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Valentine Bell
Chapter 143.png
Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami and Sho Fuwa
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Bell is the 143rd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Reino encourages misunderstandings and is successful, but Kyoko still manages a small triumph over him. But the Valentine drama isn't over yet.

Chapter Summary

Kyoko is surprised and suspicious: how does Sho know that she made chocolates for the beagle? Sho quickly comes up with the most plausible excuse, the fact that the chocolates read "Heart to Beagle" when he opened them. Kyoko, who hadn't seen the jumbled message, states without equivocation that she didn't write any message like that. Kyoko and Sho start squabbling like children when they are interrupted by two members of Vie Ghoul.

Reino is delighted that Kyoko didn't put a silly cliché sentiment on them, while Miroku is surprised that the chocolates with the tire marks were for him. Sho explodes at Kyoko for having a change of heart toward Reino.

Shoko comes up on the argument from a distance and is struck by the similarity of the situation to the one outside the baths at Karuizawa.

Kyoko is insisting that she has her reasons for giving chocolates for Reino and they are none of Sho's business. Sho says she just doesn't want to tell him the truth, which confuses Kyoko. Reino, however, gets Sho's meaning and can't help take advantage of the moment to torture him. He urges Kyoko to tell him the truth about what's been going on between the two of them, since Sho already has vague ideas. Sho takes this as confirmation of their being in a relationship, while Kyoko is surprised that Reino wants her to explain about the captive grudge spirit.

"You wretched woman," Sho says. "You got caught so easily by the man who was your enemy two months ago."

"I couldn't help it!" Kyoko thinks Sho is talking about the as yet unspoken truth of blackmail and hostages. "I didn't think that this would happen!"

"You got caught because you're full of holes."

"How dare you say that! You put all those holes in my heart!"[1]

Sho is stunned speechless and Shoko steps up to intervene and pull Sho away. Sho turns back to deliver a final, potent zinger. "You are demoted again to a stupid boring woman whose brain only thinks of love."

Miroku is impressed at Reino's manipulation of Sho and Kyoko. However, he still doesn't get that the woman Reino finally falls for is Kyoko. Kyoko is in a state of cosmic fury over Sho's unreasonable and infuriating parting words. Reino explains, and Miroku agrees that cosmic manipulation of avenging spirits is original and all, but they the blackmailed chocolates? These words shake Kyoko back into reality and she asks them what they are still doing there.

Reino gives Kyoko the chocolates back, saying he won't accept them until it's actually Valentine's Day—though he actually really likes the fact that they're hate chocolates. Kyoko protests, but finally caves when she realizes she has a trump card. She tells Reino that she'll be on the Dark Moon set all Valentine's Day, and he can come get them as along as he doesn't mind Ren Tsuruga being there. Reino accepts the chocolates but claims next year he'll only accept them on the day of.

Home again after the quiz show, Kyoko is completely exhausted. She resents that she lost Natsu prep time due to Vie Ghoul, but hopes she was at least presentable. Okami-san has tea with her and gives her the package that arrived, which perks Kyoko up. She wraps the package that is Ren's birthday present, relieved that the worst is over.

However, what she didn't know, was that even if the Vie Ghoul problem was no more there were problems here (poster of Sho) and here (poster of Ren) that still remained. The tomorrow she's eagerly looking forward to, the happy Valentine's Day that she expects, starts now.

The clock strikes midnight and it is officially February 14th.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Sho Fuwa
  2. Kyoko Mogami
  3. Reino
  4. Miroku
  5. Shoko Aki
  6. Chiori Amamiya (cameo shot only)
  7. Marumi Maruyama (cameo shot only)
  8. Sudo Yuka (cameo shot only)
  9. Makino Honami (cameo shot only)
  10. Taisho's wife


  1. Skip Beat! Manga Series VizMedia (3-in-1 Edition): Volume 24, Chapter 143, Page 508


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