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The Most Powerful Emblem
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 26
Arc Violence Mission arc
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The Most Powerful Emblem is the 151st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


President Lory asks the Love Me Members about their Valentine's Day and all 3 fail to give him a satisfactory answer. Lory feels they have become complacent in their Love Me duties and so they are given new Love Me jobs. Kanae: something messy. Chiori: Something fun. Kyoko: something dangerous.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is excited to see Moko at LME, but is saddened when Moko won't allow a hug. Asking about how the chocolate giveway went, Kyoko is surprised to learn that Hiou was unhappy to receive Moko's chocolates.

When Moko asks how things went with Ren, Kyoko freezes, then darkly answers that she's irritated at how happy he was. Kyoko enters a rant that turns into a sermon about moderation in everything, including gratitude, and how proud she is of Japanese traditional shyness. Moko guesses that Ren thanked her in a way that disturbed her peace of mind. She wonders, semi-accurately, if Ren kissed her. . . and if so Ren really must be a ladies' man. When Kyoko starts picking on men in the hall for being too free with women, Moko drags her away. She asks that Kyoko not behave weirdly in public when she's nearby.

Kyoko changes her tune to one of bonded Love Me members, temporarily forgetting that they are no longer the only two. When they open up to door to the Love Me room, Chiori is there, in uniform, angrily watching a drama.

Chiori introduces herself to Moko as both a Love Me member and a member of the Softhat agency. Her agency president hadn't wanted to let her go, so he struck a deal with Lory to allow her into the Love Me section without being a member of LME. Moko cannot believe someone volunteered to be a Love Me member.

Chiori's current assignment from Lory is to watch all the work of the actress Michika Kawagoe and write a report. Kyoko and Moko wonder about this and Chiori explains it was due to her answer to one of the President's questions. Kyoko and Moko ask what question but before Chiori can warn them, Lory spontaneously arrives at the moment, carrying a people-loving anaconda. All three girls are startled and scream, making Natsuko the snake sad. Lory's assistant takes the snake away and Lory asks Moko and Kyoko how their Valentine's Day went. He is pleased to hear that they participated by making and giving out chocolates—progress for the Love Me members! He asked if their day was fun, but both Moko and Kyoko flashed back to their problems and immediately start ranting about how awful it was.

Lory orders them to write about the relationship of the main characters of the drama Chiori is currently watching and then leaves. Chiori states they've got it better than her, since she has to find out something good about the actress's talent—when Chiori's always viewed her as a no-talent who only gets cast because she's cute. As the three of them continue to watch, Moko agrees that Michika Kawagoe is rather painful to watch because she makes her acting so obvious. Unfortunately, Lory's returned and overheard them. His mood looks lethal, and he admits he's not just saddened but furious over their lack of progress as Love Me members.

Moko grumbles that she hasn't been given any Love Me assignments by people the whole year. Lory takes her to task for being passive and not seeking out what others need. He presents three pieces of paper, each with a name of one of the Love Me members on it. Chiori's has the word "FUN." Moko's has the word "UNGLAMOROUS." Kyoko's has the word "DANGEROUS." Lory explains that each one is an extreme job offer that he specifically selected for them. Moko and Kyoko are alarmed when Chiori pops right up and grabs hers because it's "something fun." They try to warn her that the President's definition of fun is on an entirely different level, and if he has specially picked these out for them, then that's even more scary. It's too late.

Chiori reads hers and is appalled then tries to give it back. Lory says she can't and then quickly leaves, Chiori chasing after him. Kyoko and Moko resolve to simply not accept their own and are horrified to discover Lory has slipped each of their assignments onto their persons before departing.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kanae Kotonami
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Hiou Uesugi (Kanae's recollections)
  4. LME employees
  5. Michika Kawagoe (on TV)
  6. Michika Kawagoe's male costar (on TV)
  7. Chiori Amamiya
  8. Natsuko-chan
  9. Lory Takarada
  10. Lory's assisstant who takes Natsuko
  11. Reino (Kyoko's recollections)
  12. Annoying Costar from Minamori Miyako Series (Kanae's recollections)
  13. Miroku (Kyoko's flashback)
  14. Sho Fuwa (Kyoko's flashback)
  15. Ren Tsuruga (Kyoko's flashback)
  16. Dark Moon Cast (Kyoko's flashback)


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