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Violence Mission, Phase 1.5
Chapter 153.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 26
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 1.5 is the 153rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko is temporarily fooled into believing Cain Heel is not Ren, because the evil aura from his gaze was very unlike the actor she knows. Ren can't handle having frightened her so badly, so he reveals the truth, a discussion that continues in Lory's office. Lory announces that there's a second part to Kyoko's assignment.

Chapter Summary

Passersby have stopped to watch Kyoko's approach toward Cain Heel with trepidation. The two stare at each other, and Kyoko becomes increasingly doubtful and nervous. Cain slowly stands up, getting enough into Kyoko's personal space to cause to to fall backward. When he raises his foot, she's certain he's about to stomp on her and closes her eyes, prepared for the worst. Cain, however, simply steps over her and walks away.

Kyoko finds it difficult to stand for the next fifteen minutes, recovering from her fear. She's still catching the eye of those in the crowd, though pedestrian traffic has cycled into new passersby. When Kyoko finally stands and begins walking she equates what happened to Cain Heel sucking all of the blood out of her body at once through an invisible wound. She wonders how she could have mistaken that man for Ren.

She forgives herself, because physically, Cain's body type is exactly the same as Ren's. She wonders how possible that is for two people to have the exact same proportions. Eyes on the ground and lost in thought, she doesn't see the hand that reaches out from an alley to grab her. Other pedestrians turn around abruptly, having sensed something, but only noticing that the girl in the weird pink outfit isn't there anymore.

In the alley, Kyoko curls into a ball and chants a panicked apology for approaching Cain, mistaking him for someone else, wearing such an eyesore uniform... etc.

Cain pats her soothingly on the head, "Ms. Mogami, please calm down."

Dumbfounded, Kyoko looks up into the kind, concerned face of Ren, dressed as Cain. He reassures her that she didn't make a mistake; she found the right person. Kyoko takes a moment to recover from being stunned, and starts to shout Ren's name in surprise, but he covers her mouth, apologizing, but his real identity is a secret.

In Lory's office later, Ren is admonished for revealing his identity to Kyoko. He's supposed to keep an aura of dangerous mystery around Cain Heel, the actor who is to portray the supernatural serial killer BJ. Ren protests that Kyoko is trustworthy, and he felt guilty for scaring her. Lory thinks that it's just as well, since he was going to reveal all to Kyoko anyway.

Lory asks Kyoko if Ren filled her in on what was going on. When Kyoko confirms this, Lory says he wants to ask her to accept another job. Explaining that he feels Ren could have successfully fooled her if he hadn't gotten concerned, Lory believes others won't find out Ren's identity. It's safer for someone who is in on the secret to be by Ren's side, and obviously Lory can't have Yashiro suddenly be Cain Heel's manager.

Kyoko interrupts to volunteer to be Ren's manager again, like she's done before. Lory tells her no, that's not it. He needs her to be Ren's good luck charm.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. Ren Tsuruga/Kuon Hizuri (Cain Heel)
  3. Scared onlookers who watch Kyoko approach Cain
  4. Confused onlookers who look at Kyoko collasped on the ground
  5. Passersby on Tokyo street
  6. Girls mocking Kyoko's uniform
  7. Lory Takarada


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