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Violence Mission, Phase 8
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 28
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 8 is the 164th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Poor crowd control causes an incident during a rehearsal of the car stunt, and the squeal of brakes can be heard all the way over at the Box "R" set.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is dismissive of the clasp coming open, because she knows the chain is cheap. Makino reminds her of the superstition that a broken chain is an omen of something unlucky about to happen. Kyoko starts to worry, but laughs it off since the chain didn't break. Chiori is nearby and mishears and Kyoko gets so worked up denying the omen she has to walk away. Chiori realizes that she's worried about the Dark Moon car stunt filming nearby.

Ren performs the stunt perfectly during the unrecorded run-through. They go back to do it again, this time as a recorded rehearsal with the other car in there, too.

On the Box "R" set, Rumi films a scene getting soaked in a man-made pond, and since it's February, it's freezing for her. Kazutoyo calls for a retake.

The filmed stunt rehearsal is happening while the pedestrians are held off by the crew. However, a little boy doesn't understand why his grandmother won't let him walk across with the walk light is green. He sees his mother waiting on the other side and starts to run to her. His grandmother chases after him. Ren and Igarashi, Kijima's stunt double, slam on their brakes. The screech of the cars is loud enough to be heard on the Box "R" set. Curious is something happened on the Dark Moon set, Kazutoyo takes off. Kyoko frets and Chiori encourages her to go, since their director left first, it won't be considered unprofessional. Makino says she just needs to get back before the director. The assistant director isn't happy, but sees the girls' logic. Kyoko bows in gratitude and takes off running.

Chiori and Makino wonder how close Kyoko must be to Ren if she looked that pale and worried. Sudo reacts to the realization that Ren would have been involved in the accident and also decides to leave. Chiori and Makino are a bit bemused to discover that Sudo has a fan-crush on Ren. Makino's actually a bit put out, since the two of them made a promise that their acting careers came before men. Comparing the way both girls got pale, Chiori and Makino wonder if Kyoko also has feelings for Ren.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Honami Makino
  3. Chiori Amamiya
  4. Yuka Sudo
  5. Marumi Maruyama
  6. Ren Tsuruga
  7. Unnamed Dark Moon crew members
  8. Hiroaki Ogata
  9. Hidehito Kijima
  10. Igarashi
  11. Yukihito Yashiro
  12. Kazutoyo Anna
  13. Unnamed Box "R" Director's Assistant
  14. Unnamed Grandmother, Grandson, Mother, and other pedestrians


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