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Valentine Bug
Chapter 145.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 25
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Bug is the 145th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko yells at Sho for turning up at the set but has to admit the sparkly bouquet is perfect. It's a "congratulations" for dating Reino. She shows Sho the complete hate chocolates, and is horrified to realize Ren saw the whole thing. Sho accuses Kyoko of getting Ren chocolates, when it comes out she gave him something else he kisses Kyoko.

Chapter Summary

Yashiro is not at all happy to see Sho show up with flowers and worries even more about Ren.

Kyoko is completely taken by surprise and when asked what she thinks of the bouquet, she admits that it's beautiful. The bouquet has decorations more expensive than the flowers, and Sho deliberately put things Kyoko likes into it. When Kyoko starts to ask why, he throws them at her and announces before everyone that since he's the only one who knows that she's never dated before, he's here as her childhood friend to congratulate her on dating the vocalist from Vie Ghoul.

Ogata, Yashiro, Kyoko, and Ren are horrified. Itsumi and Ohara are impressed.

Kyoko yells at Sho. Why has he been acting this way since yesterday? Why is he treating her like a stupid woman who thinks only of love? Sho tells her she deserves it for making "Heart to Beagle" chocolates for a guy she used to run away from. Kyoko can't believe Sho's still on that and to get her point across she uses a chalkboard to demonstrate what she actually wrote when the order of the chocolates isn't jumbled. She shouts that the chocolates will send whoever eats them to hell, and that Sho is to stop calling her a stupid woman until he dies or she'll curse him in his next life. That's the moment she realizes that she and Sho have an audience, and that Ren has been giving her undivided attention. She's mortified he found out about Reino's chocolates, that she yielded to the enemy, and that she can't read Ren's blank look.

Yashiro, however, sees that Ren is relaxing now that they know the chocolates weren't for Sho.

Kyoko is hiding her face against the chalkboard, trying to figure out how she can explain about the grudge spirit being held hostage, since Ren had called her a dupe when she explained about Corn. Sho approaches Kyoko and their conversation is watched but unheard by the others in the room. Sho taunts her that she's still just

Kyoko and Sho kiss..

Kyoko, who will never have a boyfriend. Kyoko hisses that she doesn't want one; she's strong, tough, independent, and capable of living life on her own. Sho can't help pitying her, since the only chocolates she gave out were creepy ones for that guy. It's a set up that Kyoko falls for, and she explains that she made chocolates for so many people at Dark Moon.

Sho asks about Ren, and Kyoko answers that she didn't make chocolates for him. Sho immediately gets the subtext and is angry that she made something else for Ren. Kyoko refuses to explain.

Ren and Yashiro wonder why the two of them just looked over at them. Ogata interrupts to call them all to the set. While Yashiro, Ren, Ohara, and Itsumi are all looking at him, he suddenly grows pale and stutters Kyoko's name. Ren volunteers to retrieve her and when they turn around they are all floored to see Sho has grabbed Kyoko by the front of her shirt and is kissing her.

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