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Violence Mission, Phase 12
Chapter 170.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 28
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 12 is the 170th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Life goes on, but within it, Kyoko struggles to come to terms with the knowledge that she's falling in love with Ren.

Chapter Summary

Lory and Sawara discuss prizes for the Dark Moon after party. They temporarily conflict over what Kyoko and Ren should get, but when Lory caves Sawara is not fooled. He point-blank refuses Lory permission to attend the after party (even though, technically, Lory is his boss). Sawara reminds Lory of his over-the-top personality and how it will affect the party and change the tone. Lory, who's currently on an ancient Egypt kick, agrees not to turn the party into a desert oasis.

Moko is walking toward the LME building when she spots Kyoko just ahead, unmistakably recognizable by her straight posture. When Kyoko slumps and rests her head against the wall, Moko rushes in to reassure her by admonishing her to keep her back straight. Moko is then nearly forced to run for it, as Kyoko is overjoyed to see her friend again. Instead Moko puts out a hand in alarm and orders her to stop while Kyoko is mid-leap, arms outstretched.

Kyoko stops obediently and asks Moko why. Moko reminds her that her expression was very similar to the time Kyoko forced her to stay with the Love Me section. She wants to know what Kyoko is plotting. Kyoko denies and Moko threatens not to speak to her for a year.

Glum, Kyoko admits that she doesn't have anything to wear to the party. Moko believes her, yet in disbelief shakes her had at such a reason for feeling down. Kyoko expands on how succussful Dark Moon was, and therefore how glamorous the party is going to me. Kyoko theorizes that she'll be denied entry because no one will recognize her as herself and in plain clothes. Inwardly, Moko agrees that she has a point. Moko suggests that she borrow from the LME wardrobe, but Kyoko says she's done that too many times already for other things. Moko points out that an event like this is the whole point of the wardrobe even existing. Kyoko agrees with the suggestion. Kyoko's expression, however, makes Moko asks if she even wants to go to the party at all.

Kyoko laughs the idea off, smiling, and tells Moko she's really looking forward to going. She takes off to ask Lory right then for something to wear. Moko isn't fooled, and after Kyoko departs realizes she was right: Kyoko doesn't want to go to the Dark Moon after party.

Walking alone, Kyoko knows Moko saw through the second lie and wonders if she'll discover the real reason why she doesn't want to go. It isn't because of trouble over something to wear. Kyoko remembers the moment Ren accepted Princess Rosa from her, the words he said and the look on his face . . . she felt the last lock on her heart begin to click open.

Kyoko thinks on how she felt that emotion once before... and a young Kyoko smiles and laughs as a blond, older boy picks a leaf out of her hair.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Sawara Takenori
  2. Lory Takarada
  3. unnamed LME employees
  4. Kanae Kotonami
  5. Kyoko Mogami
  6. Ren Tsuruga (flashback)
  7. unnamed blond man (flashback) [1]


  1. These two in the flashback that ends the chapter look like Kuon and Kyoko but older than they were when they met, and they supposedly only met that one time. So this scene either hints that Kyoko and Kuon met another time in their youth, or it's somebody completely different. It's unlikely to be Shotaro, since the male in the picture is clearly older than Kyoko.


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