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Violence Mission, Phase 10.5
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 28
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 10.5 is the 168th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren decides he wants Kyoko by his side as he fights his inner battles.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko remembers how cold Ren's hand was when she held it during his shock.

Abruptly she shifts to the present to feel dismay over the high prices at the high-end grocery store Ren is taking her through. She helps him pick between two packages of chicken, instructing him on how to recognize differing quality of meat.

After the grocery shopping, Ren invites Kyoko home, which isn't a great distance since the high-end shop and Ren's apartment building are connected at the basement level.

Somewhat unnerved, Kyoko retraces her steps on how she ended up there, starting with his returning her phone call. Ren reassured her that he was home and fine, the hospital said there was nothing wrong. Kyoko is relieved and Ren thanked her for warming his cold body. The teasing hit its mark, and Kyoko got into a tizzy about his occasionally lecherous way of phrasing. She had only warmed his hand, and he could just say "thank you."

Ren sincerely and formally told her thank you, which made Kyoko stop her rant and become hesitant again. She says she only did it because his hand was cold, and Ren agrees that he was definitely cold. After a beat, Ren asks her for a favor. He suddenly feels like eating Oahu omelet rice.

Kyoko tried to look up the recipe while Ren was on his way to pick her up, but she didn't find one.

In his apartment Kyoko still frets over what this dish could be while Ren begins to cook. It's the worst cooking she's ever seen, not to mention she had thought Ren was asking her to cook it. Obviously not. Ren tells her that he'll need her help later. Ren finishes, and its one of the most appalling things Kyoko has seen. Ren asks Kyoko to use ketchup to make a figure 8 on the rice and once that's done, says to Kyoko, "Let's defeat it!" [1]

Kyoko wonders if Ren is still being affected by the accident. Cooking for himself, wanting to eat at all, is abnormal for him. He was so frozen...

Kyoko realizes that Ren's staring at her. He asks her if she's going to eat. Kyoko cheerfully takes a bite and it's awful. Which, apparently was the whole point. Ren reveals after telling Kyoko not to bother to try to honestly compliment the dish, that it was deliberately cooked to taste bad. "Oahu" sounds similar to the English word "awful," especially when your mouth is full due to being unable to swallow the stuff right away.

Ren continues to eat and the two of them segue into a conversation about omelet rice. Kyoko can see that the Oahu omelet rice is a challenge, because Ren ate it like he was fighting something. So she accompanies him down to the last bite, to be the support cheering him on. "When you're about to give in during an emergency, you can't survive unless you cheer on the person next to you. Let's do our best!"ef>Skip Beat! Manga Series VizMedia (3-in-1 Edition): Volume 28, Chapter 168, Page 136</ref>

Ren smiles at Kyoko, heart in his eyes again, and the two of them proceed to conquer the monster.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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