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Valentine Joker
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Character/s in the cover Ren Tsuruga
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Joker is the 142nd chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Kyoko's chocolates are stressing people out.

Kyoko has made ugly chocolates for Reino. Ren and Yashiro discuss the end of Dark Moon, bump into Kyoko who tries to hide the chocolates. Then Kyoko bumps into Sho. He asks if she loves Reino that much to give him chocolates.

Chapter Summary

It's February 13th and Kyoko is carrying Reino's hate chocolates around with her because she didn't want to store them at the darumaya.

The cast of Box "R" is doing a quiz show at the television station to promote their drama. Kyoko is on her way in while Ren and Yashiro are on their way out. Before they cross paths, Yashiro and Ren lament about the upcoming end of Dark Moon, which they have been working on for almost six months. However Ren's new role, which is a secret, will be even more difficult than Katsuki was.

Down the hall, Ren spots Kyoko on the floor, picking up things that got dropped. As he and Yashiro approach, they see a chocolate with the word "hate" on it. Kyoko whips it out of sight and they pretend not to have seen it. Ren encourages her not to be nervous about her first quiz show and Kyoko accepts this excuse for her behavior and rushes away. She fervently hopes Ren didn't see the chocolate, because he would be so appalled to learn that she is giving handmade chocolates to Reino.

Yashiro thinks the chocolates must be for Sho, because he's the first person to come to mind when associated with Kyoko's hate. It doesn't make sense, but her panic was odd. Yashiro figures Ren is thinking along the same lines, because his back was stiff with rage for about 15 seconds before he regained composure.

Kyoko is still fretful about the chocolates as she walks to the part of the TV station she needs to be at for the quiz show. She's distracted and not focusing and bumps, literally, into Sho. They are surprised to see each other, but when Kyoko tries to hurry on, Sho grabs her and demands to know what that box she's holding is. He knows they must be chocolates and he insists that she show them to him. When she refuses he grabs them and opens the box.

The chocolates inside are all jumbled from having been quickly reassembled earlier. The message now looks like it's one of affection for a beagle. Sho throws them out through the open door access to the parking garage, where they immediately get run over by a car. Kyoko's dismay upsets Sho and he grabs her hard by the wrist, asking if she really likes Reino that much.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance
  1. Kyoko Mogami
  2. An unknown production assistant
  3. Ren Tsuruga
  4. Yashiro Yukihito
  5. Itsumi Momose (cameo shot only)
  6. Sho Fuwa


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