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Violence Mission, Phase 1
Chapter 152.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 26
Arc Violence Mission arc
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Violence Mission, Phase 1 is the 152nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


All the Love Me members discover their 'jobs' from the President are all something that will challenge them personally; Chiori has to do a silly variety show. Kanae is playing a stalker. Kyoko picking up a guest for the President: Cain Heel.

There are misunderstandings and she's late. He's supposed to be a scary, violent foreigner, but despite his evil glare she immediately recognizes him as Ren.

Chapter Summary

Chiori complains that between being a villain in Box "R" and having to appear in the variety show looking like a fool, she'll never garner respect as an actress. Moko comforts her by saying many actors get a boost after appearing on a variety show. Kyoko encourages to look at it as an opportunity not to get stuck with Yumika's bad image. Chiori is unpersuaded.

Moko complains next about her assignment: to portray a role of an orphan who follows a ronin around. Kyoko thinks how much she would enjoy a part like that, while Moko can only grudgingly accept that she has to do it.

Kyoko needs to go pick up a guest of Lory's, and she doesn't believe Lory would really send her to someone dangerous. Moko has doubts as it is a guest of the President's...

Kyoko is standing in the middle of Tokyo Station wearing her Love Me uniform and holding a sign that reads: Welcome Mr. Cain Heel. No one shows up but eventually the police try to arrest her for solicitation. Kyoko makes a run for it and just manages to get into the car Sebastian has waiting. She calls Lory about the no-show, and Lory reveals he sent her to the wrong place. The actual meet-up is happening at a traditional tourist attraction popular with kids: in front of the Hachiko statue in Shibuya [1].

Kyoko is somewhat appalled, but moves past it to ask Lory for a description of Cain Heel. Lory says he's unmistakable, because he looks like a yakuza. Lory warns her that Cain values punctuality and is hot-tempered enough to hit a girl. Despite the meeting time having also been changed, Kyoko cannot possibly get there in time.

She slips into a fantasy of being cared for my Moko at the hospital after having been beat up by the unknown Cain Heel.

Kyoko attracts a lot of attention at the statue because of her outfit. No one is there, so she wanders around looking, and notices people whispering about some guy who has a disturbing aura. Kyoko spots the main in question and becomes unnerved. She hides and hopes that's not Cain Heel, but reasons it must be. She gathers her courage and goes back to where he's waiting, but as she approaches, she begins to notice familiar things about his body and physique. Stunned, she walks right up to him, unable to look away. A passerby unsuccessfully tries to stop her.

Coming right up beside the dangerous-looking man, Kyoko hesitantly asks, "Tsuruga-san?"

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Chiori Amamiya
  2. Kanae Kotonami
  3. Kyoko Mogami
  4. Lory Takarada
  5. Natsuko-chan
  6. People at Tokyo Station shocked by Kyoko's display
  7. Police Officer No.1
  8. Police Officer No.2
  9. Masked Driver (One of Lory's people)
  10. Ruto
  11. Lory's Pool Attendant
  12. Passersby outside of Tokyo Station
  13. Passersby near Hachiko Statue
  14. People whispering about Cain
  15. Ren Tsuruga (Cain Heel)
  16. People who are shocked by Kyoko approaching Cain
  17. Girl who tries to stop Kyoko
  18. Friend of the girl who tried to stop Kyoko


  1. A popular rendezvous point, the statue commemorates a dog that waited every day at the station for its master, even after the master's death.


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