyone cheers and continues to have fun in the party. After the speeches the cast of Dark Moon are being interviewed for a special broadcast. The interviewer is with Momose Itsumi and asks her which scene left the greatest impression on her. Momose says that it's a hard question because there are a ton of scenes that she can think of. After musing it over she answers that it has to be the car scene for the final episode, because she was actually in the car riding with Naoyuki (Kijima's character).

Momose answering questions in her interview

The host asks Momose to tell the viewers more about the scene. Momose says that her scene originally had her be in a separate shot, but she begged Director Ogata to let her in the car no matter what. Momose states that it was very scary and when the car stopped, she was unable to move. The host comments Momose doesn't experience freezing up like that too often. Momose giggles and agrees.

Momose thinks that it's better that she doesn't mention that she froze up every time and instead covers by mentioning her dislike of roller coasters. The host asks why she requested to be in the car. Momose pauses then lies and says it's important to challenge oneself as an actress. But the truth is, she thinks wryly to herself as she walks away from the interview site, that it was because Ren had taken up the challenge of doing the car stunt himself.

Kyoko smiling shyly at all the compliments, Kijima smiling at his success and Ren with a fake smile hiding his anger.

Walking away after concluding her interview, Momose thinks the host would have laughed at her for feeling competitive with Ren. She overhears the host reading who is next to be interviewed: Airi Oohara and Hiroko Iizuka. One of the crew asks why Ren isn't next. The host replied that Ren personally requested to be fourth on the list in order to attend to some business.

Back in main ballroom Kyoko, Ren, and Kijima are smiling, one nervously, one without a care, and one falsely. A group of male crew members give compliments to Kyoko while a bunch of female crew members surround Ren. Kijima abruptly asks the group of male crew members if he and Kyoko looked good together and grabs Kyoko by her shoulders. The men agree with Kijima, saying that they do look good together. Kijima asks Kyoko if she wants to go out with him.

Kijima pulling Kyoko to him "Don't we make a great couple?"

Kyoko thinks that it's some kind of joke by Kijima. Yashiro is watching from afar and thinks that Kyoko is a "pure girl" so she will refuse Kijima's offer no matter what. But, instead of rejecting Kijima, Kyoko said that she wants to return the favor so she is happy to accept. This shocks Yashiro and makes his jaw drop. He wonders what made her change so much and hopes it isn't for good. Yashiro looks over to Ren surrounded by a group of female crew. Two are crying and saying that they didn't want Dark Moon to end and not get to see him anymore. Ren agrees,

Yashiro shocked at Kyoko acceptance of Kijima's invitation to start dating

slickly putting forth that everyone in the cast and crew felt like family. Yashiro wonders if Ren heard that Kyoko accept Kijima's offer to go out with her. He reckons that Ren probably heard it because even he heard it clearly. Yashiro thinks that Ren has been showing his shiny, gentlemanly smile for a while now, which means exactly the opposite of what he really feels. Yashiro can't blame him, because Ren

Yashiro worried for Kyoko for he knows Ren's wrath is formidable

hid Kyoko from Kijima but Kijima somehow still managed to transform Kyoko from head to toe. Yashiro thinks that this is enough for Ren to be full of rage. Yashiro thinks that Ren's calm composure makes it scarier, and describes him as a great actor being able to hide his real feelings. He apologizes to Kyoko mentally, saying that he won't be able to help her in this situation; she's going to have to endure all of Ren's wrath. Kijima asks Kyoko if they should go to the fortune teller together to check their compatibility. Kyoko has this blank face on her, catching up on what's happening. She asks Kijima if the question he asked her before was a joke,

Kyoko shocked for "wasn't it a joke?"

which Kijima says that he was totally serious. Kyoko is shocked. Kijima is surprised she thought he was joking, when he'd already told her that she's his type. In truth, she missed it because she hadn't been listening. Kijima asks Kyoko if she hates him, to which Kyoko answers no. Kijima says that it's settled then, they should go out together. This time, Kyoko refuses adamantly and says that she must protect her purity until the day she dies.

Kijima thinks that Kyoko is quite different to other girls, for one would rarely hear a girl say that in this modern society and era. Kyoko thinks that Ren told her there were no second chances. Kijima asks who made Kyoko made such a vow, because whoever it was is probably playing with her. Before Kyoko can even answer, Ren pops up behind them and calls her name.

Kyoko afraid for she hears Ren calling for her name

Kyoko looks terrified at Ren. Ren informs her that the crew is now calling Kyoko for the Dark Moon Special Interview. Kyoko notes that Ren is not smiling his fake smile. Ren excuses Kyoko from Kijima successfully. Kijima tells Kyoko that he will see her later. Kyoko walks gloomily away with Ren, wondering what Kijima could mean by that. She flatly refused him. Having someone court her is exhausting.

Kyoko is now walking behind Ren and wonder why she can't sense his anger. He seems to actually be in a good mood now, so why was he so angry before? Ren suddenly stops and guides Kyoko to the interview waiting, as it seems that Iizuka's interview isn't finished yet. Kyoko thinks that the crew should call her right after Iizuka finished her interview and asks herself why Ren is waiting with her.

Kyoko peeking behind to see how mad Ren is

Ren tells her that things have changed; he and Kyoko will take the special interview together. Ren claims that, since it's her first interview, Lory asked him to do it with her so that she doesn't shame LME. Kyoko apologizes and says that she wasn't aware of what she was doing. Ren agrees that she's not acting properly and shouldn't be left alone. Kyoko apologizes again and asks for forgiveness. Kyoko panics because Ren's interview is pushed back to fourth because of her.

Ren scolding Kyoko for her shameless behavior

Ren tells Kyoko he can't believe she showed up dressed like that and arm-in-arm with a man. Ren continues to scold Kyoko, particularly for letting a man buy her clothes. Ren says that when a man gives a gift of clothes to a woman, it means that the man has ulterior motives; he wants to have his way with the woman[1]. He continues to say that Kyoko foolishly wore everything Kijima bought her.

Kyoko says that the dress is not given to her as a present. Ren glares at Kyoko, saying that Kijima paid money to dress her up so it means the same thing. Kyoko apologizes again. He scolds Kyoko again, saying that she shouldn't allow him to put his arms around her shoulder and waist, encouraging the man. Ren says that it was all Kyoko's fault, because she took it as a joke and did not look at it in a different view. She needs to be more aware of what's happening to her and not let her guard down so easily around someone she knows. Ren tells her that as a fellow LME actor, he is ashamed of her behavior. Kyoko apologizes to Ren and begs for forgiveness.

Ren angry that Kyoko let a man buy her things.

Ren sighs and says that as long as it would not happen again, he will not discuss the matter with Lory. Kyoko thanks him. Ren says that next time a similar problem happens, she should go to Ren first before anyone else, to which Kyoko agrees.

Kyoko launches an attack back at Ren

Kyoko muses internally that she wasn't desperate about what to wear to the party and before she realized it, Kijima approached her and helped her to find something to wear. Kyoko actually wanted to tell Ren about it, but she couldn't because the moment she starts talking to him, she feels a little bit nervous. Kyoko thinks it's amazing that they were able to talk normally, probably due to Ren being angry. Kyoko wonders that if things were more crazy than peaceful, she would be more at ease. Bravely, she takes action and decides to keep the quarrel going.

Kyoko asks Ren, "Mr. Tsuruga, does that mean you want to have your way with me?"[2]

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Hidehito Kijima
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Ren Tsuruga
  4. Hiroaki Ogata
  5. Interviewer
  6. Momose Itsumi
  7. Dark Moon female co-star
  8. Dark Moon female co-star #2
  9. Dark Moon female co-star #3
  10. Dark Moon male co-star
  11. Dark Moon male co-star #2
  12. Yukihito Yashiro
  13. Hiroko Iizuka


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