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Valentine Match
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Character/s in the cover N/A (Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa)
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Match is the 146th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho successfully manipulates Kyoko through words and deeds designed to increase his hold over her. Ren is not happy and tries his own tactic to lessen what Sho did to Kyoko.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is standing off to the side with Sho. When she tells him that her gift to Ren is none of his business, Sho fakes indifference and then pushes a piece of chocolate into her mouth. He wants to know what she thinks of it, and she's too startled and distrusting to answer at first. But the taste wins her over and when Sho asks again she answers a favorable opinion.

Sho says, "Then I guess I'll have some."[1] Kyoko is offended that he used her as a food taster, but she doesn't expect Sho's next move at all. He grabs her by the front of her shirt to both pull her closer and hold her steady as he uses his tongue to retrieve the chocolate out of her mouth.

This is the moment when everyone turned around to see the two of them dramatically lip-locked. It's complete shock across the board: Ren, Ohara, Itsumi, Ogata, and Yashiro. Yashiro is horrified and Ogata is completely confused.

Kyoko grabs Sho by his head to push him off, but Sho holds on tight to her waist and the grip he still has on her shirt. The effect is the appearance of a passionate French kiss that isn't ceasing.

While everyone else continues to stare in amazement, confusion, and dismay, Ren has finally had enough. He tightens his fist and steps forward with a dangerous look in his eye, when Kyoko finally succeeds in shoving Sho away.

Bent over and panting, Kyoko angrily stutters out, "What were you thinking?"

Sho is completely under control when he fakes surprise and answers, "I didn't say I'd give it to you. I only let you taste." He pokes the tip of his tongue out of the corner of his to reveal he succeeded in getting the chocolate. Then he finishes it off and says, "So I took it back." [2]

When he starts to leave, Kyoko demands he take the flowers back with him. Sho tells her to keep the bouquet, as a token of his apology for stealing the first kiss from such a plain girl like her. Kyoko's face drains of color as his words sink in. Full of arrogance, Sho strides out, but not before making eye contact with an angry Ren. Not even breaking stride, Sho gives Ren a low, taunting chuckle of triumph as he passes. Ren takes a moment to get himself under control, which is when he notices the state Kyoko is in.

Sho gets back into his agency's car, where Shoko has been waiting for him in the backseat.

"How's Kyoko?" she asks.

"In a daze," he answers. Shoko states that is pretty normal, considering Sho abandoned her and then confessed his love. Sho tsks at her and tells her of course he didn't say something like that.[3]

Shoko is confused. "But Sho, you said you were going to get Kyoko back. You bought a bouquet that cost several hundred thousand yen and chocolate that cost 5000 yen." Sho only laughs in satisfaction.

Inwardly, Sho reveals what his real plan was: to keep himself on Kyoko's mind. He will not ever let her free of him.

Itsumi and Ohara are trying to comfort Kyoko, who is falling apart with the thought that Sho stole her first kiss and for such a stingy reason. Itsumi and Ohara are full of understanding and compassion. They know a first kiss is very important for a girl. Ren, who at first had been showing concern, is now only showing displeasure. Then he laughs, which startles Yashiro and the two actresses. Kyoko doesn't even react.

"Your first kiss," Ren begins. "I don't get it. Is it so precious? Is it something to cry over like it's the end of the world?"

Kyoko finally looks up and Ren continues. "That's a bit silly, isn't it?"[4]

Characters in Order of Appearance

Kyoko Mogami

Sho Fuwa

Ren Tsuruga

Airi Ohara

Itsumi Momose

Ogata Hiroaki

Yashiro Yukihito

Shoko Aki


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