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Valentine Crosswalk
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Character/s in the cover Kyoko Mogami
Volume 24
Arc Valentine arc
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Valentine Crosswalk is the 140th chapter of the Skip Beat! manga series.


Yukiko Nagaoka at Minamori Miyako hassles Kanae but she's then saved by Hiou. Kyoko has lots of missed calls she decides are from Reino but are actually from Sho, who rings back to hear Kyoko say "No chocolates for you, Beagle!"  

Kyoko happily relays to Ren and Yashiro that Kanae has asked her to stay over to help make chocolates. Yashiro and Ren discuss if Kyoko will make chocolates for Ren. 

Elsewhere, Sho is angry at the idea of Kyoko making chocolates for Ren or "Beagle" (Reino). 

Chapter Summary

On the set of the Minamori Miyako Series Kanae is being hassled by an overly interested male coworker[1]; Yukiko Nagaoka; former musician trying to make the change into acting. He wants to know what February 14th is. Kanae gives the obvious answer that it's Valentine's Day, but apparently it's the day his song reached the No.1 spot in sales (5 years ago). He gets his hopes up that because her immediate response was Valentine's Day that means she's making something for him. Kanae is trying hard to ignore the annoying man but is instantly infuriated by his jump to this conclusion. Coldly she tells him that even if she had to give chocolates to someone that person wouldn't be someone who makes no effort in acting despite being so unskilled just because he is a musician so it certainly wouldn't be a half-hearted idiot like him! This offensive set-down doesn't even phase him one bit, thinking she is pointing out his flaws out of 'love' and trying to turn him into a great man before eating him. Kanae is shaking with anger and really wishes she could bash this idiot over the head. The man's epic love monologue to Kanae is interrupted by Hiou. He obviously doesn't like Hiou for a look of disgust crosses his face when looking at the boy. Hiou says to Kanae that they are breaking for lunch so come with him. Kanae is delighted and relieved by the interruption and literally runs after Hiou eager to get away from the odious man who, thankfully, doesn't follow her.

Kanae thanks Hiou for saving her. Hiou tells her she should just ignore him otherwise he will keep hitting on her. Apparently she tried that the day before but it only encouraged him to try harder. She sighs for she was so looking forward to this role too. Hiou is walking in front of Kanae so she doesn't notice his blush when he offers to hang out with Kanae whenever he can. For it seems that the man doesn't like kids but in exchange she can't reveal his real age (12 years old but looks 7-8 years old) for that won't make the guy keep his distance. Kanae smiles warmly at the offer and thanks him again.

Meanwhile at Fuji TV in her dressing room for Dark Moon, Kyoko is perplexed at all the missed calls she's gotten from a withheld number. She has asked Sawara if the office called but he denied it, and it couldn't be Ren for he would've mentioned something when she saw him yesterday. So that only leaves one culprit...BEAGLE! Obviously making sure she doesn't try and get out of giving him his blackmail chocolates. Pissed at the thought, Kyoko glares at the phone's display, thinking that he must have used his powers to sniff out her phone number from the infinite signals on Earth. What a scary man, if only she had that power so she could return the favor ten-fold not considering that Reino would probably love a phone filled with hate messages though... She gasps as the phone starts ringing, the number withheld again. Answering it she doesn't even let the caller speak presuming it's Reino and yells that "if he wants his reward he has to be able to do 'paw', 'beg', and 'stay' first! If he isn't going to wait patiently then don't even dream about getting handmade chocolate from her!" and with that she furiously hangs up him. Feeling better after having yelled at him, Kyoko smiles. She's instantly fired up again when the phone rings again, but calms down enough to hear that it's Kanae on the other end.

Kyoko walks back on to Dark Moon's set in a great mood. Ren and Yashiro invite her to go and have lunch with them but wonder about her good mood. Did something happen? Kyoko happily tells them that she was invited for a sleepover at Kanae's apartment and it is her first time going there. Ren asks why she's going, is there a party? Kyoko informs them that she is going there to help Kanae make Valentine's chocolate. Flashing back to their conversation, it's revealed that Kanae's never made Valentine's chocolate before so she needs Kyoko to teach her. Kyoko is shocked that Kanae wants to make someone handmade chocolate, who is it? Kanae tells her that she wants to make them for Hiou for he helped her a lot today and will be probably helping her a lot in the future (with the annoying costar) but it's also her way out too (probably referring to Matsushima's warning about the President). Kyoko offers to tell her the simplest method to make chocolate over the phone, but Kanae thinks this is too troublesome so invites Kyoko over.

Kyoko then realizes that she revealed that Kanae has never made chocolate before and it's probably irresponsible to talk about it without Kanae here. So she asks Yashiro and Ren to forget what she just said. Watching Kyoko getting her lunch at the cafeteria, both Ren and Yashiro discuss that it's hard to forget something like that. Yashiro smirks for even if Kyoko does make handmade chocolate he isn't going to eat it anyway (because apparently Ren doesn't eat his Valentines chocolates otherwise he'd be obligated to eat all of them). Still watching Kyoko, he reminds Yashiro that she never said anything about making chocolates for him. Yashiro is confused because surely she would make him chocolate even if it was just gratitude chocolate. Ren asks him sharply that if that premonition doesn't come true is he willing to take responsibility for getting his hopes up to only be dashed against the rocky shores of unrequited love. Yashiro stares at Ren, then comprehends the gravity of what he is saying and apologizes profusely. Ren walks away satisfied that Yashiro understands the situation. Still watching Kyoko, Ren thinks inwardly that when it comes to her he has taken steps towards self-preservation having learned from past experiences... however it seems much too late. His past experiences are thrown to the wind when he is confronted by Kyoko's smile.

At Akatoki Agency, both Shoko and Haruki are staring at Sho who has assumed a demonic visage. Something must have happened this morning, but he was in a bad mood yesterday too it seems. Shoko thinks 'that' (Kyoko) must be the main reason behind it. Sho is brooding, recalling when Mimori came to give him her Valentine's chocolates. She asked him if the reason he was in a bad mood was because of Kyoko Mogami as she's probably going to give chocolates to his arch-nemesis: Ren. Having not thought about this himself, it strikes a sore spot with Sho and he gets super angry at Mimori. Sho is now super annoyed at the idea of Ren getting any sort of chocolate from Kyoko and works himself up just thinking about it. It's revealed that Sho was the one behind the prank withheld number calls and due to this also found out about Kyoko giving Reino chocolates. Not just any chocolates but handmade ones at that. This throws Sho through a loop, wondering what happened between her and Reino and imagines them darkly flirting with each other. Then scolds himself because no way is that possible.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in Order of Appearance


  1. If someone knows the name to Kanae's annoying coworker - please do add it in.


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