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Violence Mission, Phase 10
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 28
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 10 is the 167th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren weighs the psychological trauma of his past against the importance of Kyoko in his present and future.

Chapter Summary

Ren dwells on the fact that Kyoko was the one to pull him out of that darkness, those feelings he didn't think he could slip into again. The first time it had been Lory who got him out of it, and now... Lory recently told him that Kyoko was his good luck charm. "That girls wards off evil." [1]

Ren comes to believe that Lory knew all along that he would have trouble now that Kuon, Ren's old self, is beginning to surface again out of necessity. Lory knew that Ren would need Kyoko to make it through playing B.J., the killer.

The hospital clears Ren of any injury, citing shock. Ren apologizes to Ogata for delaying the schedule.

Later, Ren and Yashiro discuss Ogata's offer of using a stunt man when they reshoot the scene instead of Ren. 1) Ren's schedule is complicated since he's about to start shooting Tragic Marker (Ogata only knows he's got another movie obligation, not the big secret). 2) Ren's scared to do the driving again, even though everyone agrees it was excellent. Yashiro is concerned that Ren didn't immediately speak up with an opinion on the matter, which is unlike him, and especially unlike his work ethic to allow a stuntman. Yashiro tells Ren that if he has any doubts, than of course he shouldn't redo the stunt. Ren wants to take some time to think it over.

Alone in his home, Ren admits that it's not the driving that scares him, but Kuon's darkness surfacing again. He can't control it like he used to.

He remembers having similar thoughts after speaking with Lory about Kyoko as his good luck charm. He'd told Lory then that Kyoko makes him forget what he needs to remember in order to live. Ren admits that both Kyoko and (here he looks at the broken watch) are important to him. But if he has to choose between them...

... the thought doesn't finish before his cell phone rings, the caller ID showing Kyoko Mogami. Ren doesn't answer it.

Ren remembers a conversation with Rick, who is telling him that he can't stand people who don't live for themselves. The memory blends into the present and Ren sees it as advice about Kyoko. He calls her back.

Which is a good thing, since she had just worked herself up into a frenzy of worry about the results of his visit to the hospital. She calms and smiles when she sees Ren on the caller ID and realizes he's well enough to return her call so quickly.

She answers.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


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