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Valentine Guerilla
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Character/s in the cover Sho Fuwa
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Guerilla is the 144th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Shoko tries to get Sho out of his jealous funk and to be more proactive about Kyoko. Yashiro experiences an increasing Valentine's Day panic as both a recipient and an observer.

Finally there is a shocking visitor to the Dark Moon set...

Chapter Summary

Sho is unable to get Kyoko and Reino as a couple off his mind and it's interfering with work. Shoko suggests that maybe this is Kyoko's real motive for dating Reino: to get under Sho's skin, making him angry and jealous. Sho denies being jealous; it's nothing to him whom Kyoko dates. Shoko agrees that it is none of his business, but suggests that he send her flowers to congratulate her, which could serve as a double message that her scheme is not getting to him. Sho claims he'll send her the flowers to laugh at her, but his manager points out that he hasn't been laughing about this at all.

Shoko tells Sho to consider that Kyoko and Reino are getting closer while he's not being honest with himself. Soon, Sho won't be able to come between them, but right now there's still a chance.

Alone, Sho wonders over Shoko's meaning. What could change about Kyoko's feelings for him? He doesn't want her to be who she was before, a boring woman who could only devote herself to one person. He remembers Kyoko's rage at Reino on Karuizawa, declaring Sho to be her prey. He also remembers being satisfied that his own presence in her heart, though one of vengeance, was larger than the hold Ren had. Suddenly, Shoko's meaning is clear.

In Ren's dressing room, Yashiro is accepting chocolates after chocolates, almost all with a cute dog accompanying it. He doesn't realize he was overheard telling Ren that he grew up with cats and now as an adult can't get a dog with his apartment and work schedule. But Yashiro realizes that Ren is dodging the topic he wants to discuss, which is how will Ren handle getting chocolates from Kyoko... especially since they both think she made some for Sho. Ren tells him to drop the subject with a scary expression.

Yashiro hopes that Kyoko doesn't show up while Ren's feeling dark like this, but sure enough there she is. Kyoko is early for her makeup call, but it's also because she wanted to give Ren his birthday present, as promised. Yashiro is confused until he remembers what happened on the 10th, Ren's actual birthday.

Kyoko startles them both, however, when she insists that Ren not open the gift there because she'll be embarrassed. While Yashiro and Ren are wondering what on earth the gift could be, Kyoko gives Yashiro Valentine chocolates. Yashiro is taken aback, and Kyoko explains she made some for everyone she owes a lot to. Yashiro tells her that she should give them out in order of people she owes the most to and someone should come before him. Kyoko agrees and goes rushing out to give some to Ogata, for even in showbiz there's a vertical structure.

Yashiro is beginning to panic slightly, because Ren's dark side is coming out again. He really hopes nothing else happens. When he and Ren go onto the set, everyone is enjoying their two truffles and complimenting Kyoko's cooking skills. Yashiro nervously peeks at Ren to see his reaction and is dismayed to see the "gentlemanly smile" on full power.

Yashiro admits he's scared of this smile, but when it suddenly disappears, Yashiro is even more frightened. Turning, Yashiro sees what caught Ren's eye. Indeed, it's a sight meant to catch everyone's eye. Sho is walking towards the set with a purposeful expression on his face, carrying an ornate bouquet of flowers over his shoulder that's roughly the size of his torso.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Shoko Aki
  2. Haruki Asami
  3. Sho Fuwa
  4. Reino (Asami's imagination)
  5. Guests and Host on the Music show Sho is featured
  6. Kyoko Mogami
  7. Yukihito Yashiro
  8. Ren Tsuruga
  9. Itsumi Momose
  10. Airi Oohara
  11. Hiroaki Ogata


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