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Valentine Revolution
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Revolution is the 141st chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Sho is greatly disturbed by the thought that Kyoko and Reino might be in a secret relationship. Moko worries about Kyoko not giving Ren chocolates.

Chapter Summary

Sho asks Shoko what would make a woman decide to give chocolates to someone she hates. Shoko thinks he's talking about Kyoko and himself, so she answers that the girl probably doesn't really hate him, but an over-the-top dislike indicates she wants to get closer. Sho pictures with horror the kind of things that Kyoko and Reino would like about each other and then decide to keep their relationship secret. Shoko continues that if the two people are honest with themselves then they can build a happy relationship together. Sho goes ballistic and stomps off.

In the shower, Sho is trying to figure out why Kyoko thought he might be Ren when he called with blocked ID and didn't say anything... and yet she's in a relationship with Reino. Even Ren would be better than the dog creep.

In Vie Ghoul's headquarters, Reino is kicking around looking for his pet, which turns out to be one of the Grudge Kyokos. Reino describes it to the band as "a grudge from a human being that has become an avenging spirit. It's a living person's spirit." He is holding it hostage until Kyoko gives him what he asked for.

Kyoko is making chocolates, seething that Reino threatened to cherish, nuzzle, cuddle in bed with her grudge spirit. He'd tricked it out of her in the first place, by pretending that Sho was nearby.

Moko jars Kyoko out of her thoughts by demanding to know the next step in the recipe. Kyoko unwillingly makes even Reino's look appetizing. Moko is impressed that Kyoko is making chocolates for everyone she owes, but Kyoko explains that it's just two truffles per person. After hearing Kyoko's whole list, Moko wonders aloud if she forgot about Ren. She's startled to find out Kyoko doesn't intend to give him anyway.

Inwardly, Moko can't get over what Ren did with the rose and the stone for Kyoko's birthday. She can't help thinking that Ren is in love with Kyoko, and yet he's the only one not getting chocolates from her. She wonders how much she should interfere, maybe persuade her to give at least one truffle to Ren, but in the end doesn't say anything.

Kyoko spends the night, but is gone before Moko wakes up, having left a note promising to make breakfast if Moko ever has her overnight again. Moko hopes that nothing happens on Valentine's Day to tip an already disappointed Ren over a dangerous line.

Sho and Shoko go over their schedule, which will include a stop at Kyoko's TV station that afternoon.

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