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Violence Mission, Phase 3
Chapter 155.png
Character/s in the cover Setsuka Heel (Kyoko Mogami)
Volume 26
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 3 is the 155th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren struggles with being up to the challenge of living with Kyoko in a hotel room.

Chapter Summary

Ren protests Kyoko's assignment, citing the various ways he'll be able to feed himself. Kyoko doubts this, because Cain is even less likely to look after his own health than Ren. In character, she accepts the assignment. Lory happily hands her the room key to the hotel, telling her that she'll live there with her brother. Kyoko grows pale.

Chiori meets Yoshimoto at a restaurant and informs her that she has decided to accept the variety show assignment from Lory. Yoshimoto is surprised and wants to know why. We learn that the two of them had met with Lory earlier in order to turn it down, and Chiori had been alone with him for all of three minutes afterward. Chiori says that Lory reminded her that she had asked to join the Love Me section to regain her love for acting. Chiori bonds with Yoshimoto by admitting her desires as an actress and asks for her help along the way. Yoshimoto melts and answers, "Of course. That's my job."

Setsuka and Cain arrive at their hotel room to discover that there's only one bed. Ren is appalled at how much Lory is testing his resolve, particularly after warning him not to go overboard. Setsu apologizes for acquiescing to the president's sweet talk, but Cain tells her it's not her fault. Inwardly, Ren is thinking that Lory is overprotective of him, that he'd even said Kyoko "wards off evil." Ren thinks that he wouldn't have been in danger of revealing his identity if Kyoko hasn't been the one Lory sent to him that afternoon.

Setsu suggests getting another room for herself and she'll borrow money from the president to do it, even though she'll be saddled with debt. Ren tells her that's not possible and reminds Setsuka Heel to think about what sort of person she is. Kyoko answers that Setsuka absolutely loves her brother; she's got a serious brother complex.

"Exactly," Ren answers. "It's a simple setup that you can't forget." Inwardly he is groaning at the torture of it. "Would that sort of sister stay in a different room from her brother?"

"No, Cain," Kyoko answers, still not able to full slip into character, "she would actually try to sleep in the same bed as him."


"Uh... I'll sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag."

"I can't make a girl do that."

"No!" Setsuka answers emphatically. " I won't let my brother sleep on the floor—"

Cain cuts her off. "How about we sleep together?" There's a beat of silence before Cain continues. "You can sleep in my arms."

Kyoko stares at him in shock while Cain holds her gaze in challenge. The potent moment is interrupted when the doorbell rings.

Management is apologizing profusely as Cain and Setsuka enter their two-bed room. Setsuka attempts to reassure them while Ren hits on one of the beds, head bent and hanging onto his neck. His intent had been to scare Kyoko away from the job, to trick her into refusing and then tell her she didn't deserve to be his partner. Now he's stuck, but as long as he can control himself, there won't be any problems.

Management has left, and walking into the room, Kyoko drops all the gifts and coupons. She bends over to pick gather everything back together, holding herself as though she were wearing her normal clothes and accidentally showing off a lot of her skin to Ren. He buries his face in his hands after getting a good look, thinking things like "divine mischief" and "disaster."

Kyoko's attention is drawn away from the mess when Ren stands and looms over her. She looks up and is startled at the expression on his face. She starts to speak but then he grabs her hand, yanking her to her feet and scattering all the items.

We see only the ceiling as Kyoko says "Cain..."

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Ren Tsuruga/Kuon Hizuri (Cain Heel)
  2. Lory Takarada
  3. Kyoko Mogami (Setsuka Heel)
  4. Restaurant customers
  5. Yoshimoto
  6. Chiori Amamiya
  7. Jelly Woods (Ren's recollections)
  8. Hotel staff member #1
  9. Hotel staff member #2


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