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A Faint Scar
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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 A Faint Scar is the 150th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kanae's co-star is creeped out by Kanae giving chocolates to Hiou in soppy way. Kanae says she finds Hiou's crying scenes inspiring. Yashiro accuses Ren of messing with Kyoko. Ren wanted to help her forget Sho, goes to help her stop thinking about him now. He tells her it's no big deal, she says that shows what a playboy he is, he says kissing on the cheek is done outside Japan all the time.

Chapter Summary

The actor who'd been harassing Moko angrily threatens to start a rumor that she's a shota actress, a woman who's into very young boys. Moko stalks off with Hio, not caring. Hio points out that she could get that reputation, considering how she'd given him the chocolates. Moko had earnestly declared that they were her first and only handmade chocolates just for Hio. Hio accepted them, fully believing that she was using him to permanently ditch the other guy. He's wounded that Moko is just like all the other chocolate-givers, maybe even a little worse.

Moko apologizes about forcing them on him awkwardly, but she sincerely did make them for him. Hio said that chocolates were enough to give her a shota reputation, but on top of that she'd defended him. She had declared Hio to be one of the few real actors she truly respects.

Moko once again tells Hio that what she said was true, and admits that the first time she'd acted with him she'd felt like his inferior. Seeing the way he'd cried on set had moved her heart at such a sight for the first time. It made her realize that her own ability to cry on demand, something she'd been proud of, only appealed to viewers' eyes and didn't affect their hearts. Inwardly, Hio remembers that he was thinking of his grandmother's death during that scene.

Moko tells Hio that she wouldn't have realized that her own acting was immature if not for him. She stops and drops so that she is eye level with him, and sincerely thanks Hio for giving her the chance to grow. They make a promise to each other to improve their own skills.

Yashiro is in a bit of a tizzy imagining what Ren must have done to Kyoko in his dressing room to make her act so strangely. Ren thinks he's imagining too much, but admits that Kyoko probably is shaken because of him and he'll fix it. He goes off to find her, leaving Yashiro still upset that Ren had indeed done something.

Ren reflects that he'd managed to stop himself at the last moment from forcing a kiss on Kyoko just like Sho had done. When he'd seen her still getting trapped by the memory of Sho, he'd wanted to replace it with one of him instead. He'd stopped himself because he didn't want the dark murky feelings that belonged to Sho linked with him. Also, it would have been an act of ego on his part, something Kyoko didn't deserve and would have been confused by.

Finding her, Ren sees that she's clearly confused all the same, just from the kiss on the cheek. He's happy he hadn't actually kissed her, or she might have done something drastic from the shock. He realizes that he succeeded in replacing thoughts of Fuwa with thoughts of himself instead, but he doesn't want her hurt because she can't do her job as a result of it.

Ren calls her name and Kyoko startles then freezes. He asks her outright if she's thinking about what he did to her. When no answer is clearly a yes, Ren asks her why she's taking a thank-you kiss so seriously. He'll never be able to thank her if she overreacts every time he kisses her cheek. He pretends to mumble mockery of her to himself so that she bristles into a new emotion. It works, and when Kyoko finally addresses him, he drives it home by pointing out she's inconveniencing others over something trivial and she needs to pull herself together and act like a professional.

Kyoko glares at Ren for putting all the blame on her when he was the one who'd kissed her. Ren sarcastically and unrepentantly accepts the blame, riling her up further. Kyoko decides to taunt him back by saying he finally showed her the unappealing ladies' man side of his personality. Ren keeps up the same attitude of mocking acceptance of her accusations. Of course casual touches like cheek-kisses and hugs happen in his life, it's very common when he works with foreigners. Kyoko reminds him that Japanese people don't take too easily to casual physical affection and the conversation continues into verbal sparring until break is over and Kyoko is back on set.

Yashiro is pleased to see Kyoko back on her feet, and acknowledges that Ren's claim that what happened was nothing much must be true. Ren states it was just a misunderstanding. To himself, however, he thinks that the misunderstanding, that there was no desire in his kiss, he simply told her because he didn't want her hurt. In truth, he does hope there's a little scar on her heart because of it. Does that make him someone who toys with a woman's heart?

Kyoko sees the roses on the set, which once again remind her of Ren, but this time, with a smile, she can handle it.

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