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Violence Mission, Phase 7.5
Chapter 163.png
Character/s in the cover Natsu Kitazawa, Kyoko Mogami and Setsuka Heel
Volume 27
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 7.5 is the 163rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Chiori is struck anew by Kyoko and her ability to transform, which is something Ren is noticing yet again. Kyoko worries about Ren doing a dangerous stunt himself.

Chapter Summary

Chiori very much admires an unknown master by the name of Mr. D. She learned that he looked for, in show business, what he calls "an immortal butterfly." The very poetic description of the ultimate actor is as follows:

"It has transparent, colorless wings. It doesn't glow and isn't flashy at all. It sits still and lives by tricking our human eyes . . . The butterfly dances with different colors depending on the time and place, and humans fortunate enough to see it never realize it's the same butterfly each time. It hides its real self. It hides its existence. When you're able to recognize the 'essence' of that butterfly without being fooled by its ever-changing wings, the 'immortal butterfly' might then be called a 'fairy' as people know it. I am still looking for it in this world of showbiz, a fairytale realm that actually exists. Someone who can keep transforming when given an existence called a role. An immortal butterfly called an actor. A human being with transparent, colorless wings."[1]

Chiori thinks Kyoko is an immortal butterfly, one that Mr. D. has been looking for.

Chiori checks back into the environment around her to realize that pedestrians are excited there's a Dark Moon shoot with Ren Tsuruga going on. She's surprised to learn that there's a car chase scene, and wonders of Ren is doing the stunt himself. Kyoko thinks he is. When Ren moves out of sight, Chiori encourages Kyoko to leave and not loiter like fans outside of the business.

Kyoko hopes that Chiori doesn't have poisonous thoughts about Ren, too. Abruptly the idea of harm coming to Ren shakes her up a bit.

On the Dark Moon transport bus, Yashiro and Ren are a few of the many cast and crew on board waiting for filming to be ready. It'll be another half hour before traffic is under control, which makes things tight as they only have permission to shoot on the street for 2 hours. It might mean that Ren has only once chance to do the stunt. Ren isn't worried, which makes Yashiro wonder when he found time to practice such a thing with his car. Ren reveals that he rehearsed it in his mind, and Yashiro thinks it's just like Kyoko fantasizing—worse, though, since this is dangerous.

A crew member calls to Ren from the front of the bus, telling him someone's come to see him. Yashiro and Ren move forward and are stunned to see Kyoko-as-Natsu. Others who are on the side of the bus look out through the windows and also exclaim at how mature and beautiful Kyoko looks. She's complimented on how well she can transform into different roles. In the back of the bus, fellow Dark Moon cast mate Hidehito Kijima hears the description of Kyoko's appearance and moves up the bus to get a look.

Ren whisks Kyoko away unexpectedly, stunning the crew member who brought her and Yashiro. Yashiro is nonplussed until Kijima shows up behind him, disappointed to have missed getting a look at Kyoko. Kijima, who'd never shown an interest in Kyoko before, is now openly discussing what she must have looked like and how his curious heart wants to see it. Yashiro is impressed at Ren's ability to sense Kijima and his motive, and get Kyoko out of there.

Alone together in a space between both their shooting scenes, Ren notices that Kyoko looks sad and is searching for words. He compliments her use of the Princess Rosa stone. Kyoko lights right up and goes on and on about how unexpectedly Princess Rosa suits Natsu. She takes compliments like "grown up" and "beautiful" to be mostly due to the magic of the stone (and the rest to the fancy makeup Moko bought her).

Ren laughs and tells her that's not it, but her natural talents. She looks at him disbelievingly for a moment in an eye contact that really charged for Ren. He speaks "You're really—" and is about to compliment her further when she accidentally cuts him off by speaking at the same time. Ren feels rejected yet again when she blindy breezes through the potent moment to ask him if he's doing the car stunt himself. Ren takes a second to shift gears [2] and answer her. It's not quite successful as he asks her if she's worrying about him, but she conveniently doesn't hear the question.

She admits that when she saw the script she thought about getting him a good luck charm, but decided against it. Ren tells her he would've liked one, but her emphatic "No way!" misses the subtext and hurts his feelings. Kyoko happens to explain it away by saying that she decided against it because it would have been admitting that he's in danger. He won't need a good luck charm because he won't be in danger.

Ren's heart is in his eyes. Kyoko asks him to be careful, and he promises her he will and won't get hurt. Chiori arrives to call Kyoko to the Box "R" set.

Heading back to the Dark Moon bus, Ren wonders what he's going to do about Kyoko, more so than if she'd just given him a charm and said she was worried. He'd found it hard not to reach for her in that moment. Remembering Lory's words about Kyoko being the best good luck charm available for him, Ren wonders if there was something more behind that than he'd originally thought.

On the Box "R" set just before shooting, the chain holding Princess Rosa around Kyoko's neck comes loose and the necklace falls off. Kyoko looks at it on the palm of her hand in surprise as elsewhere Ren gets into the stunt car.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Chiori Amamiya
  2. Mr. D. (mentioned only)
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. fangirls
  5. Hiroaki Ogata
  6. Ren Tsuruga
  7. Dark Moon crew
  8. Yukihito Yashiro
  9. Dark Moon cast
  10. Hidehito Kijima
  11. Lory Takarada (flashback only)
  12. Honami Makino


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  2. See what I did there? ;)


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