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Violence Mission, Phase 4
Chapter 157.png
Character/s in the cover Cain Heel (Ren Tsuruga) and Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 27
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 4 is the 157th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko struggles to get into character as Setsu while acting with Ren's Cain. Once she discovers how adorable Ren can be, she slides right into character, just in time for the two dangerous siblings to encounter their first stand-off with others.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko decides to challenge Ren by having Setsu ask for an incredibly expensive and ornate devil outfit. She cannot keep a straight face as she waits for his response, and then explodes when Cain says yes. She asks Cain if he's sure, but Cain assures her that he can afford it and that she would look good in anything.

Kyoko is appalled that Cain isn't disciplining his sister more. When Cain asks her what's wrong, Kyoko says she doesn't want anything that creepy. She only asked for it to annoy him. Cain pulls Setsu's cheeks in punishment, calling her mouth sassy [1].

Cain turns away and makes her go try on a pair of black leather pants. They fit her well and are comfortable to walk in. She emerges from the dressing room also wearing a bit of lace that covers up the cleavage that her corset bodice left visible. Setsu gives a favorable report on the pants, while thinking as Kyoko that she'd been very uncomfortable in the skirt. She's pleased that Ren might have noticed her discomfort. Cain informs Setsu that he'd guessed she'd like them, so he bought ten.

Just outside the store, Setsu admonishes Cain for being wasteful with his money. Cain protests that he can do what he wants with his own money. She says she wouldn't be complaining if he'd spent it on himself, but he shouldn't keep wasting it on her.

"I can't help it. It's more fun spending money on you than on myself. Are you going to take away the one pleasure besides acting that I have?" Cain pouts like a puppy dog.

Kyoko can't help but be affected by it. Feeling guilty, she asks him to simply not keep going overboard and to return all but two of the pants. Cain counters with three pairs. Setsu insists on two. Cain increases his puppy dog pout and whimpers for three pairs. Kyoko loses.

Kyoko can't believe that they just established a dynamic of the younger sibling disciplining the older one. She'd expected Cain to be a brusque, responsible adult who's only kind to his sister, but he's merciless, impulsive and whines like a baby. She also can't help thinking that when ren acts like a kid that it's darn cute and she wants to make him act like a baby more. Setsuka has undergone a new metamorphosis, and Kyoko really wants to see more of Ren acting as Cain opposite her Setsu. She recognizes the emotion she's feeling as the same as what she felt when Kuu challenged her Kuon [2]. She's excited and determined; she's found her character.

When a hand comes onto her shoulder, she assumes it's Cain and answers as Setsu. Instead of Cain, however, a group of four ruffians have come up behind Kyoko.

Setsuka is unexpectedly approached.jpg

They want to invite her to come play with them. Setsu responds that she doesn't mind, but if they want to play with her, they'll have to get permission to borrow her from "the darling over there."[3] They turn to see a dangerous-looking Cain watching them.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami / Setsuka Heel / Kuon (role) (flashback only)
  2. Ren Tsuruga / Cain Heel
  3. two unnamed sales clerks
  4. Kei
  5. two unnamed ruffians
  6. Kazu


  1. It could be interpreted that Ren gets distracted discussing Kyoko's mouth here.
  2. Vol 18, chapter 107:
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