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Violence Mission, Phase 6.5
Chapter 161.png
Character/s in the cover Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 27
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 6.5 is the 161st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Between feeling rejected by Kyoko and coming to terms with his actions, Ren is not doing very well.

Chapter Summary

Ren sits on the bed lost in thought when he suddenly recalls Kyoko reminding him to at least eat some soup before she comes back from her shower. Sluggish from the long shower, he moves slowly over to the seat in front of the table. When he reaches for the spoon, he realizes that the watch he always wears is no longer on his wrist. He slumps forward in a defeated position, catching his head in his hand. Ren realizes he must have left the bathroom without the watch, which means he was out of it more than he thought.

Recalling Kyoko reacting so calmly to walking in on him in the shower, he is disappointed that she was not a little flustered or even blushing a little. A depressed aura gathers over Ren as he concludes that it must be because Kyoko probably doesn't see him as a man, which isn't something he didn't already know but it's rather sad to have confirmed. He sneaks a glance at his bare wrist, whilst thinking its not such a bad thing if he was capable of forgetting about his watch. 

In the bathroom Kyoko is fussing with her hair. She places Setsu's wig back on, but she still feels the image is sort of off for Setsu. She had thought the bathrobe would be OK before she got into the bath but now that she sees it on, it doesn't really suit Setsu. However, her other option, wearing the same clothes as before the bath, would be weird to put back on. Kyoko acknowleges that she needs to look more at home than this, but the only thing that seems Setsu-like to wear after getting out of the bath is the sexy lewd underwear she has that Ten prepared, but she can't bring herself to put something so salacious on. Walking around in sexy lingerie in front of her beloved older brother would definitely not be a big deal to Setsu, Kyoko reasons strictly, her actor spirit coming through. They are such a creepy couple they might even sleep in the same bed and take baths together! Despairing about what to do, she blinks as she notices Ren's things in the clothes basket, particularly his watch. She smacks a fist into her other palm as she remembers that Ren wears personal items during rehearsal. Wearing his watch means he leaves a little bit of himself in the act—probably because filming hasn't started. That means it's probably OK if she wears some pants, hopefully that won't gain an NG sigh from him even if her behaviour doesn't match that of a fashionable girl like Setsu - wearing clothes one has already taken off. 

Kyoko walks out into the bedroom all prepared to act as Setsu only to be stunned at the sight of a blanket-cocooned Ren in the bed. All her tension drains out of her. Kyoko remembers that some hotels have yukata for guests, perhaps that's an option for Setsu—plus she's used to wearing them from back in Kyoto. It might look better than the bathrobe. She tries it on but it looks ridiculous. Kyoko puts it back while muttering that no way would an outlaw fashionista be caught dead wearing it. She decides that while she's commuting to work the next day she will need to get some Setsu-suitable nightwear. Kyoko muses about the next day's schedule: she's filming Box "R" at 10, but what about Ren's schedule? Has he finished shooting Dark Moon? Mio hasn't appeared since the Valentine's Day shooting and would be called on set for the last day. They said they would call when they knew when it would be so she doesn't think Dark Moon has finished filming. 

Kyoko calls Yashiro, who happily answers his phone despite the late hour. Kyoko apologizes, hoping she didn't wake him. Yashiro reassures her and asks why she is calling so late. When Kyoko asks for Ren's schedule, Yashiro, unaware that Kyoko is playing Cain's sibling, feels stuck. He wants to tell Kyoko, but Actor X, Cain Heel, is a secret. So he asks why she wishes to know Ren's schedule. Kyoko seems surprised at the question and there's a huge beat of silence that has Yashiro hesitantly asking if she's still there. Kyoko finally answers, explaining about Setsu and figuring he didn't know.

Kyoko hangs up on Yashiro, confused for he had seemed oddly excited at the news. Kyoko wonders why Ren's manager wouldn't have known. Maybe when the President said she was going to be Ren's charm he was planning something... Kyoko ponders this for the President did apologize, saying it was an afterthought, however everything was already in order for Setsu. And the one who told her Setsu's profile was Jelly Woods. If it was sudden inspiration on the President's part, then Ten couldn't have known about it. Kyoko guesses that perhaps Setsu's part was written in from the start after all. Walking over to the table she gives an assessing glance at Ren's leftovers, glad to see he at least ate the soup. She should have a little salad herself before heading off to bed then tomorrow she will wake Ren up at 7:30am and make him eat breakfast and take him to the Muse. She recalls Yashiro gaily telling her that Ren has to meet Jelly at 8am at the basement parking garage of the hotel. Kyoko grumbles as she cleans the dishes and washes the clothes, for she can't believe Ren also has to be at Dark Moon at 10am since he hadn't mentioned it. She guesses it would be weird if Cain started to care about Ren's schedule in the middle of acting. She knows that Ren would be able to get to work without her having wake him up but she has to fulfil her position. If she doesn't have all the information she can't protect Cain Heel's secret very well. Kyoko has set Ren's watch on the bedside table in front of him and, unbeknownst to her, Ren is awake and watching it steadily from the cocoon of his blankets.

The next morning the Heel Siblings leave the hotel room. Cain's hair is everywhere, which Setsu blames on him sleeping all curled up in blankets with his hair still wet. Cain protests that his hair always has cowlicks. Setsu agrees that it does, the ones he puts in there to look fashionable but bedhead doesn't count. They meet Ten in the garage, who is wearing a gothic outfit to fit in with the Heel siblings. Kyoko loves it instantly. They head over to an RV which Ten explains is her portable make-up trailer. It's not very big but it should be able to fit the four of them. Kyoko wonders at the mention of a fourth person. The door opens and they are greeted by the President in costume as a black-market dealer, but both Ren and Kyoko consider it quite a conservative look for him. He asks if they have deepened their relationship.

Ten gives Kyoko back her Love Me uniform while she puts her own make up on and asks if she's sure she wants to wear this to work. Kyoko doesn't want to risk being late by stopping back home for some. 

Lory and Ren are at the back of the RV seated forward. Lory smokes a cigar as he asks slowly if something happened. Ren answers no as he recalls the day Rick died and his vow that he would not hurt another person. The reason he wears the watch is to bear a heavy shackle that will remind him of that vow. He can't believe that he could forget to put the watch back on... Ren says rather seriously to Lory while watching Kyoko check her real hair in the mirror that he doesn't think he needs a charm after all. Ren has a very troubled and pained expression for he feels a premonition, a very ominous one. 

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