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Valentine's Day-XXXX
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine's Day-XXXX is the 148th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


During the lunch break on set, Kyoko continually loses focus on her surroundings as little things remind her of what Sho did and fuel her anger toward him. The best thing to snap her out of it is presenting her Valentine's gift to Ren. When even in the privacy of his dressing room Ren sees Kyoko mentally slipping back into her angry funk over Sho, he decides to take action.

Chapter Summary

Shoko and Asami are pleased to see that Sho's happier, but Shoko worries about what he did on the Dark Moon set.

Sho is thinking to himself about how easy it is to manipulate Kyoko. He's certain that, since she values the idea of a first kiss, she must be reacting in stages, from shock, to snapping out of it, to simmering anger, to an explosion of hate and temper in which she vows to chase him to the gates of hell if necessary. No matter what, she's thinking him, and he wants her to be even more obsessed with him through her hate than she had been through her love.

Reaching under the lunch table for a chopstick that fell to the floor, Kyoko is remembering a time from childhood when she was full of love for Sho and being punished by the bullying girls at the school. After her lunchbox had been trashed, she went hunting through the garbage looking for the chopsticks Sho's mother gave her. She came across a resort flyer featuring a wedding, and saved it imagining her first kiss to be with Sho on their wedding day. Kyoko's not happy to be remembering these things: her old self, her old first kiss fantasy, and the fact that Sho just stole that from her. Seething, she's fallen right into Sho's trap, as predicted.

Yashiro and Ren lean under the table to check on her. Kyoko fakes being alright, and pronounces the chopstick clean, but will go fetch a replacement pair anyway. Around her girls are all enjoying the tastes and variety of the chocolates available for dessert that are a special put on by Fuji TV's cafeteria for Valentines's; the words bring a tangible memory of Sho's kiss and make Kyoko seethe. Yashiro calls her name to snap her out of it. Kyoko apologizes and departs to the kitchen. Yashiro states the obvious, that she's still not getting over Sho's kiss.

Ren. Is. Not. Happy.

Kyoko is still angry, acknowledging that even chopsticks make her think of Sho and Valentine's Day is now doomed to remind her of that moment. In the kitchen drawer, however, she sees a set of long spoons and is suddenly happy.

Kyoko goes up to Ren and asks him very formally if he'll have time after lunch. Ren agrees and can't help smile at her behavior and ask her what she's about. Kyoko smiles shyly and says there's something she'd like to give him.

In the privacy of his dressing room, Ren and Kyoko sit side by side on the couch while in front of them on the coffee table is an ornate champagne glass with roses on vines decorating the outside. Ren is confused and Kyoko explains that she made him a wine gelée as an after lunch treat. She thought that giving him chocolates would be annoying for him and instead made him something easy to eat. Inwardly, Ren is delighted that he's the only one who got something other than chocolates from her.

gelée au vin

Getting permission from Kyoko to go ahead an eat it, Ren pauses when he recognizes the spoon. Kyoko explains herself again, this time she borrowed the spoon from the cafeteria because the one she brought from home was too short for the glass. Her mind had only been on creating the gelée. Ren compliments her skill, that the red through the crystal roses is beautiful. Kyoko beams and says she got that especially for him because it reminded her of Queen Rosa. As he eats, Ren reminds himself to not feel that Kyoko is giving him special treatment out of romantic affection.

Kyoko starts to explain it was her first time making gelée, and she worried that he wouldn't like it, so until she got it right, she tasted a lot... and she trails off. Ren looks over at her and sees she's slipped back into her anger trance over Sho. He drops the spoon into the glass and moves, saying her name.

Kyoko snaps out of it to suddenly realize that Ren has moved closer and is leaning toward her.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Haruki Asami
  2. Shoko Aki
  3. Sho Fuwa
  4. Kyoko Mogami
  5. unnamed people in Fuji TV cafeteria
  6. Yukihito Yashiro
  7. Ren Tsuruga
  8. Itsumi Momose(Ren's recollections)
  9. Airi Oohara(Ren's recollections)
  10. Hiroaki Ogata(Ren's recollections)


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