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Psychedelic Caution
Chapter 171.png
Volume 29
Arc Psychedelic Caution arc
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Psychedelic Caution is the 171st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is afraid of her growing feelings for Ren. She accidentally gets caught in Kijima's machinations, and arrives at the Dark Moon party on his arm and all dolled up—much to Ren's displeasure.

Chapter Summary

Walking down the street, Kyoko muses that the sirens in her heart have been ringing since the day Ren kissed her on her cheek. The locks around her nightmares of falling in love were blown away in that instant; only one survived.

Kyoko is terrfied.png

Kyoko thinks that Ren "is a natural disaster no one can stop." Kyoko has only one lock is remaining and the others were easily destroyed. Kyoko becomes gloomy and afraid to meet Ren. Suddenly, someone calls out Kyoko’s name, which turns out to be Kijima. Kijima is in the taxi and asks Kyoko what is she doing. Kijima then walks with Kyoko along with his manager. Kijima laughs when Kyoko says that she is afraid that the security won’t believe Kyoko is part of the cast since she is just dressed in her school uniform. Kijima thinks Kyoko is amusing.

Kyoko sees kijima and his manager.png

Kijima suggests that Kyoko could just come dressed as Mio, thinking how different Kyoko looks from Mio. Kyoko replies that she was considering it earlier.

In her head, Kyoko reveals the reason is that dressing up in character helps her face Ren. The day Ren held Kyoko’s hand when she came over to eat the Oahu omelet comes up into Kyoko’s mind.

Kyoko remembers when she met Ren in the Dark Moon’s final meeting for the last shot and when they were as Cain and Setsu, she remained a calm presence, which she finds unbelievable. Kyoko thinks that she will be just fine if she enters into a role when facing Ren. Yet she can't exactly be a different character every time she sees Ren when not working. She never wants Ren to find out what she knows she's beginning to feel.

Kyoko is taken away by the stylists.png

Kijima calls out Kyoko’s name again. Kyoko was just walking around and following Kijima not knowing where they were going. Kijima questions if she was even listening to him. Appalled that she was being disrespectful to a senior, Kyoko lies and replies that she was listening to every word properly. Kijima then asks if it is okay, which Kyoko answered yes, not knowing what’s happening still.

Kijima says, “Then let us go right away.” Kijima walks Kyoko into the hairdressers, and tells them that he wants Kyoko to be twice as mature and beautiful. The hairdressers happily agree. Kyoko is picked up by the hairdressers and she is still oblivious to what is happening.

At the Dark Moon party Ren arrives with Yashiro which makes some women squeal in delight.

Ren tsuruga socializing.png

Ren picks up a champagne. Some extras from Dark Moon say that after Dark Moon finishes, they wouldn’t be able to see Ren anymore which is painful. The extras continued talking, they talked about the Fuji TV interviewing the cast of Dark Moon then broadcasting it the day after. Director Ogata comes up to Yashiro and Ren. Director Ogata tells Ren that when the Fuji TV crew arrives later to film their special on Dark Moon, he and the cast should answer their questions. Ren says that the Wrap Up Party

Director ogata greets ren tsuruga.png

has turned into a very big scale success wrap up party. Director Ogata agrees, saying that because Dark Moon exceeded Tsukigomori’s ratings a lot of big sponsors paid for the party. Director Ogata expresses his gratitude for everyone’s efforts, because they are the reason why Dark Moon has become a big success. Director Ogata thanks Ren whilst Ren gives thanks back to Ogata. They both bow to each other. Ren says that because of Dark Moon, his acting skills have expanded. Director Ogata accepts Ren's gratitude and in turn requests that should Ren take roles similar to his Katsuki to please use what he has learned with Dark Moon. Ren agrees. Yashiro comments that the Dark Moon party seems like it's going to last a long time. There's to be a more low-key wrap-up party with just insiders during the last episode of Dark Moon, which is a 2-hour special that will air later that night, from 9:30p.m to 11:30p.m. It's optional, but Ren should turn up since he is the lead actor.

Ren and yashiro talking.png

Yashiro then notices that Ren wasn’t listening to him but was just looking around. Yashiro tells him that when

Kyoko in her dress dark moon party.png

Kyoko arrives, she will definitely greet him. Ren agrees, but tells Yashiro that he is looking out for Kijima.

At the salon, a super shocked Kijima is looking at Kyoko. Kyoko is wearing a longer wig that matches her hair color, and she is wearing a long elegant dress with high heels. Kijima wonders if it’s CG (computer graphics) or someone else with the same height. Kyoko then starts talking, and asks Kijima why this was done to her.

Kijima is still shocked and says “Eh?”, he suddenly realized that it is Kyoko, because they have the same voice. Kijima explains that at the Dark Moon shooting, Kyoko was described as someone who can look two times as mature and beautiful. He was curious and wanted to see it. Kyoko is appalled and asks if all this was just to confirm that. Kijima says yes and he already paid for Kyoko’s dress, make-up and outfit.

Kyoko is horrified because she thinks she is not twice as mature and beautiful without the magic of Princess Rosa, which is in her room at Darumaya. Kyoko doesn't believe she can fulfill his expectations and doesn't know what she'll do if he asks to be reimbursed for a rented dress and high-class make up from hotel.

Princess rosa is resting at home.png

Kijima smiles at Kyoko, telling her that she is beautiful and looks twice as grown up. Kyoko is relieved that the magic of the cosmetics worked. Kijima tells Kyoko that she is

Kijima complimenting kyoko mogami.png

completely his type, and he honestly wasn't expecting such a transformation. He tells Kyoko that she is different from the usual Kyoko or Mio right now. "You're really beautiful." Kijima keeps smiling at Kyoko. Kyoko blushes a bit then bows at Kijima and thanking him. Kyoko then compares when Ren was trying to compliment her while the Dark Moon shooting was near to Box “R”

Kijima and kyoko arrives.png

shooting and when Kijima just complimented her just now. Kyoko thinks that if Ren had continued complimenting her that time, the emotions she'd forced to wither would have been brought to life again. “No matter what, I should not hear it from Tsuruga-san’s mouth.” With Kijima, her heart didn't even stir.

Ren shocked to see kyoko.png

Kijima asks to be Kyoko's escort and offered his arm, which Kyoko gladly accepted. Kyoko remembers recent events with Ren and that the locks are already almost all completely unlocked.

Kijima and Kyoko then arrive at the Dark Moon party. Ren and Yashiro see Kyoko’s arm linked with Kijima’s, which makes them shocked. Kyoko and Ren then stare at each other.

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