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Violence Mission, Phase 5.5
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Character/s in the cover Cain Heel (Ren Tsuruga)
Volume 27
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 5.5 is the 159th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


When Ren goes berserk, Kyoko's scared that he's let the role of the serial killer BJ take him over, but also realizes there's some darkness inside of Ren.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko remembers when Ren revealed himself after pulling her into the alley and describing his secret mission. "I'm going to be a cold-blooded homicidal fiend in a movie. Even after the movie is released we won't tell people right away that Ren Tsuruga played the role. He's like an arrow shot from the darkness. The arrow flies with the wind, approaching its prey silently and then pierces its target. It's a black demon that has no heart."

The similarity to what she's seeing as Ren comes rushing toward Kei frightens Kyoko. She's not the only one screaming. Kei tries to defend himself by bringing up the beat stick, but Ren avoids it easily. The look in Ren's eye makes Kyoko believe that Kei's life is really in danger.

Kyoko knows that Ren would normally think about what would happen if he hurt someone, so she believes he's been completely taken over by BJ. As she struggles to think what she should do, Kei attempts another strike with the stick, but Ren grabs it, pulls it out of Kei's hand, and sends it flying behind him all in one motion. Backed against a brick wall, Kei has no escape when Ren pulls back his fists to deliver a severe blow.

"CAIN! DON'T KILL HIM!" Kyoko screams.

Ren flashes back to a woman holding the body of a severely bleeding man and screaming. His eyes go wide.

Kyoko's covering her face and hears only the sounds of physical contact. She opens her eyes to see Ren's arms outstretched and leaning on his hands against the wall. On the ground between the wall and Ren's feet is Kei. He's lying face down and holding the back of his head. This confuses to Kyoko, because he couldn't have gotten punched by Ren on the back of the head from the way they'd just been facing each other.

What actually happened is that Ren slammed both hands against the wall instead. Kei jerked in reaction, making himself lose balance and he fell backward, hitting his head.

Kyoko carefully comes closer and bends down to look at Ren's face, which is showing a trance-like shock. It doesn't look like Ren at all to her. She touches his arm and he turns his face toward her. "I... Who am I?" Ren stutters out.

I'd like to ask you that! Kyoko thinks.

"There was a black demon inside me now," Ren says.

"Yes," Kyoko answers. "It took you over completely."

"Am I still possessed by him? Setsu..."

That was the cue they both needed. "No," Setsu answers. "You're Cain Heel. You're my dear, cute, and klutzy big brother." [1]

Cain and Setsu start bickering like siblings, getting past the dramatic moment as the two actors fall into character. However, throughout this Kyoko realizes that none of what she saw was Ren.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ren Tsuruga / Cain Heel / Kuon Hizuri
  2. Kyoko Mogami / Setsuka Heel
  3. Kei
  4. Tina (flashback only)
  5. Rick (flashback only)


  1. Skip Beat! Manga Series VizMedia (3-in-1 Edition): Volume 27, Chapter 159, Pages 433-434


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