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A Poisoned Flower
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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  A Poisoned Flower is the 148th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren thanks Kyoko for the Valentine's gift in a way that thoroughly disturbs her peace of mind, succeeding in removing all thoughts of Sho. Kanae gives her idiotic costar exactly what he deserves.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko reflects on her past with Sho. After he kissed her it was like she had reverted to the person she was when he first betrayed her, with him invading her mind so much she could not get away from him. Whatever she thought, whatever she saw reminded her of him. He had seized her very consciousness and poisoned her body to the point that she couldn't escape through her own power.

It is at that point that Ren says Kyoko's name. Snapping herself out of her funk she blinks when she notices how close Ren is. Ren traps Kyoko against the couch by placing a hand on either side of her before leaning in. He is leaning over her and they are looking into each others' eyes as if they were going to kiss on the lips, however Ren kisses her on the cheek instead. He pulls away, leaving a shell-shocked Kyoko who is unable to talk. Ren smiles and thanks her again for the delicious wine gelee. All thoughts of Sho are blasted out of Kyoko's head thanks to Ren's action. Kyoko is still trying to grasp what just happened to her.

While cheerfully accepting chocolates from his Minamori Miyako III coworkers, Hiou is actually resentful to the point of anger at receiving them. As soon as they are out of sight he tosses them to his manager, Matsuda, saying she can have them. Matsuda thinks that he really is a two-faced kid and wouldn't most boys be happy to get chocolate? Hiou says he reads the room and responds accordingly. He tells Matsuda that even she should understand what those girls are really thinking when they giving him chocolate. Remembering hearing them call Hiou cute and tiny, Matsuda ponders out loud that they don't see Hiou as a man. This is spot on for Hiou gets angry and hits Matsuda with a ban-hammer. He's not happy-go-lucky enough that he can enjoy chocolates that aren't even on the level of giri, obligation chocolate.

Hiou perks up as he notices Kanae walking past followed by the annoying co-star. Kanae is still being harassed by the poorly talented costar who believes she's playing hard to get. She's trying to ignore the annoying man but he just won't take a hint. She's trying to get to Hiou's dressing room so that he can chase the guy away as per their agreement. Not one to be deterred the annoying idiot steals the gift bag Kanae is holding guessing that it's Valentine's chocolate but wrongly presuming that its for him. Startled at his audacity Kanae runs after him trying snatch the bag back but he is really rude playing keep away with it. He tells her he is willing to accept them without any ceremony. Kanae demands he gives them back for they aren't for him.

Hiou comes to Kanae's defense, and even tells the guy that he's acting like an elementary school kid, teasing the girl he likes. Hiou asks him he's an adult isn't he? Isn't he embarrassed? When he thinks that the world's fate rests on shoulders of cheap adults like him, his chest grows tight with worry. Kanae snickers in the background at Hiou's eloquent set down. The actor then rants back against Hiou, revealing how much he hates working with a child and he is only holding back because he is scared of Hiou because Hiou is from an influential family. So he won't hide his hatred of children but he is not going to pander to him like other showbiz people do. He accuses Hiou of having no talent and only being able to get work because his parents are famous and influential in show business. Hiou seems stunned by the statement as if he hadn't considered that at all, the more the guy talks the more devastated Hiou looks as if he is starting to believe this idiot's words.

This really angers Kanae and she grabs the loser by his nose and throws him out of Hiou's path where he flips several times and lands on his butt. He looks shocked, as if can't believe what just happened. Kanae looks furious and has a fiery aura surrounding her.

Kyoko is apologizing to Director Ogata, looking drained. The staff look on and apparently when Kyoko tries to act she keeps freezing up but she was doing fine before lunch. She's freezing up in a lot of places so they think it must not be because she's forgetting her lines but something else. Yashiro is unhappily suspicious of Ren when Kyoko starts having trouble acting on set, especially since Ren has a goofy smile on his face. Kyoko is apologizing profusely to the director who tells her to take some time to compose herself. They will shoot some other scenes in the mean time but please come and talk to him if she can't figure it out. In her head she reflects on why she could not act. It was definitely not something she could tell the director. It was because Ren was pervading her thoughts. Everything she saw and everything she heard reminded her of the moments with him during lunch. When she saw the bouquet of roses on the set, the glass like the wine gelee glass, and when Itsumi said thank you as one of her lines, it all made her recall him. He is occupying her mind, seizing her consciousness and she can't get away under her own power. He is invading her body and soul.

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