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Valentine Weapon
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Weapon is the 147th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Ren shares that his first kiss was even worse, and uses it as an experience to draw on as an actor. But she gets to decide what counts from the heart. ONCE. She must never kiss Sho again. She promises nothing like this will ever happen again.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro is angry that Ren is being insensitive to Kyoko and doesn't hide it, but it has no effect on Ren. He persists in explaining that thinking of what happened as a first kiss is silly, because it wasn't a romantically consensual touching of lips. In fact, the first time he touched lips with someone was an accidental collision with an older paunchy man when he was in first grade and rushing. Ren can still remember what the man had for breakfast that day. Yashiro is a bit grossed out, and would rather the taste be memorable like chocolates, as it was for Kyoko just now.

Kyoko feels really sorry for Ren, who again tells her not to feel bad. He knew even that young that he wanted to be an actor, which would include kissing people he wasn't into. He couldn't be a professional if he got upset about things like that.

Ren states that it's the rule of the heart for an actor. Only what you feel as your first kiss counts as the first kiss. Ohara and Itsumi, who've been listening the whole time, nod in agreement. Yashiro, however, isn't fooled by the appearance of advice; he knows Ren is trying to make Kyoko forget about Sho's kiss. It works, and Kyoko no longer feels like Sho stole her first kiss. Then Ren adds a proviso, which Yashiro is not in the least surprised about, which is that the rule of the heart always applies when acting, but in private you can't use it twice. Kyoko nods in agreement, but Ren doesn't let it settle there. He very obviously gives Kyoko a warning, leaning in close and acting ominous, "There's no second chance."

Kyoko vows to Ren that she'll protect her purity with her life. Yashiro can't believe that Ren showed his true feelings. It must mean that Ren is extremely upset about it. He wonders if the warning to Kyoko was enough to allow the anger to die down. Yashiro decides to relax, figuring since Sho's left, nothing will happen to trigger Ren's emotions again.

Final panel shows the items Kyoko carried in with her that she left at her make-up mirror. One bag is labeled with "Waiting for him" and "the ultimate weapon."

Characters in Order of Appearance

Ren Tsuruga

Kyoko Mogami

Itsumi Momose

Airi Ohara

Yashiro Yukihito

Unnamed paunchy working stiff from Ren's childhood (possibily fictional, cameo only)

Ogata Hiroaki (cameo only)

Various production assistants (cameo only)


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